33 Choicest Twin Baby Boy-Boy Names: Modern Indian Names


Unique Twin Baby Boy Names in Sanskrit With Meanings

With twins, comes the challenge of choosing twin baby boy/girl names as you are not just focusing on a single name but two names that are amazing together which are modern and rare. We have tried our best to bring you the sweet combination of 2 names for Twin Baby Boys.

Stylish and Meaningful Twin Indian Baby Boys Names Pairs

Ahiransh – Ailvansh अहिरान्श – ऐलवान्श

A unique combination of the celestial and the elements of nature. The name Ahiransh refers to Sun/water/heaven (Ahi) and Ransh signifies a delightful or cheerful personality. Ailvansh, one the other hand, denotes the lunar race. This combination is powerful and reflects celestial powers.

Aishan – Aishav ऐशन – ऐशव

Both the names are associated with the Mahadev or Lord Shiva. Aishan denotes Himalayas or Ishanya direction which is the residence of Gods or simply the North Eastern direction. Aishav refers to the divine or the most powerful/superior entity i.e. Lord Shiva.

Adin – Akhil अदिन – अखिल

The names blend saint-like characteristics as well as the whole of something. Adin represents a noble-minded person whereas Akhil signifies the wholeness or completeness.

Adyant – Adhvan अदयान्त – अध्वान

Adyant means which is infinite or something from the inception (Adi) to end (Ant). Adhvan signifies a place, journey or a traveler. Both the names reflect positive attributes of a personality.

Anukta – Abhishta अनुक्त – अभीष्त

The common connection between both the names is the qualities of a personality that are admired or wished for. Anukta is the name used to denote a unique or extraordinary personality whereas Abhishta is an epithet used for Goddess Saraswati or something wished or desired.

Arham – Arvan अर्हम – अर्वान

These smart names take you straight to the glorious Hindu mythology. Arham refers to Lord Shiva or a worthy person. Arvan is an epithet of Lord Indra and it is also used to denote one of the ten horses of Lord Chandra or Moon.

Bhrit – Dhrit भ्रीत – ध्रीत

Both these short and sweet names are rhyming and a cute choice for twin baby boys. Bhrit is used in the mantra ॐ भूतभृते नमः। that refers to Lord Vishnu who nourishes the universe. Dhrit is associated with the mantra ॐ धृतये नमः। and it means to support, courage or borne.

Ekay – Evan एकाय – एवान

Same initial twin names are always special. Ekay means one body and Evam is a made-up name from Eva which means Earth. These names sound very trendy and are easy to pronounce.

Iham – Ehan इहम – एहान

The lovely names reflect a wish or desire. Iham is an epithet used for Lord Ganesha and used in the mantra ईहामात्रविवर्जिताय नमः। Ehan means someone desirous or wishing for something or someone.

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Karin – Kashin कारिन – काशिन

These names are trendy and have the same initials and both of these names reflect the brighter side of a personality. Karin refers to the act of rejoicing or praising someone. It also means Elephant and signifies purity. Kashin denotes a brilliant or shining personality and often used as an epithet for Lord Shiva who is the Lord of Kashi.

Khyan – Khyat ख्यान – ख्यात

Two mellifluous names connected by positive meanings. Khyan is someone with knowledge and Khyat, which is associated with Khyati which means popularity or fame.

Mahish – Maharsh महिष – महर्ष

These names have a divine connection. Mahish means a king and often used to refer Goddess Saraswati and used in the mantras Om Mahisharudhayai Namah। and Om Mahishigan Pujataye Namah. Maharsh refers to Lord Rama and associated with Maharshi which means the superior saint.

Manasyu – Mayusva मनस्यु – मयुस्व

Manasyu is wishing or desiring. Mayusva means a ray. Both the names denote a brilliant personality.

Mayukh – Mayan मायुख – मायन

There are a few twin name combinations that are praiseworthy and these names are one of them. Mayukh means a ray while Mayan is someone who has no love for wealth or the God of love who is least interested in wealth.

Miransh – Marsh मिरान्श – मार्श

Like the names starting with same initials, the names ending in a similar way are also much sought after ones. Miransh is Ansh or part of the ocean. Marsh refers to a respected person or Lord Amarnath (Elephant-headed).

Maulin – Mekhalin मौलिन – मेखलिन

A beautiful set of twin names that are capable of adoring the personalities of your little ones. Maulin is one who has the crown or a chief or anything which is turned upwards. Mekhalin is used to refer to Lord Hanuman and Lord Rama. The name also means a student and can be heard in the mantra – ॐ मेखलिने नमः।

Nishkal – Nirjhar निष्कल – निर्झर

This wonderful combination is a blend of divineness and bravery. Nishkal is used as an epithet for Lord Ganesha and used in the mantra ॐ निष्कलाय नमः। Nirjar denotes a warrior.

Niyam – Nitim नियम – नितिम

Both the names are associated with Lords and emit a divine essence. Niyam literally means rules and refers to Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva in the mantra ॐ नियमाय नमः। Nitim symbolizes the personality of Lord Rama and used in the mantra Om Nitimate Namah.

Parinut – Parishrut परिनुत – परिश्रुत

Both the names have similar first halves that make them special and pleasing to the ears. Both the names refer to a famous or popular personality who is praise-worthy.

Prayush – Pravarsh प्रयूष – प्रवर्ष

Though the first halves of these Sanskrit names sound the same, their meanings vary. Prayush refers to someone who has a long life or added vitality. Pravarsh is related to Varsha which means Rain.

Ranvit – Ranhit रण्वित – रण्हित

Another great example of a similar first half twin names. Also, these princely names rhyme and represent the activeness of a personality. Ranvit means a joyous and cheerful person while Ranhit refers to someone fast or quick.

Ridham – Rishav रीधम – रिशव

The names starting with ‘Ri’ are quite sought after in India for baby boys and girls. Ridham means spring or love. Rishav is derived from Rishva which means a great personality.

Rudhvan – Rutvan रुध्वान – रुत्वान

A very few twin names combinations last in the memories and this set of names is surely one of those amazing combinations. Rudhvan signifies a cordial or hearty personality. Originated from Rutavan, the name means a truthful person.

Saesh – Samarsh साएश – सामर्श

Both the names denote a special person. Sa (accompanied) and Ish (God) means someone who is supported or accompanied by Gods. Samarsh means a respected or well-honored person.

Sadhven – Satvan साध्वेन – सत्वान

Another great combination of divine essence and courage. Sadhvan refers to someone or something godly or related to God and Satvan means a warrior.

Sark – Sarth सार्क – सार्थ

Both the names sound quite similar but have different meanings. Sark implies mind or wind/breeze while Sarth means an important or successful man or a superboy. The name also means complete.

Shikhagra – Shikhin शिखाग्र – शिखिन्

A rare twin combination but worth picking for your little ones because of their impactful meaning and glorious Sanskrit origin. Shikha means the top of a mountain. Shikhagra also refers to Lord Ganesha and used in the mantra ॐ शिखाग्रनिलयाय नमः। Shikhin means Lord Shiva who has a tuft of hair on the head or the Gan of Shiva. The name also signifies God of fire and used to imply some other things like horse, peacock or arrow.

Tamir – Tarish तामिर – तरिष

These names sound more like Muslim names and they are capable of standing tall in the wide spectrum of trendy and meaningful names. Tamir is night and Tarish is a competent person or an ocean.

Vardhan – Varenya वर्धन – वरेन्य

These names give an idea of increment or being superior. Vardhan means a leader or upgrading something. Varenya means the one who is deemed highest or Lord Ganesha and the name is often chanted in the mantra ॐ वरेण्याय नमः।

Virin – Viyan वीरिन – वियान्

Vir means warrior or a courageous person and Irin means a King; the name signifies the brave king. Viyan refers to an artist or someone possessing special knowledge.

Vrin – Vrit व्रिण – व्रीत

A short and cute twin name combination that describes a special person who is chosen, blessed or god-gifted.

Yuvagra – Yuvanyu युवाग्र – युवान्यु

Both the names are associated with Youth. Yuvagra denotes the leader of young people or a young leader whereas Yuvanyu a young or juvenile person.

Yuven – Yuvish युवेन – युविष

These names sound more like Royal twin names and carry a classy essence. Yuven means a Prince and Yuvish refers to the Lord of youth.

Having a baby is a wonderful experience in itself. What adds to the pizzazz of the moment is hearing from the doctor that your kingdom is going to be ruled by not one but two kings. Twins simply double your happiness and with that comes the double responsibility of choosing two impactful names for them that should be meaningful and resonate with each other. We have presented well-researched and verified list of Sanskrit baby boy names for twins where you can find same letter names, same first half names, names with a similar ending, rhyming names and more. We hope this list of twin baby boy names will ease up the process of taking the big decision of naming the babies.


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