Uncommon Names Inspired by Hindu Lords for Baby Boys


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Hindu God Names for Baby Boy

Keep the parenting, nursing, pregnancy and handling the baby on one side and deciding baby’s name on another as nothing can as mind-teasing as naming a baby.
If you are looking for unique Indian names, based on Hindu Lords then here is a perfect list waiting for you. Opt for the best so that baby doesn’t blame you for bad names.
The list has numerous baby names inspired by the Hindu Lords. Don’t forget to check the reasons of choosing godly names once you have checked the list.

Selected Baby Boy Names Inspired by Hindu Lords

Here are some awesome baby boy names to choose from, select the most elegant and trendy name and let me see what you’ve selected –

Unique Names of Lord Shiva

The God of the Gods, Lord Shiva is one of the Trinity controlling the universe. He is the God of Moksha associated with the Birth and Death cycle. Lord Shiva’s third eye is well known for its destructive power which eventually purifies and recreates the universe. Lord Shiva is considered as the ultimate Destroyer in Hindu Mythology. Shiva is Nirankaar i.e.; with no shape
More Lord Shiva Names


It’s one of the auspicious Lord Shiva names which means first or first power.


Akul is a masculine Hindu name which literally means Lord Shiva. The name Akula means lowborn.

Alan (Tamil)

Alan means pebble or small rock. The name also means a handsome boy or man.

Aliyan (Tamil)

The name means promise. Aliyan is also a popular Muslim name.

Aravan (Tamil)

Aravan is another name of Lord Shiva which means moral or righteous.


Arha is one of the Lord Shiva names. The name refers to someone suitable or eligible for a position.


The meaning of the name Arul is blessings of God. The name is associated with Lord Shiva.

Arvan (Tamil)

Arvan refers to one of horses of moon in Hindu mythology. The name also signifies speed or swiftness.


It’s a Hindu masculine name which signifies the trinity God Shiva. The name also means real or sentiment.


The name itself reflects its spiritual nature. Ish means God and Dev means deities. The name refers to the God or King of the deities i.e.; Indra.


It’s one of the names of Lord Shiva. The name means a person who is armed with bow or an archer.


Eeshan means Rudra, the early for of Lord Shiva.
Ekaksha The name signifies the third eye of Shiva. Someone with one eye is called as Ekaksha.


The name means Lord Shiva, who lives in the mountains and in the heart of the Gods.


The name means someone who is worth appreciation. It is another name of Lord Shiva.


The beautiful and pure Shiva lures the Shaivites with his matted hair. The name also means Jatadhari.


Kirat means chanting the spiritual hymns. Kirat is another name of the destroyer God Shiva.


It is a holy name that describes Lord Shiva. Something very narrow is also called Krishang.


Krivi is a unique name used in different regions of India and it means the powerful Trinity God, Shiva.


The name means a tempting fragrance like Sandalwood. It is one of the Lord Shiva names.


Pinakin means Lord Shiva or someone who holds a bow.


Pushkal is a traditional Indian masculine name which means superior or excellent. Lord Shiva is also called as Pushkal.


Rudra is the early form of Lord Shiva. He is mentioned as the mightiest deity in Rigveda.


The name itself signifies the Trinity God Shiva.


Shivaay refers to Lord Shiva. The name is used in the Mantra – “Om Namo Shivaay”.


Ank means character, figure or sign. The name Shivank means the sign of Lord Shiva.


It is an auspicious Hindu name which means retention or remembrance.


The name has both spiritual and creative significance. Talin means Lord Shiva as well as musical.


Tri refers to the Trinity God with three eyes, Lord Shiva and Jal refers to the fountain of holy Ganges water coming out of Shiva’s head.


The name Vanij is originated from the word Vanijya which means business and Vanij refers to a merchant. Vanij is also one of the powerful names of Lord Shiva.


The name signifies superiority and bravery. Viran means the God of all the braves and no other name comes in the mind than Lord Shiva.

Unique and Uncommon Lord Ganesha

The son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parwati, Lord Ganesha is a popular and most worshipped Hindu Elephant God well known for his power of removing obstacles from life. He is also known as Ganapati and Vinayaka. Ganesha is also the god of art, sciences, wisdom and intellect. He is often worshipped before the inauguration of any important commercial or residential place.
Find more Unique Names of Lord Ganesha Here


The name refers to the better-half of Goddess Radha as well as Lord Ganesha.


Advaita means focused on something. The name also signifies the absence of the second or non-duality.


Avni means earth and Ish means Lord. The name means Lord of the earth or universe. It is one of the most positive Lord Ganesha names.


Vighna implies barriers or obstacles in life. The name refers to someone who removes the obstacles. Lord Ganesha is called Vighnaharta which means who removes the obstacles.


Ayan means the path followed by Sun. The name also signifies appearance or witnessing.


The name points at someone so powerful that no one can overcome him or someone invincible.


The name means someone of golden color or turmeric.


Haridra is Turmeric, a popular Indian spice.


Kavi refers to a poet and the name Kavish/Kaveesh means the Lord or king of the poets.


The name is related to creative excellence. Krti means king or Lord of music.


Prathmesh means the first or the best one. It is a Lord Ganesha name which also signifies the king or Lord of the best/superior.


It is a very auspicious Lord Ganesha name which means heaven. The name also refers to Lord Krishna or Lord Ganesha.


One who saves or looks after the universe is called Sarvatman.


Sarvaya means whole/complete/entire.


(Son of Parvati) – The name is associated with Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. The son of Goddess Parvati i.e.; Lord Ganesha is called Shambhavi.

Shuban/ Shubam

Shubh means something very auspicious. The name Shuban or Shubham also means positive or auspicious.


Svojas means a person who is very powerful, having tremendous strength, radiance or shine. It is another name of Lord Ganesha.


Tarun means fresh, young or tender. The name refers to youth or blossoming period.


The name Varad is very masculine and means Lord of fire.


Vrisa usually means cow and the name signifies Lord Krishna. It is also another Lord Ganesha auspicious name.

Powerful and Rare Names of Lord Vishnu

lord vishnu
A vital part of the Trinity, Lord Vishnu is the preserver God with four arms signifying his immense power and preserving nature. The God is known for his two faces out of which one is quiet and calm while the other face of Sheshnag is pretty dangerous. Lord Vishnu often remains an important part of various household spiritual activities in the Hindu tradition.


It is a popular name mentioned in the Saharsranama. Achyut also means someone who can’t be destroyed or perished.


Akshaj means a strong and powerful thing like diamond or thunderbolt. It is another name of Lord Vishnu.


It is a unique name mentioned in Shahasranam and it also means Lord Krishna’s grandson. It also signifies no control or no obstacles.


Eha is a Sanskrit word which means now or the present time.

Ekah (also Goddess Durga)

Someone who has no match or unique is called Eka. The name refers to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Durga as well.


Ijay is a masculine Sanskrit name.


Indivar means blue lotus or blessings.


The name literally means God. The master of the whole universe can be referred to as Ish.


Something which takes you to the victory is called Jaitra. It is another Lord Vishnu auspicious name.


Lohit means reddish or copper and Aksh means eyes. The name Lohitaksh means a red-eyed person.


Someone who is polite or exhibits courtesy is called Namit. The word is associated with Namrata which also means humble or polite.


The name signifies to the Trinity God Vishnu.


Someone very tall is called Pranshu.


The name Sahisnu is derived from the Sanskrit word Sahan or Sahanshakti which means to tolerate. The name means someone capable of tolerating or enduring.


A person who spins Samsara’s wheels

Sarngin / Sarang

Sarang means moon, spotted deer or Lord Krishna.


Savya pristine signifies the left hand and it also means reverse. It’s an auspicious name or appellation for Lord Vishnu.


Sharu is a powerful and positive name which refers to a dart or an arrow. Lord Indra’s thunderbolt is also called Sharu.


It means pure or. Shauri is one of the positive names of Lord Vishnu.


A charming or handsome man is called Shrihan.


Shir+Ish, Shri is wealth and Goodness, Ish is Lord. Shrish means the Lord of wealth.


Shriyansh means success or wealth in life. It is one of the names from Shahasranam.


A flawless, perfect or spotlessly clean person is called Shuchih


Lord of the deities or Suras is called Sourish.


Sur means tone in English and the name Surbhup also means the same.


A regal person/king/proprietor is called Svamin.

Taran (also mean heaven)

Taran means heaven or raft. The name also signifies the fierce thunder.


Tri means three and Nabh means sky in Sanskrit. Trinabh means someone having a divine navel supporting three worlds.


Who sleeps on a floating surface, like ocean.


Vatsin means able to produce something or fertile.


Viksar means flowing out like a river or ocean


Removing all impurities or purifying someone’s soul is called Vishodhan. The name is associated with Lord Vishnu.


Another name of Sun. The Lord of sacrifice is also called Yajnesh. The name also refers to the green beryl.


It’s an epithet used for Lord Vishnu.

Unique Names of Lord Krishna

Having more than 108 names, Lord Krishna is a globally popular and worshipped divine figure and a prime spiritual character mentioned in Bhagwat Gita. He is a powerful deity in the Hindu faith. He is often called Sri Krishna and better known as the god of love, tenderness and compassion.


Something which can’t be measured is called Amrameya in Sanskrit. The name also signifies Lord Krishna.


Triumph over evil or negative energy is called Arinjay. It is an auspicious Lord Krishna name.


The name Darsh is derived from the word Darshan which means sight or something becoming visible. It is one of the popular names of Lord Krishna.


Keshav is a famous Hindu masculine name which refers to Lord Krishna. Kesh means hair and hence the name also signifies long hair. It is one of the Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna names mentioned in Sahasranama.


Kriday is a masculine Hindu name which means Lord Krishna.


Krish is the short form of Krishna. The name also refers to someone with an attractive or magical personality.


One who owns the heart or conscience is called Manhar. The name refers to Lord Krishna.


Nath or Naath means Lord in Sanskrit. The name Nathan is another name of Lord Krishna and it means a gift bestowed by Krishna.


(Lord of Mind) – Ish means Lord. The name Onish means one who owns or controls the mind or Lord of mind.


It is a very popular and positive name associated with Lord Krishna. The name literally refers to Lord Shiva’s bow.


Sarva means all or complete in Sanskrit. The name refers to Lord Krishna or Lord Shiva.


It is another auspicious name of Lord Krishna. He is also known as Shyam and the name Shyamal is derived from that name. The name means dark colored.


It is a unique name which means Lord Krishna.

Names Inspired by Lord Moon

Chandra Dev or Lord Moon has a special mention in the Hindu Vedic stories. He is the lunar god controlling the planet moon and hence the fate of the mankind to a great extent. In the Hindu mythology, he is described as the graceful two-armed god riding a chariot. Chandra is known for adding elegance to Lord Shiva’s head.


Something which can’t stay in the same place or restless. It is another name of Lord moon or Chandra.


Agharna is a unique and positive Hindu name which literally means the moon.


The Hindu male name refers to a person having strong nails. The name also signifies the moon.


It is an Indian origin masculine name which means the moon.


The name has both Sanskrit and Turkish origin. It means someone or something enlightened.


The name has Arabic origin. It means full moon.


The name has been derived from the word Chandrama which means moon. It also means to shine or glow.


(Isn’t it adorable ;)) – It’s a cute and inspiring masculine name. The refers to the moon.


Also spelled Chhaayank, the beautiful and positive name means the moon.


Chitra means picture. The name Chitrank is probably inspired by the word Chitra and it literally means the moon, which is a naturally drawn mesmerizing picture in the sky.


The soothing light coming from the moon is called Dibyendu.

Amazing Names Inspired by Lord SUN for Baby Boys

One of the prime members of the Navagraha, Sun is a powerful deity in the Hindu faith. In Hindu mythology, Sun is considered as the Lord of the Day and the Seven horses that pull his divine chariot. Sun is worshipped is many regions of India and it is believed that showing devotion to the Lord of light, helps one to relish a bright career, a life without obstacles and a great power to fight with all the odds.


The traditional Indian origin name refers to The Sun.

Aadit (Lord of Sun)

The name sounds similar to Aditya which means sun. Aadit means Lord of the Sun. It also means peak.


The name has different origins. In Hindu context, Aan means The Sun. It’s a short, adorable and positive masculine name.

Aarish (First Ray of Sun)

It’s a trendy name which means the sky or the ray of Sun. Aarish is another name of Lord Sun.


The name is very modern and impactful. The name means similar to Aarish i.e.; the first ray coming out of the sun.


Ansh means part of something. The name Aayansh refers to the first ray of light or a part of parents. The name also signifies a blessing or gift from God.


The name Aditya is very common in Hindu culture. It means the Sun.


The name Ahi is short and cute. In Hindu culture, the name means the juncture of earth and heaven. The name also means water/cloud/sun.


The name Ahnay is related to the word Ahaan which means early morning light. Ahnay refers to someone who is as bright as sun.


It’s a popular Hindu name which means something going on or continuous. The name also signifies superiority or excellence. The name Anish is also associated with Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.


The controller or king of his own Kundli (birth chart) is called Anmesh. It’s a powerful Hindu masculine name.


Anshuman is a Sanskrit origin name which means bright, brilliant as Sun. Lord Sun or Lord Moon is also called as Anshuman.


Archis signifies the rays of light. The early morning sun offers the warm light rays to fill the mind, body and soul with positivity.


Very happy of someone full of joy is called as Areen. The name also refers to the Sun.


Arya means noble or honoured and Aditya means Sun. The name Aryadit one of the Aryans who has the traits like the Sun.


A gentle/blue-blooded person with noble mind is called as Aryamaan. The name also refers to the Sun.


Someone who appears or witnesses like the Sun in the morning is called as Ayan.


In Hindu mythology, Lord Sun also go by the name Dishen.


The words Divya and Ish combine to for the name Divnesh. The name refers to Lord Sun.


The trinity God Shiva is also called as Ishaan.. The name also means Lord or Master.


Ivaan is spiritual and very positive name. It’s a beautiful masculine mane, isn’t it? Ivaan means majestic or glorious gift (may be from God).The name also refers to someone full of life.


It’s an Indian origin name which means the Sun. It’s the name of a popular Hindi TV serial character as well.


Lord Sun has several names in Hindu mythology and Mihit is one of the positive names of the Sun.

Mithran / Mithren

It may be an unusual name but it’s meaning illuminates the life and the personality as it refers to the Sun.


Mivaan is an auspicious name which is a blend of spirituality and positivity. The name signifies the Sun rays coming straight from God.


Pavin is a Hindu baby boy name which means the Sun.


The name has very positive meanings. The name signifies the dawn which brings the warm and positive light with it. Pratyush also means the Sun.


The name may sound like Prithvi (earth) but it means the Sun which keeps us warm, positive and hopeful.


The name Rashmin is the masculine part of the name Rashmi which means rays of light.


Shamas means the Sun. The name also refers to the Prophet PBUH’s companion.


The word Shyam means darkness or blueness which also refers to Lord Krishna. Shyamal means black or blue in color.


Something which belongs to Sun is called Souren. Sourya or Surya means Sun.

Name with Literal Meaning containing GOD


Goddess Earth (Seeta)

Bhūmi or Prithvi in Hindu mythology and Gaia IN Greek mythology, the mother Earth has a great significance in various cultures. Earth is one of the five elements or Panchabhuta from which the world has been created. The goddess earth is known as the daughter of Kashyap Prajapati in Hindu faith. She is the better half of the Lord Varaha, an Avatar of Lord Vishnu. She is the goddess of life and nourishment.


Powerful Names of Lord Kartikeya/Murugan

Son of Goddess Parvati and God Shiva, Lord Kartikeya is the epitome of perfection. In Hindu faith, he is the second son of Parvati and Shiva and majorly known as the God of War. Lord Kartikeya has also been described as the most masculine of all the gods. He goes by several names like Kumara, Skanda, Murugan and so forth.

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The elder son of Lord Shiva is known as Karthik or Kartikeya, the warrior and philosopher God.


It’s quite uncommon name but acquires a very positive meaning. Bahuliya refers to Lord Murugan or Kartikeya, the powerful and wise son of Shiva.


Shanmukh means a divine personality having six faces or mouths. The name also refers to Shiva’s first son, Kartikeya.


Who rules the Valour fabric or Lord of Valour. The name is associated with Sun (Surya).


The name sounds and means the same as Bahuliya.

Shiv Kumar

Kumar means son and hence the meaning of the name comes out to be Son of Shiva, Lord Kartik.


Lord Kartikeya has been shown as riding a peacock and Mayur means peacock. The name signifies Lord Kartikeya or Murugan.

Unique Names Inspire by Lord Hanuman

The son of Vayu and the epitome of power, Lord Hanuman is a major Hindu God, worshipped in various parts of India. Known as the greatest devotee of Lord Rama, Hanuman has been mentioned as a prime character in Ramayana. He is powerful, immortal, brave and righteous.


Lord Hanuman is called as Anjani-Putra or Son of Anjani. The name Anjaneya refers to Lord Hanuman.


Prada means Lord Vishnu and Lord Rama was one of his Avatar. The name Sriprad refers to Lord Hanuman, the ardent devotee of Lord Rama.


The name is probably related to someone who brought Sanjeevani Booti to save Laxmana and he is none other than this mighty god Maruti.


A famous God is called as Prabhave. The name also refers to Lord Hanuman.


Kaya means physical structure and Maha means gigantic or huge. The name signifies Maruti.


Mahavira is another name. The name means a great and brave personality.


Someone who is idolized or profoundly honoured is called Shrimate. It’s another name of Lord Maruti.


Shoora means brave or courageous. It refers to a bold personality of God.
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As you have already checked the list, you must have got the naming ideas. Do not pick any name which is either meaningless or has something which may trigger trolling of your child.
Also, do not pick rhyming names for your babies. It may sound good and reduce your efforts now but it will look funny later.
Do you have more ideas for naming (Namakran) your baby?
Write the name here to let everyone know your choice and get the right reactions and reviews before you decide.
As a hindu mother I also selected names inspired by hindu gods for my sons. I hope you found beautiful name for your baby boy from our list.

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