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Boy and Girl Twins Names: Sanskrit Baby Names

Having a baby is surely a joyful ride but having twins makes the ride adventurous and full of surprises. Girl-Boy Twins are the most special. Twin babies are built-in partners in all the aspects but parents go through a lot of struggle to find suitable names for the twins; especially if it’s Girl-boy Twins. The different gender twins may or may not be identical but their names must complement each other. Hence, we have come up with a special list.
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Twin Boy and Girl Unique Indian Baby Names

Ahina अहिना and Ahiransh अहिरान्श

The names beginning with ‘Ahi’ are quite royal. This twin names pair showcases a combination of delight and strength. Ahina means someone who is firm, who never quits or displays strength. Ahiransh is the combination of Ahi which means sun, water or heaven and Ransu which signifies cheerfulness or delight.

Ahindra अहिंद्रा and Aishan ऐशन

The only thing that is common in this twin names pair is the same initial and the divine connection. Ahindra refers to the Lord of Snakes or Patanjali. Aishan denotes something coming from Lord Shiva or Himalayas, the residence of Hindu Lords according to mythology.

Alola अलोला and Akhil अखिल

Alola is quite a rare name for an Indian girl whereas Akhil is a popular name for boys. The names have same initial but different meanings. Alola denotes a firm or strong personality while Akhil signifies the universe or entire/whole of something.

Amani अमानी and Arham अर्हम

Both the names may not rhyme but share a Godly link. Amani is usually used to refer to Lord Vishnu who has no false vanity. Amani literally means a way or a good wish in Arabic origin and Amanin means modest in Sanskrit (A + Mani). Arham is an epithet of Lord Shiva and signifies someone or something worthy.

Arna अर्णा and Arvan अर्वान

These names complement each other and have the same initials ‘Ar’. Arna is a river and used as an epithet of Goddess Lakshmi. Arvan is another name of Lord Indra and also used to refer to one of the ten horses of Chandra or Lord Moon. Hindu gods names for twins are preferred by Indian Parents

Aroha आरोहा and Arnod अर्णोद

Both the names are uncommon and inspiring. Names starting with ‘Ar’ have been trending for quite a while now. Aroha is a Raaga or musical note in Indian classical music. Arnod means cloud.

Bodhi बोधि and Bhrit भ्रीत

For the parents looking for traditional Indian names for twin babies, this pair of names can be a great pick. Bodhi is associated with enlightenment and refers to the tree under which prince Siddharth became Budhha or attained perfect wisdom. Bhrit means to nourish and related to Lord Vishnu who nourishes the whole universe. The name is often used in the mantra – ॐ भूतभृते नमः Both are very powerful and spiritual names for twin brother-sister. Short and stylish too

Edhina एधीना and Ehan एहान

Another great example of compatible twin baby girl-boy names pair. Edhina means the Earth and Ehan refers to wishing or someone desirous.

Ehika एहिका and Ekish एकिश

Twin names of equal length are another popular trend. Ehika means worldly and refers to Lord Ganesha. The name is also used in the mantra ॐ ऐहिकामुष्मिकप्रदाय नमः। Ekish (Ek+Ish) means one Goddess or the primal/superior Goddess.

Elaएला and Evan एवान

Short and modern names are always special. Ela may not sound an Indian name as it is also used in different origins like Polish. Ela means merriness or sport or cardamom. Evan is a made-up name derived from Eva which means Earth.

Kalya काल्या and Kavel कवेल

One of the names suggests a strong personality while the other one talks about the grandeur of nature. Kalya means a strong or pleasant personality or something auspicious. Kavel is Lotus Flower.

Keyura केयुरा and Karin कारिन

A beautiful pair of rare and unique Twin names. Keyura means an armlet and describes aesthetic beauty. Karin refers to an Elephant or praising someone or rejoicing.

Mahija माहीजा and Maharsh महर्ष

Mahi means the Earth and Ja signifies Janma or birth. Who is born of Earth is called Mahija. Maharsh refers to Lord Rama and used in the mantra Om Maharshey Namah. Both the names are quite powerful and their meanings are deeply rooted in the Indian culture.

Mareesha मारीशा and Mahish महिष

Mareesha is an uncommon name which means a traveler. The name is also derived from Marish which means a respected or worthy person. Mahish is associated with Bhagwat and denotes a king. The name also refers to Goddess Saraswati and used in the Mantra – Om Mahishigan Pujataye Namah.

Mayukhi मायुखी and Mayan मायन

Mayukhi signifies a pea-hen and the name praises the beauty of mother nature. Mayan means the God of love or one who has no interest in the wealth.

Mithila मिथिला and Miransh मिरान्श

The names starting with ‘Mi’ has a spate fan base. Mithila denotes a popular ancient Indian kingdom and a state. Miransh is Ansh or part of Ocean.

Mritsa म्रिथ्सा and Marsh मार्श

Mritsa is a pretty uncommon name but has a traditional Indian essence. The name signifies a good or fragrant Earth. Marsh denotes an honored or respected man.

Nirjara निर्ज़रा and Nirvishनिर्विष्

The combination establishes a link between courage and divinity. Nirjara means a brave person or a warrior. Nirvish is a variant of Nirvesha which refers to Goddess Durga and used in the mantra ॐ निर्विशेषायै नमः। it means non-venomous.

Niyana नियाना and Nikay निकाय

Both the names begin in quite a similar way. Niyana is an uncommon name for a girl originated from Sahashranam which means a way or access. Nikay refers to a body or air or the supreme being.

Preesha प्रिशा and Prayush प्रयूष

If there has to be a perfect twin boy-girl name pair, it has to be this. Preesha and Prayush is a beautiful twin names pair that resonates with each other. Preesha means the best Goddess or supreme Goddess. Prayush means added vitality or someone with increased life.

Radnya राज्ञा and Ridham रीधम

If you want to feel a blend of royal essence and love or beauty, this name pair is for you. Radnya refers to a king or a princess. Ridham means love or spring season.

Retra रेत्रा and Ritvan रित्वान

Retra takes us straight to the divine world. The name signifies ambrosia or nectar. Ritvan means happiness or season. It is also derived from rutva/ritva means a truthful person.

Sanitra सनित्रा and Sarth सार्थ

Sanitra implies a gift or oblation. Sarth refers to a successful or wealthy person. The name signifies a person with extraordinary qualities. The name is also used to describe something significant, complete or meaningful.

Senya सेन्या and Sarayu सरयू

Two simple names with simple but inspiring meanings. Senya signifies an army, brave person or a warrior and Sarayu means wind.

Sharya शार्या and Sharvar शर्वर

This is one example of modern, stylish and eminent names pair. Sharya is an arrow or night or someone who has the capability to hurt. The name is also used as an epithet of Goddess Saraswati and often heard in the Mantra – ॐ शार्यै नमः। Sharvar is the God of Love.

Shirina शिरीना and Shikhin शिखिन्

Shirina represents night or darkness. The name sounds like the word Serene in English which means peace and can be associated with night. Shikhin is a rare name which is related to Lord Shiva. Shikhin is a specific Gan of Shiva or describes Lord Shiva who has a tuft of hair on his head.

Syona स्योना and Smayan स्मायन

Syona implies the brighter or happier side in one’s life or the world. The name means delight or ray of light. Smayan signifies a smile. Both the meanings denote happiness and joy in life.

Tarishi तारीषी and Tamir तामिर

Tarishi is a Sanskrit name which is associated with Hindu mythology. The name refers to the Seven stars that represent Seven great saints. The name also signifies a competent person or an ocean. Tamir is a rare name that may sound Persian. It means night in Sanskrit.

Varima वारिमा and Virya वीर्य

Varima represents the bets or superior person and Virya is someone brave or courageous or the display of heroism/power.

Yosha योशा and Yodhin योधीन

And the list ends with two very uncommon but fascinating twin names pair. Yosha is a woman or a wooden doll and Yodhin is derived from Yodhha which means a warrior.

There may not be too many options while choosing cute and unique names for your twin babies but in our list, we have tried to put all the resonating twin boy girl names that rhyme, that sound identical, names starting with same initials and the names with similar meaning. We understand that parents may have different preferences while adorning their dual-thrones with two complementary names. Therefore our curated list of twin baby boy girl names offers numerous name choices. Finding names for twin babies can be tough but this list may take the stress out of your twin boy girl pair’s naming process. We will appreciate your thoughts on our twin baby names list and if you have any intriguing experience or query related to choosing a baby name, do share it in the comments.


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