Unique Hispanic Baby Boys Names


Beautiful and Popular Spanish Baby Names for Boys

Did you know that the 2nd most spoken language in the world is Spanish? The number of Spanish speakers in this world is 400 million. The most beautiful songs in the world come from Spanish language. Originally from country Spain, this language is spoken all over the world. So if you are also amazed by this language and culture and wish to name your baby boy a Spanish / Hispanic name, we have selected the most unique names for you.
(Hispanic means Related to Spanish Speaking Countries, The names are not necessarily Spanish origin, Names listed below are Irish/Italian/Hebrew originated and surely Spanish originated too)

Hand Picked Spanish Baby Names for Baby Boys

1. Mateo

Gift of God

2. Matias

Gift of God

3. Iker


4. Tomas

Originally Thomas It means a twin

5. Ian

God is Gracious

6. Hugo

Bright Mind

7. Santino


8. Aaron


9. Gael

From Ireland

10. Liam

Originally Uilliam, It means a Strong Warrior

11. Alvaro

One who speaks truth

12. Sergio


13. Antonio


14. Axel

Divine reward

15. Enzo

Ruler of the house

16. Miguel

Who is like god

17 Ciro

The Sun


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