Unique Baby Names According to Rashi


Baby Boy and Girls Names By Rashi/Nakshatra: Meaningful Rare Names

Rashi has a great significance in Hindu faith. The Birth Rashi of a person is the sign which signifies the placement of the moon during his/her birth. Out of all the planets in the space, moon is the fastest one. Due to the fast movement of moon, the Hindu community prefers their Baby Names According to Rashi. Before heading towards the names and meanings, let’s understand the significance of each Rashi.
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Birth Months Name of Rashi Starting Letters for Name
March – April Mesa (Mesh)
A, L, Ee/I (अ, ल, ई)
April – May Vrishabha (Vrushabh) B, V, U (ब, व, ऊ)
May – June Mithuna (Mithun) K, Gh (क, छ, घ)
June – July Karka D, H (ड, ह)
July – Aug Simha (Sinh) M, Ta (म, ट)
Aug – Sept Kanya P, Tha (प, ठ, ण)
Sept – Oct Tula R, T (र, त)
Oct – Nov Vrischik (Vrushchik) N, Y (न, य)
Nov – Dec Dhanu Bh, Dh, Ph, Dh (भ, ध, फ, ढ)
Dec – Jan Makar Kh, Ja (ख, ज)
Jan – Feb Kumbha G S Sh (ग, स, श, ष)
Feb – Mar Mina (Meen) D, Ch, Th, Jh (द, च, थ, झ)

Mesha or Mesh Rashi Baby Names

– Mesh Rashi or Aries is controlled by Mars. People born between the months March and April fall under this Rashi. The Hindu community believes that Mesh rashi name by date of birth has a strong connection with the child’s personality and his fate. Mostly, the people born with Mesh Rashi have their name initials as A, L, Ee/I (अ, ल, ई).

Mesh Rashi Names for Baby Boys

Aabheer A cowherd / Name of dynasty (Alternative Spelling: Abheer / Abhir)
Aadhira The Moon
Aadipta Bright
Aaditey Son of Aditi (Alternative Spelling: Aaditeya)
Aadiv Delicate
Aahil Prince
Aakar Shape
Aakesh Lord of the Sky
Aamish Honest
Aansh Portion
Aariket Lord Ganesh / Against desire
Aarish First Ray of Sun
Aariv King of wisdom
Aarpit To donate / To give or offer something
Aaryak Kind (Alternative Spelling: Aryak)
Aaryesh The king of Arya (Alternative Spelling: Aryesh)
Aashrut Famous
Aavish Holy incarnation
Abadhya Full of power
Abhinesh Actor
Abhisar Companion
Abhivira Commander / Hero
Abhyan A campaign or a firm resolution of An idea or belief
Abinish Hope
Achintya Beyond comprehension
Adenya First
Adhik Greater
Adikya Authority / Showing upper hand
Advay Unique (Alternate Spelling: Advaya)
Adyant Infinite from Adi to ant / From begining to end
Agriya First or Best
Ahan Dawn / Sunrise / Morning glory / First Ray of light / One who is of the nature of time itself
Ahruran Lord Shiva / Lord Shiva’s Name from Thiruvarur
Akarsh Attractive
Akshan Eye
Akshu Eye
Alek Defender of mankind
Aneesh Close friend / Smart one / Companion / Supreme
Angak Son
Anikait Lord of the world / Lord Shiva /Alternate Spelling : Aniket / Aniketh
Anirban The eternal flame / Divine / Immortal
Anirvin God-like
Anshul Radiant / Brilliant / Sunnuy
Antar Famous warrior
Anukash Reflection of light
Anvesh Investigation (Alternate Spelling: Anwesh)
Apasyu Skilful / Active
Apij Born after or in addition to
Arav Peaceful
Archin Brilliant / One who offers prayers
Areen Full of Joy / Mountain strength / Ireland / Peace / Sun Ray
Arhan Ruler / Tirthankara
Arjav Straightforward person by heart / Speech and act
Arjun A pandava Prince / Brilliant / Bright
Arkesh God of stars (Moon)
Arnish Lord of the seas
Arpit To donate / To give or offer something
Arush First Ray of Sun
Aryadit The Sun
Aryash Brilliant
Ashan Attractive / Gratitude / Thankfulness / Obligation
Asmit Trustworthy friend / Pride/ Devine smile (Alternate Spelling: Asmith)
Athreya Receptacle of glory
Atmik The soul
Atvar Lord Ganesh
Avan One who owns the earth
Avasyu Lord Indra
Awas Moderate / Average
Ayank The Moon
Laksh Aim / Target
Lashit Wished / Desired
Lavam Clove
Lavin Fragrance / Lord Ganesh
Lavnya Beauty / Grace
Lemar Talented one
Lepaksh Having painted eyes
Lishan Tongue / Language / Defender of mankind
Lovyam The Sun
Luvya Lovable
Iddham Shining
Idhayan Joy of heart
Iham Expected
Ikshit Desired / Done with intention
Ilesh Lord of earth
Indran Lord Indra
Inesh A strong king
Iravan King of ocean
Isar Selflessness / Eminent / fascinating / lord Shiva

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Mesh Rashi Names for Baby Girls

Aadhya Goddess Durga / First power (Alternate Spelling: Aadya / Adya)
Aadrika Mountain or celestial (Alternate Spelling: Adrika)
Aakarsha Above everybody
Aakshya Not distroyable
Aamani Good wish / Spring season
Aanamra Modest
Aangi Decorating the God / Divine
Aanvi Kind
Aarabhi Karnatic musical (Raaga) famous note
Aarayna Queen
Aaritra Navigator
Aarya Goddess Parvati / Durga / A noble lady (Alternate Spelling: Aaryaa)
Aashisha Wish / Blessed
Aashritha Somebody who gives shelter / Goddess Lakshmi
Aasra King of fame
Aathira Name of a star
Aayana The mirror
Abeena Beautiful
Abhaya Fearless
Abhijna Remembrance / Recollection
Abhirami Goddess Parvati / Goddess Lakshmi
Abishai My father is a gift
Adhishree Exalted
Adrija Of the mountain / Goddess Parvati
Adritya The Sun
Adyadvaita First and unique
Agamya Knowledge / Wisdom
Ahalya Rishi Gautama’s wife / Night / A character from Ramayana
Aishani Goddess Durga
Ajala The earth
Ajita Invincible / Unconquerable / A winner (Alternate Spelling: Ajitha)
Aksha Soul / Gods blessing / A mosque
Akula Goddess Parvati
Alipriya Red lotus
Alvira Speaker of truth
Amarta Immortality
Ambhojini Name of a Raga
Amidi Beautiful
Amla The pure one
Amutha Lively
Anan Cloud / Joyful
Anarghya Priceless
Anchal The decorative end of a Sari
Angana Beautiful woman
Aninda Perfect / Blameless
Aniskha Young lady / Maiden
Ankia God is gracious
Anmima The glow of dawn
Anouka Spirit of God
Anudhya Thinking / Wishing well
Anumegha Following the rain
Anusheela Full of goodness
Anvesha Quest / Curious
Aparijita Undefeated / A flower / One name of Hindu Goddess
Archi Ray of light
Arhana Revered
Aritri Earth
Arni The Sun
Arsha War like / Defense
Arthana Vanquisher of all foes / Request
Arunita Bright like rays of the Sun
Aryaki Respected / Honored / Goddess durga
Ashani Lightening
Ashlesha A star
Ashwina Child of the star
Asya Grace
Atheeva Ultimate
Athitya Transcending
Atmikha Light of God
Laher The wave
Laranya Graceful
Lavya Renowned for her devotion to her Guru
Leisha Angle / Of noble kind
Lema A creeper / A deer / A lady
Lira Devotee of Goddess Kali
Lokshita Pray for world
Loshini Shine above the whole world
Idaya Heart / Goddess Parvati (Alternate Spelling: Idhaya)
Ihina Enthusiasm
Ikshula Holy river
Imaani Trustworthy / Faithful / Honest / Truthful
Inchara Sweet voice
Indrina Deep
Inu Attractive
Irika Dimunitive for the earth
Ishanvi Goddess Parvati
Ishwari Goddess
Ivanshika Grace of God

Vrishabha (Vrushabh) Rashi Baby Names

Vrishbha or Taurus is controlled by Venus. People born with Vrishabha Rashi are passionate, restless, commanding and influential. The Vrishabha Rashi people are born between April and May. B, V, U (ब, व, ऊ) are the common Vrishabha Rashi names initials.

Vrushabh/Vrishabh Rashi Names for Baby Boys

Balavan Powerful
Bandhul Pleasing / Charming
Baneet Polite
Udar Generous
Udayraj Rising king / Lord of stars
Uddhar Liberation
Udvah Continuing / The best / Son
Ujay Victorious
Unabh Elevated / Eminent
Upanshu Chanting of hymns / Mantras in low tone
Urugay Lord Krishna
Utpar Cheerful
Vaayun God
Vagish God of speech Lord Brahma
Vairaj Spiritual glory
Vajrang Diamond bodied
Vanas Loveliness
Vanmali An epithet of Krishna
Vanshya Cloud
Varatam Best
Varish Lord Vishnu
Varshneya One who born in vrushni family of Lord Krishna
Vasi Power of attraction
Vatsin Lord Vishnu
Ved Aryan Sacred knowledge
Vedatman Lord Vishnu
Velan Lord Murugan
Vetrival Successful
Vibodh Wise
Vidish Name of a river
Vigash Rich gem
Viha Heaven / Peace
Vihayas Sky
Vikach Brilliant
Vikern Errorless
Vilasin Shining / Beaming / Radiant
Vimuch Liberated / Sage
Vinochan Lord Shiva
Vir Brave / Warrior
Virabhadra Supreme Lord of the nether world / Lord Shiva
Viransh Strong / (Part of Mahavir Swami)
Viresh Brave Lord / The king of all warriors / King of all heroes
Viroh Growing out / Shooting forth
Vishakh Having many branches / Lord Shiva
Vishatan Lord Vishnu
Vishravan Lord Kubera
Vishvam Universal
Vitark Opinion
Vivash Dawning / Exile / Bright
Vrajraj Lord Krishna
Vrath Austerities
Vrish A strong person / Bull of Lord Shiva / A zodiac sign
Vritant Description / Narration of An event
Vyaan Air circulating in the body
Vyshnav Vaishnava denotes Lord Vishnu

Vrushabh/Vrishabh Rashi Names for Baby Girls

Baani Earth / Goddess Saraswati / Maiden
Baltishna Powerful
Bandna Prayer
Bani Earth / Goddess Saraswati / Maiden
Barisha Pure
Bavita Person who knows future / Oracle / Bhagyavidhata
Bela Sacred wood apple tree / Time / Creeper
Benisha Flashing
Udbala Strong
Udipti On fire
Udyati Elevated
Umika Goddess Parvati
Unnika Wave
Upada A gift
Upala Rock / Jewel / A gemstone
Urna Cover
Urveen Friend
Urvisha Lord of the earth
Uthami Honest
Utsa Spring
Vachi Nectar like speech
Vadhi Lord of gods
Vaidehi Goddess Sita (Wife of Lord Rama)
Vakti Speech
Vallika Diamond / Creeper
Vamnayi Goddess of speech / Goddess Saraswati
Vanila Reside under Bilva tree
Vanshita Enchanting
Varahi One who rides on varaah / Is one of the matrikas
Varnika Purity of gold
Varshini Goddess of rain (Alternate Spelling: Varshiny)
Varunavi Goddess Laxmi
Vasa Independent / Submissive / Willing / Dependent
Vasthavi True
Vedha Pious / Writing of the Aryans
Vedika Restoring knowledge (Alternate Spelling: Vedeeka)
Vena Desire / To move / Discern / To play on An instrument
Vernica Colorful
Vihana Early morning
Vilina Dedicated
Vinisha Knowledge
Virali Priceless / Valuable / Rare / Precious
Vishalni Beautiful / Loveable
Viva Full of life
Vrishti Rain
Vritika Success in life / Thought
Vyomini Divine

Mithuna (Mithun) Rashi Baby Names

Mercury is the lord of Mithuna Rashi. It’s known as Gemini in English. Children born between the months May and June fall under this Rashi. A Mithuna rashi name by date of birth generally contains the name initials like K, Gh (क, छ, घ). People born with Mithuna Rashi are good in academics and acquire a sheer penchant for women, scriptures and creative things.

Mithun Rashi Names for Baby Boys

Kaachim A sacred tree /Where clouds rest
Kaant Beautiful / Husband / Moon / A precious stone / Vishnu/ Desire / Spring / Lover
Kaarin Purity
Kaashin Brilliant / Lord Shiva /Lord of Kashi
Kaashya Rush-bottom
Kairabh Born from lotus
Kaitav Hindu sage / An old Rushi / Deceitful
Kalhan Knower of meaning
Kalil Wealth / Bosom friend / Crown
Kalki White horse
Kelvish Ambition person
Kenit Handsome, Born of fire
Keshin Lion
Keyurin With An armlet
Kiaan Grace of God
Kinshu Shri Krishna
Konark The Sun
Kotir Horned, Another name for Indra
Ghayan Sky

Mithun Rashi Names for Baby Girls

Kaahini Youthful / Spirited / Young
Kaamodi Exciting
Kaasni Flower / Special girl / Goddess Lakshmi
Kabani Name of a river
Kahlima The Goddess Kalika
Kairavi Moonlight (Alternate Spelling: Kairvi)
Kaksi Perfume
Kalaka Blue / Durga / Pupil if the eye
Kamakhya Goddess Durga
Kaneera Grain
Kanira Grain
Kanvi Flute / Name of Radha Rani
Kartisha Flower that blossoms in December
Kashtha The Goddess who is quarter of the world
Kashwini Star
Katyayani Goddess Parvati
Kavana Poem
Kavisha Lord of poets / Lord Ganesh / Small poem
Keiyona Morning star
Kenika An atom
Keshi A woman with beautiful hair
Ketika Flower
Kimatra Seduce
Kira The Sun
Kiruba Grace of God
Knyashia Princess
Kousika Silk
Krina Beautiful
Krithya Action
Kshirsa Goddess Laxmi
Kurangi Deer
Kuyilsai Sweet voice like a cuckoo bird
Ghanavi Singer / Melody

Karka Rashi Baby Names

Moon itself is the lord of Karka Rashi. It is called Caner in English. A crab represents Karka rashi. The karka rashi names start with the initials like D, H (ड, ह). People born between the months June and July fall under this rashi. The karka rashi people are sympathetic and intuitive.

Karka Rashi Names for Baby Boys

Daanish To be clever / Full of knowledge and wisdom / Merciful
Daivansh From gods familiy
Daivik Gift by God
Daksh Capable / Son of Lord Brahma (A son of Brahma)
Darsh Sight / Handsome / Lord Krishna
Dashan Ruler / Style in every thing
Deeptanshu The Sun
Denish Happy / Joyful
Devansh Eternal part of God
Devarshi Teacher of the God
Devarya Divine belief
Devin Resembling a God / Poet
Devyam A part of divine
Dewansh Part of God
Deyaan Concentration
Dipayan Light of a lamp
Dishaan A species of gazelle / A thresher
Divansh Suns particle / Similar to Diwakar – suns Ansh
Divyam Divine / Spiritual / Superhuman / Unique / Pure
Divyank Part of light
Divyant Handsome (Alternate Spelling Divyanth)
Drish Sight
Durvank Gifted friend
Durvish Who cannot be affected by poison
Dyansh To give mercy
Dyutit Illuminated
Harnish One who removes the dark and spread the light
Harshan Lustrous splendor of God / Has to do with happiness
Harshim Pagal / Over smart
Hashwin Happiest boy
Heet Love
Hemil Hem means gold
Hemish Lord of the earth
Herish Lord Shiva / Lord Krishna / Follower of gods wish/will
Hetaksh Existence of Love
Himank Diamond
Himnish Lord Shiva
Hitansh Wish for our happiness and favorable
Hridaan Gift of heart (Alternative Spelling: Hridan, Ridhaan, Ridhan)
Hrihaan Gods chosen one / Lord Vishnu / Destroyer of enemies (Alernative Spelling: Hrihan)
Hrishi Pleasure / Sage / Ray of light
Hriyan Wealth

Karka Rashi Names for Baby Girls

Dali Drawn up of God
Darika Maiden
Darshita Sight / Shown (Alternate Spelling: Darshitha)
Dea Kindness / Goddess
Deekshi Initiation / Consecration
Deenal Sweet girl
Devarshi Teacher of the God / Sage of the devas
Dravya Liquid
Durai Chief / Leader
Dyumani Lord Shiva
Haasita Happy or full of laughter / Always smiling
Hanika Swan
Hansdhwani Vocal sound of swan
Hansi Innocent / Swan / Soul / Pure (Alternate Spelling: Hamsi)
Harija Fair haired / Blonde
Harinee Deer / Goddess Lakshmi (Alternate Spelling: Harini)
Harishri God
Harmeen Nobel / Harmony
Harsita Happy / Full of Joy
Harvi Battle worthy
Hastha Is associated to Lord Ayyappa
Hejal Fruit
Hemanya Golden bodied
Hili Dancer
Himakshi Golden eyes
Hirisha Shining Sun
Hita Who wants good for every one / Lovable
Hitika Lord Shiva (Alternate Spelling: Hithika)
Hradini Lightening
Hrishitha Gladdened
Hrudai Heart
Hyma Goddess Parvati

Simha (Sinh) Rashi Baby Names

Represented by a lion, the Simha or Sinh rashi is ruled by Sun. It is called LEO in English. The sun signifies temperamental behaviour but great generosity alongside. The Simha rashi people are born between the months July and August. M, Ta (म, ट) are the primary simha rashi names initials.

Simha/Sinh Rashi Names for Baby Boys

Maahir Expert / Brave
Maalin One who makes garlands
Maan Lecturer / Respect / Supernatural power / Lord of mind
Maanikya A jewel / A name of An author
Maargin Guide
Maarish Calf star of the sea
Maayan Water source
Madvan Intoxicating
Mahant Great
Mahavira Most valiant
Mahir Expert / Brave
Mairav Friendly / Born of mount Meru
Manaan Peaceful
Manashyu Wishing / Desiring
Manksh Longing
Mannath A vow to a deity / Wish
Manorit Desire / Of the mind
Mansh Salvation
Mantik Thoughtful / Devoted
Mantrin The knower of hymns
Maresh God
Marsh Steward
Maurya Leader
Medant One who kills Monsters/Evil
Meet Friend
Meetraj Kingdom of friends
Meru Famous mountain in Hindu mythology / High point
Mihir The Sun
Milun Union
Mirat Mirror
Mital Friendly / Friendship / Sweet
Mitansh Male friend
Mithren Sun
Mitwa Companion / Beloved
Mivaan Sun rays of God
Mohin Attractive
Monank A part of a Moon
Mounesh The salient God / Avatar of Lord Shiva
Mrinank The Moon
Mrugan Murugan / God Kartikeya

Simha/Sinh Rashi Names for Baby Girls

Maalika Daughter / Queen / Owner / A garland
Maansi Intellectual or spiritual endeavour / Saraswati
Madhunika Sweetness of Honey
Magadhi Flower
Mahalika Woman / Attendant
Mahi River / Great earth / Heaven and earth conjoined
Mahira Highly skilled / Expert / Quick / Talented / Powerful / Quick
Mahiya Happiness
Maitreyi A learned woman of the past / Friendly
Malahari Name of a Raga
Malaka Amorous / Affectionate
Malina Dark
Mananya Deserving praises / Praiseworthy
Mania Intelligence / A bird
Manitha Together / Conversation with God / Honored
Manshi Woman
Manva Mind identifier
Margu Name of a Goddess
Marya Mark / Limit
Mausluni Monsoon wind
Mayurakshi Eye of the peacock
Meheera Highly skilled / Expert / Quick / Talented / Powerful / Quick
Miloni Achiever
Misha Smile
Mitika People who are speak less and calm / Soft spoken
Moulika The original / Love
Mrigakshi One with deer like beautiful eyes
Mrittika Mother earth

Kanya Rashi Baby Names

Kanya rashi or Virgo is ruled by Mercury. People born between August and September months fall under this rashi. Kanya rashi people are usually calm and brilliant. They often look for details in everything. The primary Kanya rashi names essentials are P, Tha (प, ठ, ण).

Kanya Rashi Names for Baby Boys

Paarth Arjun
Paatav Agile
Pakshil Full of feathers / Full of logic / Name of sage / Vatsyayan
Paramarth Highest / Divine truth
Parav Name of a sage
Parimal Fragrance
Parish To seek / Search for / Searcher
Parnad A brahmin in the epics
Parth King / Arjun
Partish Lord of Parti
Pauras Real Man / Man who have a hugh potentials
Pinank Lord Shiva
Poonish Lord of the pious
Pradhyun Radiant
Pradyot Ray of light / Luster
Pragun Straight / Honest
Pralamb Garland of flowers
Praney Obedient
Prayan Intelligence
Prnav Originator of the syllable of Om / The sacred syllable Om
Punish Lord of the pious

Kanya Rashi Names for Baby Girls

Pahel To start
Pal King / Guardian / Moment
Pamba Name of a river
Paravi Bird
Parita In each direction
Parnal Leafy
Paromita Name of a flower
Parvini Festival
Paulomi Goddess Saraswati / Indras second wife
Payaswini As pure and white as the cows milk
Phalya Flower / Bud
Pingla Goddess Lakshmi / Goddess Durga
Piyali A tree
Pournima Full Moon day
Praatika Image / Symbolic
Prajisha Morning
Pranaya Leader
Pranisha Love to life
Prashi Accomplishment / Fame
Prathyusha Saisudha / Early morning / Dawn
Prattysha Morning
Pravara Eminent
Preetha Happy / Dear one / Kunti mother of Pandavas
Presha Talent given by God / Beloved / Loving / Gods gift
Pritha Happy / Dear one / Mother of Pandavas
Priyanvada One who speaks nicely
Puneeta Love / Pure

Tula Rashi Baby Names

Tula rashi, also called Libra is controlled by Venus. It is a movable planet influencing the life and fate of the people born between the months September and October. The Tula rashi names generally start with the letters R, T (र, त). The tula rashi people are usually pretty sophisticated.

Tula Rashi Names for Baby Boys

Raag Musical
Rachet Lord Varun / Wise
Radhey Karna
Rahan Big
Raksh Reducer of the number of demons
Ramit Attractive / Charming / Loved / Goddess
Rangan Loving
Ransh Aparajit / Ram
Raveen Sunny / A bird
Raviraj The Sun
Reedh Husband of Goddess Lakshmi
Renit Victory
Revat Brilliant
Rhivu Brahmas manasputra one who is begotten through a boon
Ridan Searcher
Ridhesh Heart / Ganesh
Ridit World known
Rigved Name of a Veda / One part from Vedas
Rikshit Tested one / Proven / Son of Abhimanyu
Ripan The first light at the horizon
Rishan Lord Shiva / Good human being
Rishhan Good human being
Rishim Sage
Ritam Honest / Divine truth
Rivaan Ambitious and self sufficient
Riyash Heaven
Rochit Glorious / Delighting
Rohinth The Sun
Rohnish The Moon
Romit Enjoying / Associate with the Goddess Lakshmi
Rounak Light or happiness
Ruchir Beautiful
Rudhvi Lord Shiva
Rudved Name of Lord Ganesh
Rupin Embodied beauty
Rusheek Son of saint / Lord of earth
Ruthul Soft natured
Rutveg Can travel in all climatic conditions
Taarush Conqueror / Small plant
Taksheel Strong character
Tanak Prize
Tanmay Engrossed (Alternate Spelling: Tanmoy)
Taraksh Star eyed / Mountain
Tarshit Thirsty / Desiring
Tavasya Strength
Thayanban Devoted to ones mother
Titir A bird
Triaksh Having Three eyes / Lord Shiva
Trivid Knowing of three Vedas
Tryaksh Three eyed / After Lord Shiva
Turanyu Swift
Tushya Lord Shiva / Satisfied

Tula Rashi Names for Baby Girls

Raasya With essence / Sentimental / Full of feelings / Juicy
Rachi East / Morning
Raika Beautiful
Rajni Night
Rakini Goddess Durga
Ramana Enchanting
Ramini Beautiful girl / Beautiful woman / Pretty
Ranita Tinkling / Cute and pretty
Ranu The heavens
Ravali Sound came from Murali
Redha Elf counsel
Reeti Method / Wealth / Protection / Conduct / Auspiciousness / Memory / Well being
Renee To be reborn
Reya Rich or from hadria / Gem / Goddess Lakshmi / Graceful / Singer
Riddhima Spring of Love / Full of Love (Alternate Spelling: Ridhimia)
Ridhamika Rhythm of life
Rigvedita One who possesses the knowledge of Rig veda/ knowledge of gods
Rimsha Flowers
Rishita The best / Saintly (Alternate Spelling: Rishitha)
Rishvi Female saint
Rithvi Right guidance / Happy / Scholar / Female priest who does vedic haven (Alternate Spelling: Ritvi)
Riyanka Beautiful / Lovable / Symbol
Romini Beautiful girl / Beautiful woman / Pretty
Roshika Never forgotten by people
Ruhi A music tune / A flower
Rupneet Person with a beautiful nature
Taarini Saviour / Goddess Durga / Goddess Parvati
Takshii Eyes like a pigeon
Tanika Rope
Taranija River Yamuna / Surya putri Yamuna
Tarnija River Yamuna / Surya putri Yamuna
Tasha Birth
Tavisha Heaven
Thamarai Lotus flower / Pure and Lovely
Tiana Princes
Tischa Joy and pride
Tiyasa Thirsty / Silver (Alternate Spelling: Tiyasha)
Toshal Association
Trariti Durga / Agile / Efficient / Swift
Trijoya Triwin
Trisha Thirst
Trislum Thirst
Triveni Confluence of three sacred rivers
Tulika Brush
Tvarika Swift / Quick
Tvishi Ray of light / Energy / Brilliance

Vrischik (Vruschik) Rashi Baby Names

A charismatic personality can be expected from the people born with Vrischik rashi. The birth period October to November comes under Vrischik Rashi. It’s known as Scorpio in English and symbolized by a scorpion. N, Y (न, य) are the prime Vrischik rashi names essentials.

Vrushchik Rashi Names for Baby Boys

Nadin Lord of rivers / Ocean
Nainish Lord of eyes
Naksa King of stars / Map
Nalan Smart boy
Namasyu Bowing
Nanak First Sikh Guru
Narun Leader of men
Navan Champion / King of the Jews / Awesome in sports
Neeham Comfort
Neelgreev Lord Shiva
Neeshik New
Nera Love
Niam Contribution of God
Nihaar Fog (Alternate Spellings: Neehar, Nihar)
Nihit God gift / Inherent / Inscribed into something
Nikhar Blossoming
Nikhit Sharp / Earth / Ganges
Nimeya Destiny
Niriksh Observer
Nirmit Created
Nirvar Without a superior
Nisham Fresh air / Cool
Nissin Miracle and a more pronounceable form of nissan
Nivesh Snow / Investment
Nripan King
Yajan Worship
Yajur A vedic text
Yamahil Lord Vishnu
Yashas Fame
Yashit Famous or glorious (Alternate Spelling: Yashith)
Yog Lord Buddha
Yudit Naughty
Yugan Youth / Lord Murugan
Yuv Vigorous
Yuvaraj Prince / Heir apparent (Alternate Spelling: Yuvraj)

Vrushchik Rashi Names for Baby Girls

Naadha Sound
Nahar The day
Naidhrua Parvati / Almost perfect
Nainisha Sky
Nakti Night
Namita Humble / Jackal or hyena
Nateshwari Goddess Durga
Navdha New
Navyata Fresh / New
Neeharika Dew drops / Bunches of star
Neelanjana Blue / One with blue eyes
Neerudhi Fire
Neisha Special / Lovely flower
Nemishta Sweet / Satisfies
Nichika Perfect / Excellent / Entire
Nidhyana Intuition
Nihitha Ever living
Nikhila Complete
Nilaruna The first light of the dawn
Nimi Friend of fire / Sparkling eyes
Nira Pure water / Part of God / Amrut
Nirosha Goddess Lakshmi
Nischita Confidence / Certainty
Nishna Bliss
Nithini Principle
Nivanshi Cute little baby / Sweet
Nivriti Bliss
Nora Light
Yaamini Night or nocturnal
Yadva Insight / Intelligence / Mind
Yagnya Ceremonial rites to God
Yakshita Wonder girl (Alternate Spelling: Yakshitha)
Yamura The Moon
Yanti Goddess Parvati
Yashila Famous
Yashna To pray / White rose
Yashri Victorious or Goddess of victory / Goddess Lakshmi / Auspicious
Yathi Goddess Durga
Yesa Fame
Yochana Thought
Yoshita Lady / Woman
Yugantika Stand till the end
Yuvana Young / Healthy

Dhanu Rashi Baby Names

Dhanu means Sagittarius is a zodiac ruled by Jupiter. People who are born between November to December acquire Dhanu rashi names and their names usually start with the letters like Bh, Dh, Ph, Dh (भ, ध, फ, ढ).

Dhanu Rashi Names for Baby Boys

Bhaanish Visionary / Having the faculty of seeing
Bhaanuj Born of the Sun
Bhaarav Bowstring
Bhadrang Beautiful body
Bhanu The Sun
Bharnayu Son of comfort
Bhaumik Attached to the earth / Land owner
Bhavad Life giving
Bhavnish King
Bhumin Earth
Bhuv Sky / Heaven / Earth
Dhanish Lord of wealth / A Nakshatra / Good little boy
Dharish Glistening
Dhevan Godly
Dhrish Sight
Dhrit Borne
Dhvanil The sound from heaven
Dhven Godly
Dhyaan Reflection

Dhanu Rashi Names for Baby Girls

Bhaanuja River Yamuna / Born of the Sun
Bhaavya Represents future
Bhanvi Sunrays
Bhava Being / Becoming
Bhaviada Great / Splendid
Bhoomija Born from the earth / Goddess Sita
Dhairya Patience / Patient
Dharsa See / Perceive / Vision
Dhyani One who does contemplation
Falguni The day of the full Moon in the Hindu month of Falgun / Born in Falgun
Fenny Cool
Freya Beloved / Goddess of Love (Alternate Spelling: Friya)

Makar Rashi Baby Names

A goat represents Capricorn or Makar rashi. People born with this rashi are usually straightforward and loyal. The December to January period is dedicated to Makar rashi. The makar rashi names start with Kh, Ja (ख, ज).

Makar Rashi Names for Baby Boys

Jaahnav Hindu Rishi who kept Ganga on his legs
Jagrav Alert / Awake / Watchful / Sun
Jaikrish Victory of Lord Krishna
Jaineel Victory of blue / Victory over gems (Alternative spelling: Jainil)
Jaishna Clarity
Januj Born
Jashi Protector
Jaskirit Praises of Lord
Javesh Related to God
Javin Swift / Fast
Jayay Is associated to Lord Shiva / Durga / Vishnu / Lakshmi
Jayin Conqueror
Jegan Strong

Makar Rashi Names for Baby Girls

Jagatee The earth / Of the universe / Bestowed with speed (Alternate Spelling: Jagathi/Jagati)
Jagvi Born of the world / Worldly
Jaina Victory / Good character
Jalaja Lotus
Janisha Dispeller of ignorance
Jashvi One who gets credit
Jasima Beautiful
Jaswitha Smile
Jayna Victory / Good character
Jegatha Truth of the world
Jenu Well-born / Noble
Jetal Winner
Jigeesha Required victory / Superior (Alternate Spelling: Jigisha)
Jinsha Possessive
Joita Victorious / Winner
Jowaki A firefly
Juhi A flower

Kumbha Rashi Baby Names

Ruled by Saturn and represented by a water carrier, the Kumbha rashi names have a special significance in Hindu faith. Children born between the months January and February fall under Kumbha rashi. The primary name essentials for Kumbha rashi are G S Sh (ग, स, श, ष). The kumbha rashi babies often grow up as an amiable and idealistic person.

Kumbha Rashi Names for Baby Boys

Gahan Depth / Profound
Ganak An Astrologer
Ganit Garden / Troop
Gaoushik Lord Buddha
Gariman Heaviness
Garisht Heaviest
Garvin Rough / Rugged
Gatik Fast / Progressive
Gaur Giving attention
Gaurang Fair complexioned
Gaurik Lord Ganesh
Ghayan Sky
Giri Mountain
Girik Lord Shiva
Girven Language of God
Gowshik The perfect / Happiness life of journey / Freedom
Grahish Lord of the planets
Grishm Heat
Gurman Heart of Guru
Saadhin Achievement / Work
Saaj One who worships God / Beauteous tranquillity
Saamar Fruit of paradise
Saatej Possessing of brilliance and/or intelligence / Soft
Sabari One who lives in Sabari hill / Lord Ayyappa
Sadhay Compassionate
Sagnik Fiery / Passionate / Married / One who wins the fire
Sahat Powerful / Strong
Sahvan Powerful
Sakasham Capable to do anything
Samarvir Hero of battle
Samesh Lord of equality
Samich Ocean
Sammud Joy / Delight
Sanas Laughing smileing
Sanesh Sun or brilliant boy
Sankram Transition
Sarman Protection
Sarnvar Content / Best
Sarvam Perfect in everything
Sasthav Lord Ayyappan
Saumit Easy to get
Sayam Evening
Seejoy Happy
Sena Army
Shaan Pride / Peaceful
Shabarish Lord Ayyappa
Shaiv A worshipper of Lord Shiva
Shalen Modest
Shaman Full of Joy
Shameer A message or tidings or that which is heard / Rock that can penetrate metal
Shamish The Sun / Lord Shiva
Shankan Causing awe
Sharanyan One who bestows protection
Sharav Pure innocent
Sharu Lord Vishnu
Sharunan Naughty boy
Sharva Name of Lord Shiva / Earth
Shashin The Moon
Shaswin Reputed
Shatayu Hundred years old
Shaunak A great sage
Shaurya Bravery
Shavas Power / Might / Velour
Sheehan Peaceful child
Sheerin Charming / Pleasant
Shevar Treasury
Shibin Sign of silence
Shilish Lord of mountains
Shineyu Shining
Shiprak Full checked
Shirom A jewel worn on the head
Shivaansh Portion of Lord Shiva
Shivalik Belonging of Lord Shiv
Shivang A portion of Lord Shiv
Shivanshu Part of Lord Shiva
Shiven Name of Lord Shiva / The destroyer / Balance between life death
Shobhin Splendid
Shouvik Magician
Shreel Beautiful
Shreeyas Superior
Shreyans Fame giver and Lucky / Wealthy
Shrivara Lord Vishnu (Alternate Spelling: Shrivarah)
Shubhan One who is auspicious
Shuktij Pearl
Shun Good-natured
Siamak Silver flame
Sihag Sword
Sijil Glazing
Simit Confined
Skand Name of Kartikeya
Smitraj Smile
Snehil Love / Affection
Sohin Handsome
Somen Moon or Lord Indra / Must by Joy
Soumen Moon or Lord Indra / Must by Joy
Souvik Magician
Sreeyan Lord Vishnu
Srinjan Creation
Sthavir Lord Brahma
Subal Friend of Lord Krishna
Subhradip Humble
Sudanva Lord Vishnu
Sudhan Very rich
Suhav Invoking well
Sujoy Winner

Kumbha Rashi Names for Baby Girls

Gamya Beautiful / A destiny
Gangika Sacred / Pure / Another name for Durga / River Ganga
Garin Grace / Holiness / Dignity / Power / One of the eight siddhis of the science of Yoga / Power
Gaurika A young girl
Gayanthika Singing
Geshna Singer
Gireesha Goddess Parvati
Givitha Life
Grecy Angel / Protector / Very lazy
Gulika A Pearl
Gyanada Goddess Saraswati
Saanjali Hand clasped in prayer
Saavini Pertaining to the month of Saavan / One who prepares Soma
Sadvita Combination
Sahaja Natural
Sahasara The new beginning (Alternate Spelling: Sahasra )
Sahrudee Kind hearted
Saindhavi One who is born in the territory of the river Sindhu
Saisha With great desire and wish / Truth of life (Alternate Spelling: Saiyeisha)
Salena The Moon
Salvi Savior
Samakhya Name / Fame
Samidha An offering for a sacred fire
Samiksha Analysis
Samriddhi One who has everything / Prosperity
Sanah Skilful / Radiance / Elegance / Conciseness
Sanchali Movement
Sandhaya Collection
Sangya Intellect (Wife of Surya Dev)
Sanithi Obtainment / Master of justice
Sanjula Beautiful
Sanskruti Culture (Alternate Spelling: Sanskruti)
Sanwari Dusky
Sarasi Jolly / Happy
Sarayu A holy river
Sarjena Creative
Sarvani Durga / Universal / Complete
Sarvika Universal
Saswari Goddess
Sathmika Good heart / Goddess of rain
Satvika Goddess Durga / Calm
Saujanya Kind
Saumyi Moonlight
Savi Goddess Lakshmi / The Sun
Saviya Peace
Sayee Friend
Sevati White rose
Shaarini The earth
Shailee Style (Alternate Spelling: Shaili)
Shalika Flute
Shambhavi Goddess Parvati (Alternate Spelling: Shambavi / Shambhvi)
Shanbhavi Goddess Durga
Shanldia Flute
Shanvitha Goddess Lakshmi
Sharaya A Goddess
Sharmada Making prosperous / Shy (Alternate Spelling: Sharmadha)
Sharvi Divine
Shasthika Goddess Durga
Shayona Starting letters of 3 big priest of swaminarayan sampradai
Shelza Shivas wife
Sheyali A beginning of new work
Shini To shine among all
Shishta Goodness / Used in Durga mata Mantra
Shivatmika Goddess Lakshmi
Shonima Redness
Shrankhla Born in the month of Shravan / Series
Shraya Best
Shreeparna Tree adorned with leaves
Shrejal Foremost / Best / First
Smeeral Lovable person / To remember / Precious (Alternate Spelling: Smiral)
Smirti Recollection
Snehi Friendly
Sohini Beautiful & pleasant
Somya Calm / Meek / Soft
Soodnya Wise / One who has achieved her goal
Srihita Concerned about the welfare of others
Srinisha Beauty
Stuvi Worship
Suchhaya Shining
Sudena A real Goddess / Goddess Lakshmi
Sugouri Goddess Parvati
Suhayla Fluent / Flowing style / Smooth / Soft ground
Sukushi Noble
Sumaira Successful
Supranya Beauty
Survi The Sun
Svana Sound
Svara Goddess of sound / Morning
Swadha Clearness / Lovely / White
Syana Princess

Mina (Meen) Rashi Baby Names

Known as Pisces in English, the Kumbha rashi is represented by a fish. The Mina rashi babies are very creative and compassionate. They attain powerful sense of imagination as they grow up. Children born between the months February and March fall under Mina rashi. The mina rashi names start with the initials like D, Ch, Th, Jh (द, च, थ, झ).

Mina/Meen Rashi Names for Baby Boys

Daanish To be clever / Full of knowledge and wisdom / Merciful
Daivansh From gods familiy
Daivik Gift by God
Daksh Capable / Son of Lord Brahma (A son of Brahma)
Darsh Sight / Handsome / Lord Krishna
Dashan Ruler / Style in every thing
Deeptanshu The Sun
Denish Happy / Joyful
Devansh Eternal part of God
Devarshi Teacher of the God
Devarya Divine belief
Devin Resembling a God / Poet
Devyam A part of divine
Dewansh Part of God
Deyaan Concentration
Dipayan Light of a lamp
Dishaan A species of gazelle / A thresher
Divansh Suns particle / Similar to Diwakar – suns Ansh
Divyam Divine / Spiritual / Superhuman / Unique / Pure
Divyank Part of light
Divyant Handsome (Alternate Spelling Divyanth)
Drish Sight
Durvank Gifted friend
Durvish Who cannot be affected by poison
Dyansh To give mercy
Dyutit Illuminated
Chahel Good cheer
Chaitan Consciousness / Perception / Intelligence / Vigour / Life
Chakrin With a discus / Name of Vishnu and Shiva
Charanvir One who is fast on feet and brave
Charith Dear / History
Chayan Moon / Collection
Chinmayu Supreme consciousness
Chirayu Immortal / Long-lived person
Chirtrang With multi-colored body
Chitrak Painte

Mina/Meen Rashi Names for Baby Girls

Daksha The earth
Dali Drawn up of God
Darika Maiden
Darshita Sight / Shown (Alternate Spelling: Darshitha)
Dea Kindness / Goddess
Deekshi Initiation / Consecration
Deenal Sweet girl
Devarshi Teacher of the God / Sage of the devas
Dravya Liquid
Durai Chief / Leader
Dyumani Lord Shiva
Chainika Specially selected / chosen one
Chanasya Delighting / Pleasant / Wonderful (Alternate Spelling: Chanasyaa)
Chandrima The Moon
Charul Beautiful
Chitranshi Part of big picture

According to Vedic Astrology, every movement of the planets leave an impact on the people under that zodiac and hence naming the newborn baby according to Rashi-Nakshatra i.e. considering the planetary dasha, transits and other factors help the parents choose a better future for their baby and save them from various obstacles.

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    my daughter is born in august n her rashi is Kanya P, Tha (प, ठ, ण) the confusion is if they say P does it mean only Pa- names or Pi-Po-Pu kind starting letters are also ok? Thanks for your help. pls reply soon its urgent.

    • Sapana

      I am not an astrologer but according to y knowledge its any name starting with P hence Pa/Pu/Pe/Pr are all under same rashi (Except Ph).
      (P and Ph are different)

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    Hi, my boy was born in July and here rashi is kark. According to rashi, “A” is the letter for his name but i like the below name
    is it right to select a name from them? Hope it won’t be an issue in future. I am confused.

    • Sapana

      Hi Sona,
      I am not an astrologer but I personally believe there is no harm in naming a baby name starting with any letter. What you can do is, select a name according to rashi and name it on Janm Kundali of the baby. And for real official name, select any name you like. That is what most of new parents do.

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    Hi, can you suggest some good names for a boy born in Kanya Rashi? I am looking for meaningful and unique name for my kid. Please give some trendy names. Thanks

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    Hi, my kid’s rashi is Dhanu and according to that the starting letters are Bh, Dh, Ph, Dh. I am looking for an unique baby boy name according to his rashi. I liked your list and have shortlisted a few, can you suggest the best one?

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    My kid was born under kark rashi (cancer). I am searching for some good baby boy names according to his rashi. Alongside, the name should be unique and meaningful. Please suggest some beautiful names

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    Hello, Thanks for the long list of nice names. I have a doubt as I am first time looking for this. If th rashi letter is G then is it Ga, Ge, Gi all letters? How about Gh? Please explain. Thanks.

    • Sapana

      I am not an astrologer but with my studies I have learnt that, When its letter G then yes, Ga, Ge, Go, Gi are all inclusive. But Gh is a different letter in Sanskrit. Its not in club of G. Gh is Mithun Rashi G is Kumbh Rashi

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    My kid was born in August hence, his rashi is Leo. Can you tell the unique baby names as per the rashi that will be combination of Ashish & Samira?

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    The expected month of my delivery is November. Hence, the rashi of my kid will be Vrischik. Can you suggest a few good baby names according to his/her rashi?

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    नमस्कार ,क्या बच्चे का नामकरण राशि के मुताबिक रखना चाहिए या नही ? मेरे बच्चे का जन्म 01/03/2019 को सुबह 10:11 बजे हुआ है अगर राशि मुताबिक नाम रखना जरूरी है तो कौनसी राशि आती है ?

    • Sapana

      बच्चे का नामकरण राशि नक्षत्र के हिसाब से रखना व्यत्क्तिगत निर्णय होता है. सनातन परंपरा के अनुसार ये नवजात के जीवन मे ख़ुशिया एवम सौभाग्य लाता है . परंतु आधुनिक युग में लोग इस विचार को अब नही मानते.
      आज के समाज में अभिभावक सिर्फ़ जन्म कुंडली में राशि नक्षत्र का नाम इस्तेमाल करते है पर असली नाम कार्यालयी एवम साधारण तौर पर इस्तेमाल करते है .आप एक ऐसा नाम चुनिए जो आपकी सहूलियत ( राशि नाम ) अनुसार हो. हम आपकी सहायता के लिए है. आप ज्योतिष् के अनुसार नाम का पहला अक्षर भेज दे. हम 2 दिन मे प्रीमियम नामो की सूची प्रकाशित कर रहे है. साथ ही हम पेरेंट्स को नाम चुनने मे सहायता करेंगे वो भी नि शुल्क (जो की अभी शुल्क के साथ है). कृपया दो दिन बाद पुनः हमारी वेबसाइट पे आए .

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    My name is Swapnil. My mother is convinced that this is a wrong name for my rashi and that the correct name should start with P and came up with such monstrosities like ‘Pareshwar’. Yes I know there’s other names available but the real question is it really true and would changing name at this point make a big difference? Details if someone does respond.

    • Sapana

      Hi Swapnil,
      Hindu Astrologers and Numerologists say your name according to Rashi/number matters for the success and happiness in your life.
      But if you ask me my personal opinion, then I have a different opinion. whatever may be the name, carry it with pride and joy. Your nature, work and knowledge bring you success and happiness.
      In my family since my generation, we have a way of naming, 2 names, one name which is according to Rashi is only for Janm-Kundali and another the official real name which the parents like for their baby. So we keep everyone happy. 🙂

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    Parminder Singh on

    I want my baby girl name starting with K. I belong to punjabi family so I want a punjabi name.

    • Sapana

      Hi Paraminder,
      Below names are Sanskrit only, but I believe these will suit with -Singh
      Karshina: Attractive
      Kashika: Lakshmi who is Luminous
      Kashin: Lord Shiva / Shining
      Keli: Earth
      Keyura: Armlet
      (Most of Punjabi Names are inspired by Sanskrit only, e.g. Param-Inder)

    • Sapana

      Hi Kunal,
      Most of people consider only J names in Makar Rashi, but some times G-names are also considered.
      I am not an astrologer, With my general knowledge, I suggest you to check these lists

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    I really like the name Ridhaan. However, it means searcher/seeker. I would like to name my bub something with a good n positive meaning attached to it. I had also liked the name Idhant which means bright. Somebody suggested Ridhant combining the two names. I googled to check if it’s a name. Very few sites mention it’s meaning. So i have two questions.
    1. Is Ridhant a word and what does it mean
    2. If we have to write the name in hindi how do we write it. As it doesn’t involve double d as Riddhant. Please do reply.

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