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Indian Hindu Baby Boy Names with Meanings 2018

You will find here Top 100+ unique and modern Hindu Baby Names and before that the rarest and best Top 10 Suggestions.
These top 10 names will be shared only for few weeks and replaced by next rare 10 names in next update. To keep the uniqueness of the names. Do let me know your suggestions and comments, queries in comment section at bottom.

Top 10 Unique Baby Boy Names Suggestions of 2018

1. Arsh

Arsh is a spiritual name which means someone who is pure and worshiped.

2. Agriya

Agriya means superior or first of something.

3. Anirvan

The word Nirvan means liberation while on the contrary, the word Anirvan means who is alive or living forever.

4. Ishay

The name is a positive name and it highlights a personality which is bright victorious

5. Niam

It’s a unique and trendy Hindu name which means Rule/Discipline.

6. Samich

Samich refers to a gigantic source of water like an ocean.

7. Tarush

The name Tarush means a mighty conqueror or a little plant.

8. Varya

It’s a very auspicious Sanskrit origin name which means valuable or superior. It’s an epithet for Lord Kaamdev too.

9. Viranch

It’s an epithet for Lord Brahma and it literally means divine or heavenly.

10. Yugay

The name is associated with the word Yug which means a four-age cycle in Hinduism. The name Yugay signifies Lord Rama who was seen in Treta Yuga.

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All of the names listed on this blog are easy to pronounce, unique and modern, carefully selected for the next generation Indian baby boys and girls.

Top 100+ Unique Names for Hindu Baby Boy for 2018

Names Starting with letter “A”

1.AadimPrimitive in Sanskrit (Entire universe in Urdu)
3.AamoghLord Ganesha(Successful in Sanskrit)
4.AasvikBlessed and victorious
6.AdikritName of Vishnu/Krishna
12.AyanPath of Light
14.AgastyaName of a sage
15.AgnivBright as light
17.AineshThe suns glory, Sunshine
19.AjneeshThe suns glory, Sunshine
20.AkkrumLord Buddha
21.AmayLord Ganesh
23.AnamitraLord Surya (Sun)
25.AnuhCalm, Content
26.AnvayJoined, Integration

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Names Starting with letter “B”

27.BharnayuSon of comfort

Names Starting with letter “C”

28.ChakshanGood looking
29.CharunOne with beautiful eyes

Names Starting with letter “D”

31.DaiveyDearly loved
32.DanishFull of knowledge and wisdom
33.DarshHandsome, Lord Krishna, Sight
35.DhrishnuSon of Manu
37.DevinResembling a God, Poet
39.DivyaanshGod’s own divine
40.DeekshantGift of God

Names Starting with letter “E”

42.EhitAlways smiling
44.ErishTo cherish
45.EthirajName of Lord Shiva

Names Starting with letter “G”

47.GaoushikLord Buddha

Names Starting with letter “H”

48.HariakshLord Shiva
49.HarijThe horizon
51.HarishvaLord Vishnu and Lord Shiva
54.HetakshExistence of Love
56.HameerVery rich king, a raaga
58.HruteshLord of springs, Lord of truth

Names Starting with letter “I”

59.IdhayanJoy of heart
60.IbhanLord Ganesha
61.IhitPrize, Honour
62.IravajBorn of water
63.IrishLord of the earth

Names Starting with letter “K”

64.KaanishkThe royal vehicle of Lord Vishnu
65.KiaanAncient, King
66.KahanLord Krishna

Names Starting with letter “M”

68.MagadhSon of Yadu
69.MahinThe earth
70.MahirExpert, Brave

Names Starting with letter “N”

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71.NeelBlue, Champion
73.NakshThe Moon / Feature

Names Starting with letter “O”


Names Starting with letter “P”

78.PaurushManly/ Heroism
79.PaurasMan / Man of huge potentials

Names Starting with letter “R”

82.RehaanFragrant one, King
83.RavantaSon of Lord surya (Sun)
85.RhivuBrahmas manasputra

Names Starting with letter “S”

86.ShankhinLord Vishnu
87.SarninPacifist / Peaceful / Consoler
88.SanavThe Sun
89.SarvinBest archer / God of Love
93.SatamanyuLord Indra

Names Starting with letter “T”


Names Starting with letter “U”

98.UpkashWearing the Sky

Names Starting with letter “V”

99.VarenyaDeemed highest
101.VayunGod / Lively

Names Starting with letter “Y”


When I made this list in mid-2016, it became very popular in New India Parents looking for unusual Hindu Baby Boy Names. But if the same list is seen by thousands of parents every day then it can’t be called as uncommon names list. Hence I thought of adding this new rarest suggestions every month. (Starting March 2018)

These are few selected modern Hindu names suggestions for your little baby boy. We hope you liked them.
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  1. Hi sudhir,

    I’m looking for baby girl names.. indian hindu names.. can you pls suggest me some links or website where I need to look for unique names

    • Sapana

      Hi Sahitya,
      This is Sapana
      You may start with this List: http://www.gomama247.com/download-unique-indian-baby-names-list/
      I have created this list after a detailed study of Sanskrit Originated names.
      I have discovered many new unheard beautiful names which are mentioned in the list.
      The list contains 700+ names which are very unique (Many are unheard, not all though) and few more trendy names (1400+)
      I suggest you go through it first. If in case you still want me to help then I charge 1200Rs for consultation (Other than the list).

    • Sapana

      Arsh mentioned above is : आर्ष which means, veda, speech of rishi, holy text, sacred decent in Sanskrit.
      Word Arsh :अर्श means piles.
      The word and pronunciation are different.

    • Sapana

      अग्रिय means foremost/best basically its a male noun but as it ends with a (for easier pronunciation) it suits as a girl name too. Meaning-wise its any ways suitable for both genders.

  2. Is varin Suitable for an indian baby girl? I know its a boy name u listed in but i liked it as a female name. what do u think?

    • Sapana

      वरिन् means Rich in Gifts and though the word is a male noun, Its still a suitable name for a baby girl too. Just like Kiran or Sonal it wont sound odd as a girl name.

  3. Pingback: International Baby Boy Names Ending with 'O' | GoMama 24/7

    • Sapana

      Hi Anuj,
      ईशय is Ish + Ay
      Ish/ ईश means: Lord/Shiva/Power/dominion and -ay postfix means -of, -full of, -belong to
      So Ishay means Of lord, From Shiva.. etc.

  4. Hi Sapna,

    Can you please explain the origin, pronounce and exact meaning of Dushal?

    Some website says meaning is Resolute or Firm. But none points to the origin.

    Can you please help?

    • Sapana

      Hi Prabhu,

      Considering Dushal is a Sanskrit word/name:
      Dushal is not a whole word as such in Sanskrit, So I suppose its made from Dush-, But none of the Dush meanings are positive. All Dush words are very negative in meanings.
      Whereas it could be related to Duhshala who was Kaurava’s only sister.
      Or it may be from Hindi or Gujarati, which I doubt, may not be the case.
      Sorry I dont have any strong origin proofs of this name, few times people modify the spellings to make it easy to pronounce.

      • Thank you Sapna for clarification.

        We have to name of baby boy (Uttrabadrapada nakshatra and meena rashi) So searching for names starting from Du and Tha, Can you suggest some please.

        • Sapana

          I would have asked you to buy the list or go for consultation but I have only 3 suggestions for you. Here they are:
          Durvig Dangerous (Lord Murugan) ॐ दुर्विगाह्याय नमः ।
          Duvas Gift
          Duvoy Worship
          Email me if you need further help. [email protected]

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