Unique Goddess Saraswati Names for Baby Girls


Rare Names of Goddess Saraswati with Meaning

Indian girl names are mostly after the Goddesses in Hinduism. Devi Saraswati is the symbol of Knowledge and Intelligence.
These days, most of the Hindu parents look for short and rare Saraswati names for girls.
Here we have listed some selected uncommon Goddess Saraswati names for Hindu baby girls to shower their lives with the blessings of the Goddess.

Top 12 Goddess Saraswati Names for Hindu Baby Girls

Abhista अभीष्टा

ॐ अभीष्टायै नमः।
Abhista or Abhishta is someone intended, loved or desirable. The name refers to the Goddess of wisdom, Saraswati who is wished by the universe.

Ananta अनन्ता

ॐ अनन्तायै नमः।
Om Anantayai Namah! Ananta is a Sanskrit origin word meaning something that has no ending or which goes on and on and on. Ananta is a popular Hindu girl and boy name associated with one of the skills of Goddess Saraswati.

Girijanya गिरिज्ञा

ॐ गिरिज्ञायै नमः।
Om Girijnayai Namah! A girl with wisdom and strength like a mighty mountain is unbeatable in all walks of life. The name Girijanya means someone who is born of a mountain or Goddess Parvati, one of the Tridevi.

Mahishi महिषी

ॐ महिषीगण पूजितायै नमः।
Om Mahishigana Pujitayai Namah! Mahishi is a unique Hindu girl name which means prime or major. The name also signifies the superior consort of Kameshwara. It is a Simha rashi name belonging to Makha nakshatra.

Makhaya मखाया

ॐ महामखायै नमः।
The name reflects a vigorous or joyful personality. It also signifies activeness or a festival with positive vibes.

Mahaya महाया

ॐ महायै नमः।
Om Mahayai Namah! All of us are the children of the great almighty and it’s an honor to get bestowed with a name which is associated with one of the divine superpowers of the universe. Mahaya signifies something great. It is an Indian origin feminine name which also means joy or happiness.

Sharya शर्या

ॐ शार्यै नमः। Om Sharyai Namah।
A personality as quiet as night and as sharp as an arrow can be called Sharya. The name signifies darkness or night and arrow.

Svadha स्वाधा

ॐ स्वधायै नमः।
Om Svadhayai Namah! It is a Hindu origin Kumbha rashi name belonging to Sathabisham Nakshatra. The name means self power. The other meanings of the name Svadha are inherent, clearness and white.

Swamini स्वामीनी

ॐ स्वामिन्यै नमः।
It’s the feminine form of Swami, a lady who rules or a boss. The name also refers to the Goddess of the earth.

Tulaya तुलया

ॐ तुलायै नमः।
Om Tulayai Namah! The bright and divine rays generating from the body of Goddess Saraswati shower the enlightenment, skills and wisdom. The name Tulaya means something bright. It is an auspicious Simha rashi feminine name.

Vanya वाण्या

ॐ वाण्यै नमः।
Vanya is a Hindu name which means someone belonging to a forest or simply a forest. The powerful word is also used in the Saraswati Mantra – Om Vanyai Namah. The name belongs to Vrishabh Rashi and Rohini Nakshatra.

Varda वरदा

ॐ वरदायै नमः।
Om Varadayai Namah! The name Varda has a great significance in the Hindu faith. Varda signifies a deity who showers blessings. It is a Vrishabh Rashi name belonging to Rohini Nakshatra. The name also means augmenting.

Varenya वरेण्या

ॐ वरेण्यायै नमः।
The word is alos used in Gayatri Mantra. It refers to a chief, excellent, superior personality. It also means saffron or supreme bliss. Goddess Saraswati who is the best among the Goddesses is also known as Varenya.

Varishta वरेष्टा

ॐ वरिष्ठायै नमः।
Om Varishthayai Namah! Varishta means superior or the most excellent person. The name signifies a class or special niche. Also, according to the 11th Manvantara, Varishta was a sage.

Viraja विरजा

ॐ विरजायै नमः।
Om Virajayai Namah! It is a unique Virshabh rashi name for girls. The name means something pure or ruling. Viraja also signifies sovereign or majesty.

Vrushti वृष्टि

ॐ वृष्टिप्रदायिन्यै नमः।
Om Vrishti pradayinyai Namah! Vrushti or Vrishti is a Sanskrit origin Hindu girl name which means someone who makes the rain or simply the rain. It is a Vrishabh rashi name which is commonly used in Hindu tradition.

Vritya व्रीत्या

ॐ वृत्त्यै नमः।
Om Vrittyai Namah! It is an auspicious and unique Hindu girl name. The word ‘Vritya’ literally means whirlpool. A similar sounding word Vritti is a technical term used in the Yoga practices which means the things included in the mental awareness that influence the medium of consciousness.
In Hindu faith, when it comes to knowledge, arts and wisdom, no other name hits the mind except Goddess Saraswati. Be it a music class or mainstream academics, the session always commences after imagining the divine image of Goddess Saraswati and reciting the powerful Saraswati Mantra.
If you have any special names of Goddess Saraswati to add to our list, please let us know by commenting below.
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