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Mesmerizing Sanskrit Baby Names Starting with Letter A

The letter ‘A’ in English alphabet has a great significance as it is the first letter. A is Indian’s most favourite starting letter in baby names. Not only because it’s the first in the alphabets in most of the languages but also because most of the Indian languages are rich and abundantly worded starting with this letter.
But, in India, most of the times the popular names are given to a child and ultimately they are common too. If you want amazing, powerfully meaningful, rarest still stylish baby names for your baby girl then here we have the top 10 suggestions for you.

Rare Sanskrit Baby Girls Names Starting with letter A


The name means the firstborn, foremost or a leader. The name also refers to Lord Rama and used in the mantra Om Agranyeya Namah|


Who can’t die or who is ternal. The name refers to Lord Krishna or a godly personality.


The name is an epithet used for Goddess Durga. The name also refers to a place where there is no delusion or dishonesty. In Japanese, the name means night rain. The mantra associated with the name is ॐ अमायै नमः।


The Sanskrit word signifies a flawless personality or something which doesn’t contain any dirt or an immeasurable thing. The name also refers to Goddess Lakshmi and Saraswati. The power of the name is reflected through the mantra ॐ अमेयायै नमः।


The name is inspired by the word Adri which means mountain or an immensely strong and powerful personality. Adriti or Adrita means the same – the daughter of a mountain.


It’s another auspicious name for Goddess Durga. The name means a chief or an army or splendour in Sanskrit.


The literal meaning of the name in Sanskrit is a river. The name also refers to Goddess Laxmi.


Abdhi means a huge source of water like a sea or a lake or an ocean.


The supreme power or supremacy. The name sounds similar to the names Aisha or Ayesha.


The supreme wisdom or materialistic knowledge. The name also refers to a Goddess from Turiya state. In Sanskrit, it also means Vedanta doctrine.


Arohan means to go up, ascend. Arohana is a very positive and auspicious Indian baby girl name.
Parents always want their baby to succeed in every positive aspect of their life. Naming a baby with a positively meaning and an impressive name can bring many blossoms to their life. The letter A is commonly used in various languages and hence there are plenty of options while choosing a suitable name for your baby. The above names are hand-picked keeping the uniqueness and positivism in mind.

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      Amaya means one without deceit or guile अमाया. Also Amaya means Night Rain in Japanese. Its a sweet short rare name for Baby girls.

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