Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names Ending with Sai


Top 10 Rarest Baby Boy Names which End with Sai

The word Sai belongs to different cultures and with time, it has evolved as a spiritual word. In Sufi context, the word means a saint or a lord. Sai is usually used for Sai Baba across the world. Shirdi Sai Baba was a spiritual saint. He was considered as one of the Shiva avatars. The word Sai is used as a suffix to various Indian names and a made-up name is created this way. The names with ‘Sai’ suffix or prefix are considered auspicious and believed to have the blessings of Sai. Here are some unique ‘Sai’ suffix and prefix names that can bring goodness in your baby’s life.
I have selected below rare meaningful names which go perfect with meaning of Sai and also pronounced well with Sai.

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Baby Boy Names With Suffix Sai

Advesh Sai

A good soul or a person who isn’t evil in nature.


Ahin name signifies completeness or wholeness.

Adin sai

A decent and noble-minded person can be called as Adin.

Akhil Sai

A person who has all the qualities of Sai/Saint or simply a perfect saint is called as AkilSai. Akhil means complete or whole in Sanskrit.

Sai Archin

Archin means shine or radiation, worshipper. Someone who offers prayers or rituals to Sai is SaiArchin.

Sai Arit

A leader who heads towards the right direction and is Praised is called Arit. It is a very positive name with Sai prefix. Arit also symbolizes prayer of Sai or someone praised by Sai.

Sai Bodh

Bodh is a Sanskrit word which means realization or enlightenment. The aura of Sai is influencing and powerful. A person who is enlightened by this powerful aura or Sai’s blessings is known as Sai Bodh.


It is a made-up name. Ish means God in Sanskrit and Sai means saint. Hence, the name says that Sai is the almighty and kind God.

Mahim Sai

The name reflects the greatness of Sai. Mahim means great/magical/miraculous and therefore the name means great or miraculous Sai.

Nitim Sai

It is a majestic name showered with Sai’s blessings. A saint or a noble person who is disciplined, ruling qualities or great ethics is called NitimSai.

Ruthaj Sai

A person who walks on the path of truth or a follower of truth is called Ruthaj.
Sai Baba still influences the psyche of his devotees and his name or the names influenced by him introduce positivity and graciousness in life. Be it the middle-class Indian community or the upper class – the impact of ‘Sai’ takes everyone near the door of Salvation.


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