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Indian Baby Boys Names: Dhanu Rashi

Unique Dhanu Rashi names are rare to find as most of names starting with letters Dh and Bh are old fashioned names and common. I have tried to list the unique and easy to pronounce rare Dhanu Rashi Hindu Baby Boy Names. I hope you like them.

Dhanu Rashi Baby Girls Names

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Naming a Baby Boy born in Dhanu Rashi

People born under Sagittarius or Dhanu rashi are showered with opportunities and possibilities. The rashi is symbolized by a Dhanurdhar or an Archer. Mainly Gujarati people love Dhanu Rashi names for babys. The baby names in India, are chosen wisely organizing a big ceremony but the Hindu communities residing in different parts of the globe. Below are some unique and auspicious Dhanu rashi baby boy names that are logical and inspiring.

Dhanu Rashi Names for Indian Baby Boys


The name has 2 parts: Bal and Ark. Bal is Strength and Ark is Sun/Lord. Balark means Sadrushanana like the rising Sun or the Strong Lord Sun.


Bha is Shining, Arav is Peaceful. Bharav also means: Bowstring


Bha + Arya Is a made up name which means Bright and Noble


Life giving, Ad means a giver, Bhavad is the one who brings life.


It’s a made up name from Bha and Vir


Huge, Giant (Madeup name Bhavya+Ansh)


Bhuman is an original Sanskrit Name meaning, Earth/Majority/Wealth/Abundance


Earth/Son of Earth. It’s a derived name, madeup from Bhum and in.


One who is a Friend of land . The name is nmde up Bhu+Mit.


This Unique and Stylish name means Statue of courage and patience


This uncommon and Royal sounding name means Glistening


Its an original Sanskrit name meaning Satisfaction


Originally Dhrutimat, this name means Patient


Dhruv name is loved by Indians but it is very common too. We made up a derived name Dhruvin which means same as Dhruv i.e. Great person / Firm/ Druv. In suffix in Sanskrit basically means “Full of”


This unusual name has very strong meaning in Sanskrit: A Thunder. Isnt it unique and powerful?


Such a sweet, short and trendy name. Dhven means Godly.


Dhyani is a lovely peacful Sanskrit name. It means One who does contemplation (Originally Dhyanin).
Big dreams and optimism usually define a Dhanu rashi personality. The ruling planet for the rashi is Jupiter which signifies the qualities like leadership, logical, innovative and lively. These baby boy names by dhanu rashi are very mellifluous and meaningful. These names reflect generosity and many other positive traits. The placement of the Dhanu rashi governing planet, Jupiter, described the values and prosperous time of a person’s life.


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  1. I was born on July 8th. As per the western charts I am a cancerian. But my father has always told me that I belong to the Kumbh Rashi and Meena Lagna whatever that may mean. I guess the calendar one follows also matters. My father I think is using the Tamil calendar. Well you know my name. I am awaiting the names you propose for January which is my daughter’s birth month. Her name is Subhashini.

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