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Baby Names: Irish Boys Names

Just like its picturesque views, the beautiful Island of Ireland has an intriguing culture which is often reflected in the names of the residents. Irish names are timeless and a blend of traditional culture and modernity can be found in these names. Here are some cute and unique Irish baby boy names that you can choose for your little one.

Selected Irish Baby Boy Names: Trendy and Unique

Aban: Irish Saint(AyBahn)/ Water in Persian
Aed: Aodhan/Fire
Aedin: Edain/Passion
Ahi: My Brother
Aleel: Valiant Leader
Aloys: Famous Warrior (German)
Alroy: Red Haired
Amon: Faithful/ True/(Hebrew)
Antoin: Beyond Praise/ Latin Name
Aodh: Fire
Aogan: Splendour/ Fire/ Brightness (Celtic origins)
Ardan: High Aspiration /sons of Usna
Bain: White/Fair (Scottish Name)
Blaine: Thin/ Slender
Blar: From the Fields
Bram: In Hebrew and dutch Father of Many/ Bramble in English and Scottish
Breden: Broad valley / Salmon in Gaelic
Brody: From Muddy Place
Brynlee: Hill / mound
Burhan: Proof/ Evidence (Arabic Name)
Cahal: Ready for War/ Powerful in Battle
Cahir: Warrior
Caolan: Slender/ Fair
Caomh: Gentle/Beautiful/Precious
Ceirin: Small with Dark Hair or Complexion
Codell: Helpful
Coe: Valley in the Hill
Cohen: Priest (Hebrew)
Conir: High Longing
Conlan: Hero
Connor: Wise/ Strong Willed
Corb: Son of the charioteer / Raven
Corin: Spear bearer
Crevan: Fox
Cuan: Little Wolf
Cullo: Hound/ Ulster
Devlen: Brave
Dewain: Song
Dowan: Black
Doy: Without Enemy
Driscol: Mediator
Duer: Heroic
Dylan: Faithful/ Loyal
Earl: Nobleman
Egon: Fiery
Erin: Peace/ Poetic Name for Ireland
Ervin: Green Water / Descendant of Eiramhon
Evan: Gracious
Fay: Devil/ Raven (Lafayette)
Faylin: Fairy/Faith
Felan: Small Wolf
Ferol: Descendant of Feargha
Finan: White/ Fair/ Blonde
Fineen: Handsome
Finlay: Small Blond Soldier/ Fair-haired …
Finn: Fair / Handsome
Finvar: Fair Haired
Foelan: Wolf
Galen: Tranquil (Greek)
Galvin: White
Garalt: Fanner
Garvan: Rough
Garvin: Friend with a spear
Geralt: Mighty with a Spear/ Rules by the …
Gilmour: Servant of the Virgin Mary
Gilon: Circle
Girven: A place in Ayrshire / small rough one
Goban: Little Smith
Gowan: A Smith
Gradey: Noble/ Renowned
Harbin: Glorious Warrior
Harkin: Dark Red
Hiero: Name of a Saint/ Holy
Imar: Bow Warrior/ Archer
Irvin: Beautiful
Ivan: Gracious gift from God
Ivor: Lord / Bowman
Izan: Gift
Jehan: The world (Persian)
Jovir: Happy/ Cheerful/Friendly
Kailen: Mighty Warrior
Kain: Acquire
Kanin: Little Ancient One
Kavan: Handsome
Keanan: Ancient
Keion: Coming from Zeus
Keiran: Dusky/ Dark Haired
Kelan: Thin/ Slender/ Slim
Keon: God is gracious (Hebrew)/Ancient (Gaelic)
Kerill: Of the Lord
Kernan: Lord / Black
Kervin: Swamp Friend/ Little Dark One
Keyon: Son of John / God is Gracious
Kian: Kings/ Royal/ Ancient
Kieran: Small and Dark-haired
Kinlan: Beautiful Shape
Kohir: Red diamond
Krin: Round / Beautiful
Kylan: A Wood/ A Church
Leeam: Will/ Desire / Helmet of will
Lollar: Mumbler
Loman: Bare/ Enlightened
Loran: Form of Lorenzo and Lawrence
Lyam: Form of William
Mael: Chief/ Prince (French)
Maelan: Leader/Prince
Maher: Skilled (Arabic)
Mairon: Admirable/Excellent one
Malvin: Chief
Marcan: A Steed
Marion: Sea of bitterness
Mav: Independent
Meldan: Small Pleasant One
Merv: From the sea fortress
Midir: Judge
Mirin: Fragrance from an Aromatic Balm
Molan: Servant of the Storm
Morvin: Pale
Munro: Man from Ro
Nevan: Little Saint
Niadh: Champion
Nihal: Delighted/ Happy (Arabic)
Niklas: Victory of People
Niven: Holy/ Sacred/ Little Bone/ Servant …
Nolen: Renowned/ Noble
Nurlan: Soldier/Light (Arabic)
Odran: Pale Green
Orin: White/ Pale Green/ Pale-skinned
Parlan: Ploughman (Aramaic)
Rian: Little Ruler / King/ Kingly
Roan: Little red one (Rowan)/Raven
Rogan: Red Haired
Ronan: Little Seal
Ruadh: Little Red One
Ruvan: Early Irish Poet
Shivaun: God is Gracious (Siobhan)
Siran: Lovely/ Beautiful
Slevin: Man from Mountain
Tavio: Hillside
Tegan: Fair
Toran: Variant of Torrence(from the craggy hills)
Torin: From the hills
Torr: Little Hills
Trever: Homestead/Settlement
Troy: Foot soldier
Tyran: From The Land Of Eoghan
Uaid: Form of Walter
Veon: Sky
Virgil: Flourishing (Roman Name)
Irish names are not only used in Ireland but people related or inspired by the Irish culture also use these mellifluous names. Many Irish names are inspired by the saints, nature, Irish history, culture, myths and some positive characteristics. Some names also possess a spiritual essence. The evolution of Irish names is really beautiful. The above names leave a deep impact on one’s personality and create an inspiring aura.

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