Unique & Trendy Hindu Baby Boy Names [2019 Special]


Indian Hindu Baby Boy Names with Meanings 2019

You have landed on the page which provides only selective names after extensive research. These authentic Hindu baby boy names originating from Sanskrit language are meant for a lifetime. We understand that a name must be rare, trendy, meaningful yet easy to pronounce not only for Indians but also for foreign people and so provide you only with the best names.

Top 100+ Unique Hindu Baby Names

Names Starting with letter “A”

1Aadim आदिमPrimitive (World in Urdu)
2Aadyant आदयान्तInfinte
3Aamod आमोदJoy
4Amogh अमोघLord Ganesha(Successful)
5Aanav आनवHumane
6Abeer अबीरAbeer Gulal/ Holy Ke Rang
7Adhrit अध्रीतMountain / Vishnu/ Strong
8Aaditva आदित्वPriority/The Sun
9Advik आद्विकUnique
10Aekansh आएकान्शUnique (One Part)
11Agastya अगस्त्यA Name of A Rishi
12Agniv अग्निवBright as Light (Guru )
13Agriya अग्रियFirst/ Best
14Ahnik अहनीकDaily Ritual
15Aishan ऐशन From Lord Shiva/ North-Eastern
16Ajish अजिशNot Defeated by Anyone
17Akalpa आकल्पOrnament
18Akarsh आकर्षAttractive/ Attraction
19Akay अकायLord Hanuman (Incorporeal)
20Anagh अनघHanuman/Pure/Handsome
21Anarv अनर्वIrresistible/ not-Obstructed
22Angak अंगकSon/ Body
23Anirvan अनिर्वाणThe Eternal Flame/ Divine
24Anirvinn अनिरविनGod-like/ Immortal/ Vishnu
25Anishk अनिष्कA Person who Has No Enemy
26Anugya अनुग्यAuthority
27Anvay अन्वेयJoined/ Integration/ Family
28Archat अर्चतShining/ Praising
29Ashav आशवQuickly/ Rapidly

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Names Starting with letter “B/Bh/Ch”

30Bharnayu भारण्युMoon/ Sun/ Fire/ Friend
31Bhavad भावदLife Giving
32Chetas चेतसIntelligent/ Soul/Splendour
33Chirayu चिरायुImmortal/ Long-Lived Person
34Chitrang चित्रंगMulti-Colored Body/ Scarlet

Names Starting with letter “D/Dh”

35Daivya दैव्यDivine/ Heavenly/ Fortune
36Danish दानिशClever/ Merciful
37Darp दर्पPride / Name of Dharma
38Dhivan धिवनSkilful/ Clever/ Artisan
39Dhven ध्वेनGodly
40Dhyey ध्येयAim
41Disht दिष्टSettled
42Divansh दिवांशSuns Particle Div+Ansh
43Divit दिवितGoing to The Sky
44Drish द्रीष्Sight

Names Starting with letter “E”

45Edhas एधासHappiness/ Prosperity
46Eshansh एशांशA Part of God (Madeup)
47Eshvar एश्वरShiva/ God of Desires
48Evan एवानEarth (Made up From Eva)
49Evyavan एव्यवनLord Vishnu (Fast)

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Names Starting with letter “G/H”

50Gaoushik गौशीकBuddha/ Perfect/ Free/Joy
51Hemad हेमदGolden Mountain /GodMurugan
52Himaj हिमजBorn On Himalaya
53Himay हिमायLord Shiva/ Mountain
54Hitkrit हितक्रितFavourable (Lord Murugan)
55Hridham ह्रिधामProsperous (Spring: Ridham)
56Hritagh हृतघCharmed (Lord Murugan)

Names Starting with letter “I”

57Idam इधामFlow Of Praise & Worship
58Iham इहमWished/ Lord Ganesh
59Ihit इहितHonor/ Wished
60Ijay इजयLord Vishnu(Gift/ Teacher)
61Ishay इशयPowerful/ Ganesh
62Ishit ईशितSpeedy

Names Starting with letter “J/K/M’”

63Jenya जेन्यNoble Origin/ True
64Kairav कैरवWhite Lotus
65Kashin काशिनBrilliant/ Shining /Shiva
66Kenip केनिपSage
67Maharth महर्थTruthful/ Rich /Great
68Mahij माहीजSon of The Earth
69Mahin महीनCheerful/ Prince/ Great
70Mitansh मितान्शMale Friend

Names Starting with letter “N/O”

71Naksh नक्शThe Moon/ Feature
72Neer नीरWater.
73Neeshik नीशीकNew (Madeup)
74Neev नीवBasic/ Foundation
75Niam नियमGift of God(Euro) /Rule
76Ojasin ओजसीनPowerful/ Strong
77Omish ओमिशLord of The Om (Made up)
78Onir ओनीरShining

Names Starting with letter “P/R”

79Paurush पौरुषManliness/Heroism
80Payas पयसWater/ Night/ Power/ Rain
81Prakarsh प्रकर्षExcellence/ Superiority
82Pranshu प्रांशुHigh/ Strong/ Intense/ Tall
83Rahas रहसSpeed
84Rajvat राजवतlike King
85Ranak रनकKing
86Ranvit रण्वितJoyous/ Cheerful/ Bright
87Rauhish रौहिशEmerald/ Kind of A Deer
88Revat रेवतBrilliant/ Splendid

Names Starting with letter “S/Sh”

89Sadarsh सादर्शSa+Darsh Krishna/ Handsome
90Samich समिचOcean
91Sanav सनवSa+Anav Good+Humane
92Sarnin सारणिनPeaceful/ Consoler
93Sarvin सर्विनBest Archer/ God of Love
94Shahant शहांतSlayer of Aksha (Powerful)
95Shalya शल्यAn Arrow/ Spear
96Shaman शमनLord Rama ( Appeasing)
97Shamvat शामवत्Auspicious/ Prosperous
98Shikhin शिखिन्God of Fire/ Proud

Names Starting with letter “T/U”

99Tanul तनुलTo Expand/ to Progress
100Tapan तपनShining
101Tarav तरवWish Granting Tree/ Shiva
102Tarit तरितLightning (Liberated)
103Tarush तरुशSuperiority/ Conqueror
104Udhey उधेयRising Fame/ Honor (Madeup)
105Urjit उर्जीतStrong

Names Starting with letter “V/Y”

106Varay वरयLord Ganesh Om Varay Namah
107Vardhan वर्धनUpgrade/ Increment/ Leader
108Varenya वरेन्यGanesh/ Excellent/Desirable
109Varsh वर्षStrengthen/ Rain/ Cloud
110Vayug वायुग(Lakshmi)/ Makes Wind Move
111Venish वेनीशGod of Love
112Vidanth विधांतHonor
113Yudhan युधानWarrior
114Yugay युगयLord Rama (fromTreta Yuga)
115Yuvish युविषLord of Youth

When we published this list the first time in mid-2016, it became instantly popular among new-age Indian parents looking for rare Hindu Baby Boy Names.
During our regular updating of the list, we focus on providing origin and meaning verified authentic, exquisite and trendy names for modern Indian families.
We hope you like the above selected names suggestions for your little baby boy.
Don’t forget to let us know your feedback and query, if any.
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An IT professional, a mom of two, Sapana had belly-only pregnancies in her life & has lost 15Kg weight twice. Along with fitness, Sapana is an expert in Indian names & has helped scores of Indian parents to shortlist suitable baby names by virtue of her years of expertise in Sanskrit origin names & logical approach towards cultures & trends during the name research. Drop a comment to get help from her.


  1. Avatar
    Santosh kumar reddy on


    Great list of names you have mentioned. Its definitely helpful. I am looking name for my boy with my name “santosh” and my wife name “swathi”. please help.

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  3. Avatar

    Hello Sapna, Do your paid PDF baby names list contain all unheard names other than the website names? Or do you have same names in list as in your website?

    • Sapana

      Hi Mayur, Both lists i.e. Boys/Girls have 2 lists in the PDF file the first list mainly contains the unheard names which are nearly 700 (in both Boys/Girls files) and second list has mixed, i.e. some you might have seen before but the information given with the names is what you might not have seen.

      • Avatar

        Hi Sapana,
        Does your paid list provide all names with are not there on other websites. I have seen nearly 15 -20 websites and found 1000 names. Do you give guarantee that names will be unique in your list apart from other internet list ? Please guide.

        Also what do you provide in Rs 1200 consultation.


        • Sapana

          Hi Ankit,
          There are many names in the list which are no where on internet. Also the meanings which I have mentioned with each name is verified from Sanskrit Dictionaries, unlike other websites which have listed any names under Indian baby names category.
          Depending on the starting letters the number of suggestions are more or less. After all this is a friendly name suggestion help, I cant guarantee you anything.
          I do paid consultation where in you will have to purchase the list first and send me the shortlist so I understand your choices and accordingly I try to find new original names or try to make new meaningful names.

          • Avatar

            Okay I want names for baby boy having Punarvasu Nakshatra. So I want modern names with letter H or K.
            Also I dont want any old names. Please let me know if you can help here.


  4. Avatar

    The list of names is really good. But I am confused as there are so many names. Can you help me in figuring out the unique and cute baby boy names with starting letter “S”?

  5. Avatar

    My kid was born on 13 September 2017. I am looking for a cute and unique baby boy name for him. After checking your list I am a bit confused. Can you suggest some good trendy names for baby boy. Thanks in advance.

    • Sapana

      Hi Ritvi,
      Akil is an Arabic Name meaning: Smart/Clever/Intelligent (there is no meaning in Hindi/Sanskrit for Akil)
      Akhil is a Sanskrit Name Meaning: Whole/Complete.

    • Sapana

      Hi Bhargava,
      You will find all the details on that page.
      Its a list of all verified and rare Sanskrit names (All Starting Letters names) (700+ Primary Suggestions + 1500+ Secondary Suggestions, Boys names list and Girls Names list are in separate PDF files)
      Let me know if any doubts. Thanks.

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  7. Avatar

    Hi Sapna,

    Please help me in finding a good and unique name for my son. It should start with Du/dhu, Ja/jha, ta/tha


    • Sapana

      Hi Ravi,

      You may start with this list: Rarest Hindu Baby Names
      Please read all instructions before buying the list.
      NOTE: you have limited options of starting letters and these are not very easy starting letters, the number of suggestions are obviously less than other letters like A/S/M

    • Sapana

      Hi Seenu,
      Originally in Sanskrit it is pronounced as सात्विक i.e. Satvik.
      But in Southern India the T is written n pronounced as TH.
      So Satvik or Sathvik, both are correct. (repeating ‘a’ is unnecessary)

  8. Avatar

    Sapana! Beautiful collection of names. Thanks for giving few rare names which are not included in few of the websites where in we search for baby names. Loved most of the names…. Love you
    Please suggest some nick names for my son similar to the names of my hubby and daughter; Alu & Ailey

  9. Avatar
    Samyukta Panchal on

    Hi there, these are really nice unique boy names but i am looking for totally unheard yet meaningful name for my baby boy. I am not keen on rashi or numerology. But name must be very uncommon and also modern. Not very complicated like recent few sanskrit baby names. Looking forward to your suggestions

    • Sapana

      Hi Sanjog, Both are right. just the pronunciations are different. Mainly in southern part of India, t in names is pronounced/spelled as th.
      Its not very rare name.

  10. Avatar

    Hi, nice collection. liked it. please suggest me some indian baby boy names which has Sh or R in it. I find such names attractive, like Ishaan, Ayush, Aryan, Arav but I dont want such overly common names… There are at least 3 kids of these names in my family and relatives. I dont want meaningless names. Thanks.

  11. Avatar

    I loved the name Varya for my newborn baby boy but I think it is somewhat difficult to pronounce for foreigners. Can you suggest similar but easier and rare Indian baby boy name? Also does Varya, as it ends with an a, sound like a baby girl name? sorry I am not saying its not a good suggestion. In fact I loved it but its one time decision so would like to know your opinion.

  12. Avatar

    I want to name my baby boy something like prince or king but not usual hindu baby boy names like yuvraj or rayan etc. suggest me some nice names please.

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  15. Avatar
    Manisha Vikhepatil on

    I liked the names kian but its not Indian and n I want a Hindu Origin name for my son. can you please tell any similar but equally cute n trendy boy name? Thanks

    • Sapana

      Kian is Persian for Prince. But Very close to Kian is a beautiful Sanskrit Name: Kyan and it means Knowledge.
      If you ask me, there is nothing wrong in Kian and you can relate it to Kyan for Sanskrit Origin, Pronunciations are 90% same.

    • Sapana

      Horay: Lord Ganesh (One of 1000 names of Lord Ganesh) (होरा means Hour/Time/Horoscope in Sanskrit) Horay means one who is lord of time! Amazing name. 1000 names of Hindu lords are awesome with very deep meaning.

  16. Avatar

    Hi Sapna, I heard about your baby name website from my friend. i am looking for a positive n simple sweet name for a newborn baby boy in my family.I want unique baby name which will suit a smart new generation boy. pls help.

  17. Avatar

    can u pls tell bit more about edhas? is it hindu baby name? Sanskrit or Hindi? more info will be appreciated. thanks.

    • Sapana

      Its not Parush or Paarush (In fact Parush has negative meaning in sanskrit) Its Paurush
      पौरुष in Sanskrit/Hindi
      Means: Manly/Power/Human/Heroism

  18. Avatar

    Hi sudhir,

    I’m looking for baby girl names.. indian hindu names.. can you pls suggest me some links or website where I need to look for unique names

    • Sapana

      Hi Sahitya,
      This is Sapana
      You may start with this List: http://www.gomama247.com/download-unique-indian-baby-names-list/
      I have created this list after a detailed study of Sanskrit Originated names.
      I have discovered many new unheard beautiful names which are mentioned in the list.
      The list contains 700+ names which are very unique (Many are unheard, not all though) and few more trendy names (1400+)
      I suggest you go through it first. If in case you still want me to help then I charge 1200Rs for consultation (Other than the list).

    • Sapana

      Arsh mentioned above is : आर्ष which means, veda, speech of rishi, holy text, sacred decent in Sanskrit.
      Word Arsh :अर्श means piles.
      The word and pronunciation are different.

    • Sapana

      अग्रिय means foremost/best basically its a male noun but as it ends with a (for easier pronunciation) it suits as a girl name too. Meaning-wise its any ways suitable for both genders.

  19. Avatar

    Is varin Suitable for an indian baby girl? I know its a boy name u listed in but i liked it as a female name. what do u think?

    • Sapana

      वरिन् means Rich in Gifts and though the word is a male noun, Its still a suitable name for a baby girl too. Just like Kiran or Sonal it wont sound odd as a girl name.

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    • Sapana

      Hi Anuj,
      ईशय is Ish + Ay
      Ish/ ईश means: Lord/Shiva/Power/dominion and -ay postfix means -of, -full of, -belong to
      So Ishay means Of lord, From Shiva.. etc.

  21. Avatar

    Hi Sapna,

    Can you please explain the origin, pronounce and exact meaning of Dushal?

    Some website says meaning is Resolute or Firm. But none points to the origin.

    Can you please help?

    • Sapana

      Hi Prabhu,

      Considering Dushal is a Sanskrit word/name:
      Dushal is not a whole word as such in Sanskrit, So I suppose its made from Dush-, But none of the Dush meanings are positive. All Dush words are very negative in meanings.
      Whereas it could be related to Duhshala who was Kaurava’s only sister.
      Or it may be from Hindi or Gujarati, which I doubt, may not be the case.
      Sorry I dont have any strong origin proofs of this name, few times people modify the spellings to make it easy to pronounce.

      • Avatar

        Thank you Sapna for clarification.

        We have to name of baby boy (Uttrabadrapada nakshatra and meena rashi) So searching for names starting from Du and Tha, Can you suggest some please.

        • Sapana

          I would have asked you to buy the list or go for consultation but I have only 3 suggestions for you. Here they are:
          Durvig Dangerous (Lord Murugan) ॐ दुर्विगाह्याय नमः ।
          Duvas Gift
          Duvoy Worship
          Email me if you need further help. [email protected]

  22. Avatar

    Hi Sapana,

    I am looking for Hindu name of boy starting with letter S , in particular to something relating to lord shiva or Vishnu.


    • Sapana

      Hi Kanika,
      Shulin: One who Has A Trident / Lord Shiva
      Sharv: Universe/Good for all/Belonging or Sacred to or Derived From Shiva
      Shrish: Vishnu (Shree + Ish : Lord of Wealth)

      You will get more such names in the premium list

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