Uncommon Names Inspired by Hindu Lords for Baby Boys


Hindu God Names for Baby Boy

Indian parents often look for inspiring baby names that are rare, easy to say and pleasing to the ears and Hindu god names for baby boy offer a wide selection for the same. If you are looking for unique Indian names, based on Hindu Lords then here is a perfect list waiting for you. Singling out a suitable name can be a wise decision as your little one will always be thankful to you for that.
The list has numerous baby names inspired by the Hindu Gods. Don’t forget to check the reasons for choosing godly names once you have checked the list.

Selected Baby Boy Names Inspired by Hindu Lords

Here are some awesome baby boy names to choose from. Dig into this broad range of names and feel free to pick my brain by commenting here once you are done with selecting the most elegant and trendy name.

Unique Names of Lord Shiva

The God of the Gods, Lord Shiva is one of the Trinity controlling the universe. He is the God of Moksha associated with the Birth and Death cycle. Lord Shiva’s third eye is well known for its destructive power which eventually purifies and recreates the universe. Lord Shiva is considered as the ultimate Destroyer in Hindu Mythology. Shiva is Nirankaar i.e.; with no shape
More Lord Shiva Names

Adyay : आद्याय

ॐ आद्याय नमः।
Adyay is one of the most auspicious Lord Shiva’s names which means the first or the firstmost power. Also means Goddess Durga and Lakshmi.

Arha अर्ह

An epithet used for Lord Shiva. The name is derived from Arhant which means an honoured, eligible or worthy person for a position. Some derived names from Arha with same meaning are Arhan and Ahram.

Bhav भाव

ॐ भावाय नमः।
It’s a Hindu masculine name which signifies the trinity God Shiva. The name also means real or sentiment.

Devesh देवेश

The name itself reflects the spiritual nature of god. Ish means God and Dev means deities. The name refers to the God or King of the deities i.e.; Indra.

Dhanvin धन्विन्

ॐ धन्विने नमः।
It’s one of the names of Lord Shiva. The name means a person who is armed with a bow or an archer.

Eeshan ईशान

ॐ ईशानाय नमः।
Another form of Ishaan which refers to Lord Shiva. Ish signifies Ishwar or God. The auspicious name is also related to Ishanya (North-East Direction Ishanya), the residence of the trinity God Shiva.

Girik गिरिक

ॐ गिरिरुहाय नमः।
The name means Lord Shiva, who lives in the mountains and also in the hearts of the Gods.

Paridhya परिध्य

ॐ परिध्यै नमः।
Dhya signifies Dhyan which means meditation and Pari refers to completely or fully. Hence the name means completely immerged in meditation.

Jatin जतिन

ॐ जटिने नमः।
The beautiful and pure Shiva lures the Shaivites with his matted hair. The name also means Jatadhari.

Kirat किरात

Kirat is another name of the destroyer God Shiva. The name also refers to the prince of Kiratas also suggest a groom. Kirat/Qirat means God’s glory in urdu.

Krishang क्रिशांग

Krish+Ang (ॐ कृष्णवर्णाय नमः।)
Dark Colored like Krishna and Shiva
It is a holy name that describes Lord Shiva. Something very narrow is also called Krishang.

Krivi क्रिवि

Krivi means: Name of Rudra also mean well

Panshul पंशुल

The name means a tempting fragrance like Sandalwood. It is one of the Lord Shiva names.

Pinakin पिनाकिन्

Pinakin means Lord Shiva or someone who holds a bow.

Pushkal पुष्कल

Pushkal is a traditional Indian masculine name which means superior/Rich/Best/Magnificent. Lord Shiva is also called as Pushkal.

Rudra रुद्र

Rudra is the early form of Lord Shiva. He is mentioned as the angry god and mightiest deity in Rigveda.

Shiv शिव

The name is used as an epithet for Lord Shiva and literally suggests a friendly or gracious personality.

Shivaay शिवाय

As it’s clear through the name, it refers to Lord Shiva and often used in the mantra: Om Namo Shivaay, as an adoration to the trinity God.

Shivank शिवांक

Ank means character, figure or sign. Shivank means marked as Shiv. Derived meaning is: Shiv’s loved one.

Talin तालिन

ॐ तालिने नमः।
The name has both spiritual and creative significance. Talin or Taleen is also used to adore Lord Shiva and suggests something furnished with cymbals or something slender.

Trijat त्रिजत

ॐ त्रिजटिने नमः।
Trijataay, The Lord has three matted locks on His head
Tri refers to the Trinity God with three eyes, Lord Shiva and Jal refers to the fountain of holy Ganges water coming out of Shiva’s head.

Vanij वणिज

ॐ वणिजाय नमः।
The name Vanij is originated from the word Vanijya which means business and Vanij refers to a merchant. Vanij is also one of the powerful names of Lord Shiva.

Alan आलान (Tamil) ஆலன்

Alan means pebble or small rock. The name also means a handsome boy or man. Alan means bond in Sanskrit

Aliyan (Tamil) அளியான்

The name means promise. Aliyan is also a popular Muslim name.

Aravan (Tamil) ஆரரவன்

Aravan is another name of Lord Shiva which means moral or righteous.

Arul अरुल அருள்

Arul literally refers to the blessings of God in Non-Indian context. The name in Sanskrit means water / small boat.

Arvan (Tamil) ஆர்வன்

Arvan refers to one of the horses of moon in Hindu mythology. The name also signifies speed or swiftness.

Unique and Uncommon Lord Ganesha

Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parwati. Lord Ganesha is a popular and most worshipped Hindu Elephant God, well known for his power to remove obstacles from his followers’ life. He is also known as Ganapati and Vinayaka. Ganesha is also the god of art, sciences, wisdom and intellect. He is often worshipped before the inauguration of any important commercial or residential place.
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Advait अद्वैत

ॐ अद्वैताय नमः
Unparalleled or imminent, a person or personality like no one else. The name suggests non-duality or uniqueness of a person.

Avaneesh अवनीश

Avni means earth and Ish means Lord. The name means Lord of the earth or universe. It is one of the most positive Lord Ganesha names.

Avighna अविघ्न

ॐ अविघ्नाय नमः।
Vighna implies barriers or obstacles in life. The name refers to someone who removes the obstacles. Lord Ganesha is called Vighnaharta which means who removes the obstacles.

Ayan अयन

ॐ अयनाय नमः।
Ayan means the path followed by Sun. The name also signifies appearance or witnessing something. .

Durjay / Durj दुर्ज / दुर्जय

ॐ दुर्जयाय नमः।
The name points at someone so powerful that no one can overcome him or someone invincible.

Kavish/Kaveesh कविश

Kavi refers to a poet and the name Kavish/Kaveesh means the Lord or king of the poets.

Ishay ईशाय

ॐ ईशाय नमः।
Ish means lord. Simply Lord Ganesh.

Pratham प्रथम

ॐ प्रथमाय नमः।
Pratham means the foremost one or the best one. It is a Lord Ganesha name which also signifies the king or Lord of the best/superior.

Sarvatman सर्वात्मन्

Sarva means everywhere and Atman suggests the soul. Hence, the name signifies a Universal Soul. The name means a person or personality who travels everywhere or the God who protects the universe by travelling everywhere.

Sarvay सर्वाय

Sarvaya means whole/complete/entire.

Shambhav शाम्भव

ॐ शम्भवे नमः।
(Son of Parvati) – The name is associated with Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva.

Shubhan शुभान

ॐ शुभाननाय नमः।
Shubh means something very auspicious. The name Shuban or Shubham also means positive or auspicious.

Svojas स्वोजस

ॐ स्वोजसे नमः।
Svojas means a person who is very powerful, having tremendous strength, radiance or shine. It is another name of Lord Ganesha.

Tarun तरुण

Tarun means fresh, young or tender. The name refers to the youth or blossoming period.

Varad वरद

ॐ विपश्चिद् वरदाय नमः।
In Hinduism, Varad is the Fire God. One who grants the wishes or all set to answers the prayers or complete the wishes of the devotees.

Varay वराय

ॐ वाराय नमः।
Om Varaya Namah।
The name is inspired by the third Avatara of Lord Vishnu, Varah. It is also one of the 1000 names of Lord Ganesha as mentioned in Sahashranama.

Powerful and Rare Names of Lord Vishnu

lord vishnu
A vital part of the Trinity, Lord Vishnu is the preserver God with four arms signifying his immense power and preserving nature. The God is known for his two faces out of which one is quiet and calm while the other face of Sheshnag is pretty dangerous. Lord Vishnu often remains an important part of various household spiritual activities in the Hindu tradition.

Ayam अयम

The name suggests an immortal entity or person. A – Yam

Agraj अग्रज

The eldest one in a family or a group. The first born person is also called Agraj.

Achyut अच्युत

One of the names of Lord Vishnu in Sahasranama. An imperishable person or entity. It is a popular name mentioned in the Saharsranama. Someone who can’t fail.

Akshaj अक्षज

Akshaj means a strong and powerful thing like diamond or thunderbolt. It is another name of Lord Vishnu.

Aniruddh अनिरुद्ध

It is a unique name mentioned in Shahasranam and it also means Lord Krishna’s grandson. It suggests a person who overcomes all the obstructions or someone to whom no hindrance can be put. Anirudhh refers to an unstoppable personality.

Eham एहाम

Eha means desirous

Ekah एकः

Someone who has no match or unique is called Eka. The name refers to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Durga as well.

Indivar इन्दीवर

Indivar means blue lotus or blessings.

Jaitra जैत्र

Something which takes you to the victory is called Jaitra. It is another Lord Vishnu auspicious name.

Lohitaksh लोहिताक्ष

Lohit means reddish or copper and Aksh means eyes. The name Lohitaksh means a red-eyed person.

Naikaj / नैकज

The name can be broken into some fragments, Na-aik-aj which means not one life. the name suggests someone who takes multiple births or lives many lives.

Nimish निमिष

For a second or moment or split second. It suggests someone who has closed his eyes while being busy in observing or thinking about something.

Pranav प्रणव

A personality whom even the Gods appreciate.

Sahishnu सहिष्णु

The name is derived from the word Sahishnuta and related to Sahanshakti which means the capability to endure in or tolerate the odd circumstances.

Samag सामग

A person who sings Sama songs. It’s a rare name with having an out of the box significance.

Sharabh शरभ

The name has multiple meanings in Hinduism including the monkey king in Ramayana and a beast having half of his body as a bird while the rest half as lion. The name literally suggests a person who resides or glows through the bodies.

Shauri शौरि

One of the Lord Vishnu epithets. The name also refers to Saturn and has celestial significance.

Shrish श्रीश

Shir+Ish, Shri is wealth and Goodness, Ish is Lord. Shrish means the Lord of wealth.

Shrey श्रेय

A marvellous personality. The name also means giving credit to someone or liberation.

Shuchih शुचि

A flawless, perfect or spotlessly clean person is called Shuchih

Sourish सौरिश

Sura+Ish which means Lord of Suras or deities.

Svami स्वामिन् / स्वामि

A regal person/king/proprietor is called Svamin.

Trinabh त्रिनाभ

Tri means three and Nabh means sky in Sanskrit. Trinabh means someone having a divine navel supporting three worlds.

Varish वरिष

Varish means Rain/ Ocean. Lord Vishnu sleeps on a floating surface, like ocean.

Vatsar वत्सर

Vatsar refers to a year. It also means the abode/address.

Vikshar विक्षर

Vi+kshar. Someone who can’t be perished. An unstoppable person.

Vidish विदिष

It’s a river’s name. Vidish is the masculine form of Vidisha which also means the same. One who has a unique style of giving is called Vidish. Meaning of Vidish is going into different regions, spreaded. Lord Vishnu is all over.

Vishodhan विशोधन

Removing all impurities or purifying someone’s soul is called Vishodhan. The name is associated with Lord Vishnu.

Yajnesh यज्ञेश

Another name of Sun. The Lord of sacrifice is also called Yajnesh. The name also refers to the green beryl.

Yajva यज्व

Performer of Yajna or Yagya, a spiritual practice in Hinduism.

Unique Names of Lord Krishna

Having more than 108 names, Lord Krishna is a globally popular and worshipped divine figure and a prime spiritual character mentioned in Bhagwat Gita. He is a powerful deity in the Hindu faith. He is often called Sri Krishna and better known as the god of love, tenderness and compassion.

Apramey अप्रमेय

ॐ अप्रमेयाय स्वाहा।
Something which can’t be measured or unlimited is called Aprameya in Sanskrit. The name also signifies Lord Krishna.

Arinjay अरिंजय

Triumph over evil or negative energy is called Arinjay. It is an auspicious Lord Krishna name.

Darsh दर्श

ॐ सर्वदर्शिने स्वाहा।
The name Darsh is part of many of Sahasranam of Lord Krishna like Sarvadarshin. The word Darshan which means sight or beautiful looking. It is one of the popular names of Lord Krishna.

Keshav केशव

Keshav is a famous Hindu masculine name which refers to Lord Krishna. Kesh means hair and hence the name also signifies long hair. It is one of the Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna names mentioned in Sahasranama.

Kriday क्रीडय

ॐ क्रीडनार्थिने स्वाहा।
Kriday is a masculine Hindu name which means playful like Lord Krishna.

Krish क्रीश

Krish is the short form of Krishna. The name also refers to someone with an attractive or magical personality.

Nrup नृपै

ॐ नृपैः संवृताय स्वाहा।
The name has a royal significance. Nrup refers to a king in Sanskrit.

Nathan नाथन

Nath or Naath means Lord in Sanskrit. The name Nathan is another name of Lord Krishna and it is part of many of Sahsranam of God Krushna.

Onish ओनिश

Oni means Shelter / Protection – Ish means Lord. The name Onish means one who provides shelter to everyone in any condition just like Lord Krishna help a mountain on top his finger to provide protection to his people from heavy rains.

Sarva सर्व

ॐ सर्वदर्शिने स्वाहा।
Sarva means all or complete in Sanskrit. The word Sarva is common part of many names of 1000 names of lord Krishna.

Vrushnin वृष्णिन

ॐ वृष्णिने स्वाहा।
Vrushnin is related to strength, power, might and passion. Vrush means prosperity. The name also refers to a ray of light.

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Names Inspired by Lord Moon

Chandra Dev or Lord Moon has a special mention in the Hindu Vedic stories. He is the lunar god controlling the planet moon and hence the fate of mankind to a great extent. In the Hindu mythology, he is described as the graceful two-armed god riding a chariot. Chandra is known for adding elegance to Lord Shiva’s head.

Arhsan अर्हसान

Moon and Horse

Agharn अघर्ण

Agharna is a unique and positive Hindu name which literally means the moon.

Bhant भान्त

It describes a person or object with a shape resembling a thunderbolt.

Ayank अयंक

It’s an epithet used for moon/Lord Chandra. The masculine name refers to someone or something that belongs to solstice.

Chitrank चित्रांक

Chitra means picture. The name Chitrank is probably inspired by the word Chitra and it literally means the moon, which is a naturally drawn mesmerizing picture in the sky.

Divyendu दिव्येन्दु

The soothing light coming from the moon is called Dibyendu.

Khadir खदिर

Khadir points towards moon. It’s also a tree with a botanical name Acacia catechu.

Kairavin कैरविन्

Kaira means pure. The name refers to moon. It also means a collection of lotuses.

Sipra सिप्र

The short and rare name refers to the moon and signifies cheeks as well.

Sudhanshu सुधांशु

The name is made of the two words Sudh and Anshu. Sudhanshu exude rays of moon or nectar-rayed or camphor.

Tamop तमोप

A natural element like Sun, Moon or fire that takes the darkness away. Tamop is also used to refer to Budhha.

Tijal तिजिल

Tijil is a beautiful name referring to the moon.

Tamish तमीश

A short and modern Indian boy name that suggests the darkness God or Chandra Dev/Moon.

Ushesh उषेश

The Lord of night or Chandra is called Ushesh.

Vruk वृक

Vruk is a short, rare and trendy Indian name suggesting the Sun, moon or thunderbolt and sometimes a plant.

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Amazing Names Inspired by Lord SUN for Baby Boys

One of the prime members of the Navagraha, Sun is a powerful deity in the Hindu faith. In Hindu mythology, Sun is considered as the Lord of the Day and the Seven horses that pull his divine chariot. Sun is worshipped is many regions of India and it is believed that showing devotion to the Lord of light, helps one to relish a bright career, a life without obstacles and a great power to fight with all the odds.

Anjisht अन्जीश्त

It’s a rare and trendy Indian masculine name which signifies some natural elements like fire or Sun.

Aadit आदित

The name sounds similar to Aditya which means sun. Aadit means Lord of the Sun. It also means peak.

Ahnay अह्नय

Ahaan or Ahan means Sun/sunray/dawn. Someone who resembles the intensity of Sun’s brightness can be called as Ahnay.

Ahiransh अहिरान्श

Ahi refers to sun/water. The point where the earth and the heaven join is also called as Ahi. The Ansh or part of Ahi is Ahiransh. It can also be the part of Ahir which means the last one.

Aarush आरुश

The name is very modern and impactful. The name means similar to Aarish i.e.; the first ray coming out of the sun.

Aayansh अयन्श

Ayan is related to Sun or Sun’s movement. Ansh means a part of something. The name Aayansh suggests a part of Sun or the pathway to reach it. In Islamic context, the name refers to a godly gift or blessing.

Aditya आदित्य

The name Aditya is very common in Hindu culture. It means the Sun.

Ahi अहि

The name Ahi is short and cute. In Hindu culture, the name means the juncture of earth and heaven. The name also means water/cloud/sun.

Ahan अहान

A person who is of nature of time, first sunray or the first light in the morning. In Islamic context, the name signifies greetings. The name can be related to the dawn.

Anish अनीश

It’s a popular Hindu name which means something going on or continuous, one who never sleeps like sun. The name also signifies superiority or excellence. The name Anish is also associated with Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

Anshuman अंषुमन

Anshuman is a Sanskrit origin name which means bright, brilliant as Sun. Lord Sun or Lord Moon is also called as Anshuman.

Archish आर्चिश

Archis signifies the rays of light. The early morning sun offers the warm light rays to fill the mind, body and soul with positivity.


Arya means noble or honoured and Aditya means Sun. The name Aryadit one of the Aryans who has the traits like the Sun.

Ayan अयन

An epithet of Lord Ganesha. Someone who appears or witnesses. Also something or someone belonging to the cosmic time or Solstice is known as Ayan.

Dishen दिषेन

In Hindu mythology, Suryadev also go by the name Dishen. So basically Dishen is someone who is as shiny as the Sun.


The words Divya and Ish combine to for the name Divnesh. The name refers to God Sun.

Mihir मिहिर

It’s an Indian origin name which means the Sun. It’s the name of a popular Hindi TV serial character as well.

Mihit मिहित

Lord Sun has several names in Hindu mythology and Mihit is one of the positive names of the Sun. Mi + Hit

Mithren मिथ्रेन

Mithren may be an unusual name but its meaning illuminates the life and the personality as it refers to the Sun.

Mivaan मिवान

Mivaan is an auspicious name which is a blend of spirituality and positivity. The name signifies the Sun rays coming straight from God (But its not Sanskrit name).

Pavin पवीन

Pavin is a Hindu baby boy name which means the Sun. The Sun (Pavind of Man)

Pratyush प्रत्युष

The name has very positive meanings. The name signifies the dawn which brings the warm and positive light with it. Pratyush also means the Sun.

Revant रेवान्त

Son of Lord Sun / Horse Rider / 5Th Manu of The Present Kalpa / Manu is Representor-Leader of The Generation

Virochan वीरोचन

The word Shyam means darkness or blueness which also refers to Lord Krishna. Shyamal means black or blue in color.

Souren सौरेन

Sour or Saur is derived from Surya. Souren suggests something that belongs to sun or of the sun. The name refers to some other traits like lustre, brightness and fire. Souren also refers to moon.

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Name with Literal Meaning containing GOD

Devansh देवान्श
Dhrushan धृषाण
Ish ईश
Ishwar ईश्वर
Nath नाथ
निर्जर Nirjar
Pujit पूजित
Suri सुरी
Shree श्री

God of Earth

Bhūmi or Prithvi in Hindu mythology and Gaia IN Greek mythology, the mother Earth has a great significance in various cultures. Earth is one of the five elements or Panchabhuta from which the world has been created. The goddess earth is known as the daughter of Kashyap Prajapati in Hindu faith. She is the better half of the Lord Varaha, an Avatar of Lord Vishnu. She is the goddess of life and nourishment.

Parthav पार्थव
Bhumin भूमिन
Mahin महीन
Talish तालीश
Prithvi पृथ्वी
Poorvesh पुर्वेश
Mrinmay म्रिण्मय
Mritsa म्रित्स
Nikhit निखित
Mahijith माहिजित
Hemish हेमिश
Kanjak कंजक
Urvish उर्विश

Powerful Names of Lord Kartikeya/Murugan

Son of Goddess Parvati and God Shiva, Lord Kartikeya is the epitome of perfection. In Hindu faith, he is the second son of Parvati and Shiva and majorly known as the God of War. Lord Kartikeya has so been described as the most masculine of all the gods. He goes by several names like Kumara, Skanda, Murugan and so forth.
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Kartikeya कार्तिकेय

The elder son of Lord Shiva is known as Karthik or Kartikeya, the warrior and philosopher God.

Bahuliya बाहुलिय

It’s quite uncommon name but acquires a very positive meaning. Bahuliya refers to Lord Murugan or Kartikeya, the powerful and wise son of Shiva.

Shanmukh शान्मुख

Shanmukh means a divine personality having six faces or mouths. The name also refers to Shiva’s first son, Kartikeya.

Shiv Kumar शिवकुमार

Kumar means son and hence the meaning of the name comes out to be Son of Shiva, Lord Kartik.

Mayur मयुर

Lord Kartikeya has been shown as riding a peacock and Mayur means peacock. The name signifies Lord Kartikeya or Murugan.

Unique Names Inspire by Lord Hanuman

The son of Vayu and the epitome of power, Lord Hanuman is a major Hindu God, worshipped in various parts of India. Known as the greatest devotee of Lord Rama, Hanuman has been mentioned as a prime character in Ramayana. He is powerful, immortal, brave and righteous.

Anjaneya अंजनेय

Lord Hanuman is called as Anjani-Putra or Son of Anjani. The name Anjaneya refers to Lord Hanuman.

Shriprad श्रिप्रद

Prada means Lord Vishnu and Lord Rama was one of his Avatar. The name Sriprad refers to Lord Hanuman, the ardent devotee of Lord Rama.

Sanjeevaray संजिवराय

The name is probably related to someone who brought Sanjeevani Booti to save Laxmana and he is none other than this mighty god Maruti.

Prabhav प्रभाव

A famous God is called as Prabhave. The name also refers to Lord Hanuman.

Mahakay महाकाय

Kaya means physical structure and Maha means gigantic or huge. The name signifies Maruti.

Mahavir महाविर

Mahavira is another name. The name means a great and brave personality.

Shrimat श्रिमत

Someone who is idolized or profoundly honoured is called Shrimate. It’s another name of Lord Maruti.

Shoor शुर

Shoor means brave or courageous. It refers to a bold personality of God.
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After going through the list, you must have gotten a good idea of what to name your baby boy. It won’t be fair to accord a meaningless name to your child or to give them a name that could lead to severe trolling at classrooms. Also, do not pick rhyming names for your babies. It may sound good and reduce your efforts now but it will look funny later.

Do you have more ideas for naming (Namakran) your baby?
Write the name here to let everyone know your choice and get the right reactions and reviews before you decide. As a Hindu mother, I also selected baby names inspired by Hindu gods for my sons. I hope you found beautiful name for your baby boy from our list.
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    Looking for baby boy name. Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesha, else starting in “S”, combination of Shridhar & Priyanka.

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    Hi My name is Ajinkya, I am blessed with a baby boy, I am looking for a God Shiv name which is easy to pronounce and sweet. Please suggest some such names. Thanks in advance.

  6. Avatar
    Kupendra Reddy on

    I’m expecting Sum updated names from your side. So Please suggest me some more trendy names to my son. Letter starting with ‘Y’. Inspired with the availability of other words. Gud Work…

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    looking for short and easy to pronouce names of Laxmi-devi. is it a charged service? Pls send me details by email. thanks.

  9. Avatar

    Hello Sapna madam, I am gita and my husband name is ajay and I am expecting a baby next month. In case of a girl it should be gitika or nayanika but in case of boy, it should be more matured or related to parents name. Pls suggest madam. I posted yesterday also but didn’t find my comment today.

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    Hi Sapana, how are you? my name is Manoj and my wife is Anusha, please can you send us some names for our boy and we are like to have him power full meaning of name with maximum 5 letters.

  13. Avatar

    Hi sapana very beautiful names…. i want combined name of lord muruga and sai…. which should be short and easy to pronounce…. can u make that for me

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    • Sapana

      In case of Sai-inspired names, we only prefix or postfix -Sai to other short name so here are such suggestions Murugan and Sai combination names:
      Hitkrit Sai
      Hiranmay Sai
      Hriday Sai
      Hemad Sai
      Hrishtay Sai
      Hrishtid Sai
      Niyan Sai
      Yugan Sai
      Darpay Sai
      Danish Sai
      Durvig Sai
      For each name’s detail meaning and Sahasranam mantra, please check our master list: http://www.gomama247.com/baby-names/

    • Sapana

      Hi Aruna,
      Below names are common names of Lord Shiva and Lord Venkateswara
      Adhit (Inspired by common but long names from Sahasranam)
      Anit (a form of dictatorship prevailing in the worlds)
      Apar (Limitless)
      Varad (Granting wishes)
      Vibhav (Diverse forms)

    • Sapana

      Hi Sireesha,
      There are numerous suitable 2nd names to go well with Karthikeya/Karthik. But after thinking about length, ease of pronounciation, uniqueness and mainly the meaning together with Karthik, here are my suggestions:
      (Karthikeya is already is long enough name, 2nd names with Karthik are more attractive.)
      Karthik Niyan: Niyan means path or access so together it would mean path which leads to Lord Karthik / or Connected to Karthik
      Karthik Advay: Unique Karthik or Unique like Karthik
      Karthik Aishan: Aishan means Shiva
      Karthik Akhil: Universe
      Karthik Archis: Praising Karthik
      Karthik Arham: Worthy/Shiva
      Karthik Divoj: Born from Heaven
      Karthik Ekish: One god/Prime God
      Karthik Ishay: Lord Karthik
      Karthik Manan: Paying honor to Karthik
      Karthik Rishva: Noble/True
      Karthik Sadhven: Godly Karthik
      Karthik Saesh: Saesh means one who is accompanied by god, so one who is with Karthik
      Karthik Sarvam: Karthik is all world
      Karthik Vrin/Vrit: Chosen by Karthik
      Karthik Yuven: Young

      Let me know if you still want the 2nd name with Karthikeya- , I will try to find.

  18. Avatar
    Isha Sharma on

    Mam please suggest some name starting with hindi letters dha(dhakkana), dha(dhanush), bh(bhalu) inspired by Lord Shiva and Krishna and Ganesha.

    • Sapana

      Rudhran रुद्रन
      Rudransh रुद्रांश
      Rudraksh रुद्राक्ष
      Rudresh रुद्रेश
      Rohit Rudra रोहितरूद्र Red Sun

      Rudraj: Rudra + Aj, Born to Rudra (Like Shivansh)
      Rudrav: -Av means like
      Rudramay: Like Rudra,
      Rudradyot: Dyot means bright, luminous, So vigourously bright like Fire
      RudraDhish: Rudra + Dhi + Ish: Shiva/Furious + Splendour/Intelligence + Lord

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