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Indian Baby Boys Names: Dhanu Rashi

Unique Dhanu Rashi names are rare to find as most of the names with the initials Dh and Bh are. These names, starting with the initials Dh and Bh, aren’t only old fashioned but are also quite common and boring. Therefore, in this post, I am upping my experimental game and bringing for you some of the most unique and easy to pronounce rare Dhanu Rashi Hindu Baby Boy Names. I hope you like the names and find a suitable one for your bright-eyed adorable little one.
Dhanu Rashi Baby Girls Names
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Dhanu Rashi Names for Baby Boys Starting with Bh

Bharnayu भरण्यु

Bharnayu means a friend or a master. It also connects the natural elements of the nature, such as the fire, the sun and the moon, together. It is one of those rare baby names that exude positivism along with optimism.

Bhargas भर्गस्

The name Bhargas(Bha) has been adopted from the King of Bharg, who was known far & wide for his Sun like radiance. However, in Greek mythology, Argas, the latter part of the name, has been referred to as a person who has 100 eyes and can look in all directions and in past as well as future too, to know the pros and cons of a situation. So basically, Bhargas means a thoughtful person radiating the soft glow of the sun.

Bhrit भ्रीत

Bhrit is another name for Lord Vishnu. Bhrit is the nurturer of the world. Hence, you can easily say that Bhrit is responsible to nourish, support and provide you with the most essential nourishment, which is both food and knowledge.

Bhavin भाविन

An existing or living creature! Bhavin is described as a beautiful or important person who can make things happen out of nowhere. Just like magic! He can create his own resources to give
People life.

Bhrajas भ्राजस्

Bharjas is made of two words: Bha+Rajas. Bhas means illumination or radiance/luster and Rajas, as mentioned in Samkhya Philosophy, is one of the three Gunas that help drive energy in the right direction.

Bhaarav भारव

As mentioned earlier, Bha means radiance, whereas, Arav means an individual who is peaceful. So, basically, Bharav is someone who radiates a lot of loving energy by being peaceful at all the times. Alos, for those who are looking for a name that challenges the struggles and hardships of life, Bhaarav means Bowstring.

Bharya भार्य

Here, the two words Bha and Arya, are combined to make up a beautiful name “Bharya”, which means the Bright and the Nobel.

Bhavad भावद

Bhavad gives life! It is someone who understands living and its intricacies better than anyone else and so, he is known to be the giver of life.

Bhavir भाविर

The name Bhavir, made by sewing Bha and vir together, means someone who radiates light and is brave.

Bhavyansh भव्यांश

Bhavyansha is constructed by adding the two words Bhavya and Ansh. It means huge, Giant.

Bhuman भुमन

Bhuman is originally a Sanskrit name that means abundance, wealth and prosperity. Buman is same as the earth which is rich in minerals, nutrition and valuable metals.

Bhumin भुमिन

Bhumin is the son of the earth. The one who belongs to the Bhumi, earth.

Bhumit भुमित

Bhumit is the friend of the Land. A Mit to the Bhumi. Someone who befriends the land to help reap the crops.

Dhanu Rashi Names for Baby Boys Starting with Dh

Dhurya धुर्य

Someone who possesses the ability to lead a group! Dhurya is the chief and the leader who knows how to lead his folk and where to take them. He is superior to everyone else around him, yet understands how to take their responsibilities, positively.

Dhairyashil धर्यशिल

This Unique and Stylish name means Statue of courage and patience. If you are Dhairyashil, you understand patience and are tolerant with people’s vices.

Dhritansh ध्रीतांश

A part of the son of 13 th Manu in line with the Hindu mythology. The name Dhritansh means ansh, a piece, of Dhrit, a holder or guardian of something pretty important. It’s also an epithet used for
Goddess Lakshmi.

Dhrit ध्रीत

Someone with immense courage! A person who supports or borne. Someone or
something preserved. The name is also used to refer to Goddess Lakshmi. .

Dhritil ध्रीतील

A patient person! A composed or calm personality who can take any challenge by its horn.

Dhrishat ध्रीशत

Dhrishat is someone who carries in their heart both confidence and courage.

Dharv धार्व

A contended or gratified person- one who is self-satisfied! The masculine name also means the master of music or a person gifted with an outstanding talent of music.

Dhiansh धिआंश

Dhi refers to the moon or to the Lord Chandra and Ansh, being a part of something, makes for a piece of moon. Dhiansh can even be a part or section of science or art or meditation.

Dharish धारीश

This uncommonly Royal sounding name means shine & radiance.

Dharv धर्व

It’s an original Sanskrit name meaning Satisfaction.

Dhritiman ध्रितमान

Originally Dhrutimat, this name means Patience.

Dhruvin ध्रुवीन

The name Dhruv is pretty common among Indians and so we decided to give a little twist to it, by making it Dhruvin, meaning “Full of” Dhvanit ध्वनीत. This unusual name has a very strong meaning in Sanskrit: A Thunder. Unique and powerful!

Dhven ध्वेन

Dhven means divine and godly. It is perfect choice for name for your baby as it sweet, short as well as trendy.

Dhyani ध्यानि

Dhyani is a Sanskrit name that is both peaceful and lovely. It means one who does contemplation and understands oneself and the people about them wonderfully. (Originally Dhyanin).

Naming a Baby Boy born in Dhanu Rashi

People born under Sagittarius or Dhanu rashi are showered with opportunities as well as with
new & exciting possibilities to enjoy life. The rashi is symbolized by a Dhanurdhar or an Archer. Mainly Gujarati people love Dhanu Rashi names for babies. The baby names in India, are chosen wisely, by organizing a big ceremony by the Hindu communities residing in different parts of the globe. Below are some unique and auspicious Dhanu rashi baby boy names that are logical and inspiring. Big dreams and optimism usually define a Dhanu rashi personality. The ruling planet for the rashi is Jupiter which signifies qualities like leadership, logical, innovative and lively. Babies born under Dhanu rashi are ambitious and the above names are capable of enriching the grace of their personality. These baby boy names of dhanu rashi are mellifluous and meaningful. These names reflect generosity and many other positive traits that a child would be blessed to posses. The placement of the Dhanu rashi governing planet Jupiter, describes the values and prosperous times in a person’s life.


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    I was born on July 8th. As per the western charts I am a cancerian. But my father has always told me that I belong to the Kumbh Rashi and Meena Lagna whatever that may mean. I guess the calendar one follows also matters. My father I think is using the Tamil calendar. Well you know my name. I am awaiting the names you propose for January which is my daughter’s birth month. Her name is Subhashini.

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    Pranab Ganguly on

    I have a problem. Boy name should be one of 108 names of lord Krishna d.o.b. 19.6.2019 dhanu rashi, poorvashada nakshatra…please help me

  4. Avatar
    Pranab Ganguly on

    I have a problem… Boy name should be one of the 108 names of the lord Krishna… Boy belongs to dhanu rashi, poorvashada nakshatra. Please help…

    • Sapana

      Hi Pranab,
      One of the 108 names of Krishna is: Om Govardhanachalo Dhartre Namaha
      The name means the lord who lifted Govardhan Hill.
      The word Dhartre means supporter.
      So you can derive a name:
      Dhartray (धर्त्र / धर्तृ original word) which means supporter. but its a bit difficult to pronounce.

      Rest only 2 Bh/Dh names in 108 names are
      Bhushan and Bhishma which are old n common

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