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Rare Names of Goddess Lakshmi

The Goddess Lakshmi, also called Shri, is the symbol of affluence, prosperity and wealth. The selected list of Modern Powerful names of Goddess Lakshmi for Indian baby girls provided below offers oodles of impactful baby names inspired by 1008 names of goddess Lakshmi that may adorn the lives and personality of the little angel.

Most Beautiful Sanskrit Names of Goddess Laxmi

Aghrina अघृणा

ॐ घृणायै नमः।
In Sanskrit, Ghrina is to hate something or someone. Aghrina in contrast, is not to hate or someone who doesn’t hate.

Aishini ऐशिनी

Aishani is Goddess Durga while Aishini is an epithet used for Goddess Lakshmi, a form of Durga. It also refers to Lord Shiva’s quarter and north-east direction. The name signifies an iron or steel probe as well.

Ayuddha आयुद्धा

ॐ अयुद्धायै नमः।
Yuddha is war. Ayuddha, on the other hand, refers to someone who doesn’t participate in a war. It also signifies gold or something made of gold.

Chancy चान्सी

The name is derived from the word Chhandsi छान्दस which means archaistic or someone who has the sacred text of Veda as the subject or someone whois familiar with it.

Dhrita ध्रीता

ॐ धृतये नमः।
The name is associated with boldness or courage. Who is courage in herself is called Dhrita.

Dhritansha ध्रीतांशा

Dhrit+Ansh means part of Dhrita which means courage. It is one of the Goddess Lakshmi Sahashranaam.

Dvimatra द्विमात्रा

Dual matra – who is two ‘OM’s. It also signifies the state of dreaming or something place one after the another.

Eashta एषता

ॐ इष्टयै नमः।
The name has a spiritual significance and related to Yajna. Someone who is the fire sacrifice is Eashta. The one who is beloved, wished for or Karmic Yoga is also termed as Eashta.

Eeshta इष्टा

ॐ इष्टयै नमः।
Another variant of Eashta which also means Karmic Yoga or a desired/beloved person.

Hrullekha ह्रुलेखा

ॐ हृल्लेखायै नमः।
It means wisdom or knowledge. Someone who exists in the letter Hrim is Hrullekha.

Kamaksha कामक्षा

ॐ कामाक्ष्यै नमः।
Kaama is desire and Aksh is eyes. The name refers to Goddess Lakshmi who fulfils the desires of the mankind through her eyes.

Karali कराली

ॐ कराल्यै नमः।
The person or Goddess who is dreadful or causes fear/terror is Karali. This is the angry form of Goddess Lakshmi.

Kashika काशिका

ॐ काशिकायै नमः।
A bird or something radiant/luminous. Something having a smooth and gleaming surface like silk is also known as Kashika.

Loukya लौक्या

त्रैलोक्यमोहिनी ॐ त्रैलोक्यमोहिन्यै नमः।
The name has found its origin from Lok which means people or group of people. It means world wise. Loukya refers to Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess who spellbounds all the three worlds.

Mantrini मन्त्रिणी

ॐ मन्त्रिण्यै नमः।
Goddess Lakshmi, the divine power who is the Goddess of all the chants.

Manushi मनुषी

It’s an epithet used for Goddess Lakshmi or a woman. Manush is human being. It’s a branch of medicine or the process of drug administration.

Mareechi मरीचि

ॐ मरीचये नमः।
It’s the name of a star. Someone who is hiding who is Hiding. Mareechi is positive while Mareecha has a negative meaning as it was a Rakshasa in Ramayana.

Nimeshika निमेशिका

ॐ निमेषिकायै नमः।
Nimisha is a very small fraction of time, twinkling of the eyes. Who does everything between the opening and closing of the eyes i.e. during Nimisha, is known as Nimeshika.

Pravara प्रवरा

ॐ प्रवरायै नमः।
Pravar means the superior, the best, the greatest of all or chief of the family.

Saura सौरा

ॐ सौर्यै नमः।
Saura is derived from Soorya which is Sun. A celestial body or someone who is the power of Soorya (Sun) is Saura.

Sharin शारीन

ॐ शरण्यै नमः।
A person or divine personality holding arrows is Sharin.

Shaya शाया

ॐ शयानायै नमः।
Shaya is related to Shayan which means the state of sleeping. Someone who is sleeping or lying down is Shaya.

Shirja शिर्जा

The name is derived from Shrijan which means creation. It literally means someone creative or innovative.

Srija सृजा

Shri is Goddess Lakshmi and Janma is birth. One who is born to Devi Lakshmi or the daughter of Lakshmi is Srija.

Trishikha त्रिशिखा

ॐ त्रिशिखायै नमः।
Tri means three and Shikha is derived from Shikhar which is top of the mountain. The top of three mountains in the world is Trishikha. Someone who is three Vedas also goes by the name.

Varidha वारिधा

The name signifies an enormous, powerful entity, a never ending source like ocean. Varidha is someone who is the ocean.

Vayuga वायुगा

ॐ वायुगायै नमः।
Vayu is wind. The meaning of the name is a person or energy or a divine personality that makes the wind move.

Yantra यांत्रा

ॐ यन्त्रलक्ष्म्यै नमः।
Yantra is device or machine. The name means who is Goddess Lakshni of Yantras.

More Beautiful Sanskrit Names of Goddess Laxmi

Aarna अर्णा

The name has Sanskrit origin. Arna signifies a river. It is also a name of Goddess Lakshmi. It is a unique, trendy and feminine name belonging to Mesh Rashi. The name will surely bring good luck in your cute baby girl’s life.

Bhanusri भान्सुरी

It is a powerful feminine name associated with Goddess Lakshmi. It means the divine rays generating from Goddess Lakshmi’s body. It is a Vrushabh Rashi name with Jupiter as the dominant planet.

Jigi जिगी

Jigi is a sweet, short and feminine name associated with Goddess Lakshmi. Parents often look for such cool and prosperous names for their little angels. Jigi is a Makar Rashi name showered with the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

Kshirsa क्षीरा

It is a feminine Mithun Rashi name. Kshirsa means Goddess Lakshmi. Uranus is the ruling planet of this name. All the positive vibes of Goddess Lakshmi can be attained in your baby’s girl’s life naming her with this amazing name.

Lakhi लाखी

Lakhi is a very common name for Indian girls, especially used in the countrysides. It means Goddess Lakshmi. It is a feminine name with Indian origin. The name is often used in Hindi and Bengali languages. It is a Mesh Rashi name promising prosperity in life.

Lakshma लक्श्मा

The meaning of Lakshma is Goddess Lakshmi. It is a Mesh Rashi feminine name which brings financial and overall goodness in life when associated with one’s personality. The name also signifies something auspicious.

Maanushi मानुषी

Someone who is very feminine or kind is called Maanushi. It is also a name of Goddess Lakshmi. Maanushi is a Simha rashi name and it can be related to the drugs or medicines as well. It is a unique name with an impactful meaning.

Manushi मनुषी

Manushi means the same as Maanushi. It is a very auspicious name associated with Goddess Lakshmi and belonging to Simha rashi and Makha Nakshatra. A kind woman or girl deserves this name.

Mishita मिशीता

It is a unique Hindu girl name belonging to Simha rashi and Magha nakshatra. A girl with a sweet nature deserves this modern name associated with Goddess Lakshmi. It is a very trendy name which can also be heard in many Hindi TV shows.

Reeva रीवा

Reeva has different meanings in different cultures but in Hindu culture, it is associated with Goddess Lakshmi. The name also signifies stars or river. The name goes well with a girl who is expected to shine and flow smoothly overcoming the obstacles in her life.
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Sanvitha सान्वीता

Sanvitha is a Hindu origin name. It’s a Kumbha rashi Hindu feminine name which means Goddess Lakshmi. It’s believed that a home never runs out of wealth and prosperity where Goddess Lakshmi resides. This name is unique and auspicious.

Sriya स्रीया

Sriya is a unique, short and modern feminine name used in Hindi and Bengali languages. It literally means prosperity or abundance of good things. The name is associated with Goddess Lakshmi. It is a Kumbh Rashi name belonging to Sathabisham Nakshatra.

Sudeeksha सुदिक्शा

Sudeeksha or Sudiksha means Goddess Lakshmi. It is a made up name combining two words –‘ Su’ and ‘Deeksha’. Su means goodness or good and Deeksha means commencement or beginning of something. So, if you want your little angel to start a good journey welcoming all the positivities in her life, this name can be a great selection for her.

Varunavi वरुनावि

It is a Vrusabh rashi name belonging to Rohini nakshatra. It is a Hindu origin feminine name which is unique as well. Varunavi means Goddess Laskmi and the is used is many Indian languages.
The unique names of Goddess Lakshmi for baby girls in India reflect the amazing side of human existence. The modern Indian women are creating big milestones by virtue of their skills, passion and confidence. In the Hindu faith, Goddess Lakshmi is the symbol of wealth and prosperity. She emanates all the good characteristics in the universe. The above Indian girl names after Goddess Lakshmi hold divine blessing. You can pick one deciding its compatibility with your little angel’s characteristics and bestow her with prosperity and fortune.


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