Top 21 Trendy Muslim Baby Girl Names in 2018-19


Modern Muslim Baby Girl Names 2018

Being blessed with a girl is a lovely feeling and naming her, is even more. However, naming a baby is not easy, hence we are here to help you select an uncommon and meaningful Muslim baby girl name through this list. We have compiled a list of 21 Muslim baby girl names which are rare, cute and adorable. To add on, our list has been modified by a native Urdu speaker to maintain the accuracy of meanings and the spellings.
Cute Nicknames for Muslim Baby Girl

Stylish Islamic Baby Names from Quran for Girls


ORIGIN: Arabic
Aaniya is our number one pick for this list of trendy girl names. It means “Loving” or “Creative” and would make a perfect name for your little angel. It has that modern spark to it which we think is too difficult to ignore.


ORIGIN: Arabic
Abra means “an example for others”. It is short, sweet and rare. This name would be perfect for your bundle of joy if you want to go for something that sounds royal as well as modern.


ORIGIN: Arabic
Here’s another gorgeous name for girls which sounds astounding, sassy and pleasing. Afeeza means “self-confident” and is a great personality trait. It is the perfect time to grab this name before everyone does.


ORIGIN: Arabic
Sounding as well as meaning “beautiful”, Aneeqa is unique and has a majestic touch to it. If you give this name to your daughter, we are pretty sure that she’ll get a lot of attention wherever she goes.


ORIGIN: Arabic
Anooshah is one of the most modern-sounding names in our list, having a lovely meaning at the same time. It means “fortunate” and of course, girls are. Anooshah feels absolutely perfect, trendy and one of our most favorite names in this list.


ORIGIN: Arabic
This name instantly takes us to a royal court and sounds queenlike. Asmara means a “butterfly”. According to us, it is such a charming and fashionable name. Don’t you think it is an endearing name?


ORIGIN: Arabic
This name is another hit in our list and means “respectable”. Ayra is a short, interesting and simple name. It gives a jovial vibe to us and we think that it will get people talking.


ORIGIN: Arabic
We are pretty sure you haven’t heard this name a lot. This incredibly unique and short name means “pure” and “pious”. Not only it has a wonderful meaning but sounds elegant too.


ORIGIN: Arabic
Ibaa means a “girl with high status” and sounds the same too. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind name, this is the one. It sounds rich and one of those short names that modern parents would instantly want to go for.


ORIGIN: Arabic
The name Inaya means “to help” or “give protection”. This celebrity-like name has an appeal of its own and sounds both cute and trendy. It could make a great name for a cheerful baby.


ORIGIN: Arabic
If you want to go for a stylish, short and quirky name, why not go for Ishaal? It means “to enlighten” and embodies a carefree spirit something you would want your little girl to be. It sounds so sensual and pleasing to us!


ORIGIN: Arabic
Isra is the word used for the “First Stage in Mirage” and has a deep religious connection. If you want to opt for a meaningful name with Islamic reference and modern touch, go for this.


ORIGIN: Arabic
Maira is a very suitable modern Muslim baby girl name. It means “light” and is so stylish for new generation babies. You can consider it if you want to go for a very short, easy and meaningful name.


ORIGIN: Arabic
Maiza means a “distinguisher of right and wrong”. It is a very serene and pleasant name. It is rich in meaning and charm, both. Don’t you find it dainty, sweet and graceful?


ORIGIN: Arabic
Manal gives a very royal and classic vibe to us. It means an “achievement” or “attainment”. Doesn’t it sound stylish and fashionable? It is a sweet and modern name that your girl would be proud to have.


ORIGIN: Arabic
Here is another beautiful and classic pick by us. Manha means a “gift from Allah” and has a soft, melodic sound to it. If you want to go for a spiritual name, Manha is the best in our list. It has such a positive meaning and sounds gorgeous.


ORIGIN: Arabic
Minsa means “peace” and may be just what you have been looking for. It sounds so calm, easy-going and pleasant. Aren’t you in love with it?


ORIGIN: Arabic
Rifa means “harmony” and is another adorable name in our list. It is actually a traditional name and well-loved in Arabic countries. This name will make your little girl stand out in a crowd.


ORIGIN: Arabic
Rubab is such a relaxing and charismatic name. It means a “blessing” and is a perfect fit for cheerful baby girls. It is an uncommon, groovy and chic name. Wouldn’t you like to go for this elegant name for your lovely daughter?


ORIGIN: Arabic
The name Yumna means “Ease on the Day of Judgement” and is thus, very meaningful from the Islamic point of view. If you want to opt for a name that is classic and has a religious connection, Yumna would just be the right fit.


ORIGIN: Arabic
And, how can we forget Zaynah? It is such a delighting and modern looking name. It means “beautiful” and one of the best names to choose by modern parents. It is jaunty and probably, the perfect name for your daughter.

Finding cute and adorable baby girl names can be tedious for parents. Modern Muslim parents mostly look for trendy and stylish girl names but at the same time, names with Arabic origins are highly preferred by them. Muslim baby girl names that have a religious/spiritual connection or denote great virtues are top prioritized.

We hope you found an inspirational and lovely baby girl name through this list. And, why not? After all, they are so attractive, uncommon and delightful. Since these names are Arabic, they sound royal and classic while looking trendy and cute. These names have the power to shape your baby girl’s nature through their significant meanings.
Don’t forget to share your favorite Muslim Baby Girl Names with us. Also, feel free to contact us by commenting below if you have any queries related to any of these names.
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      If you could provide me with more details or the parents’ names, I would be able to help suggest a new and authentic Islamic baby name.

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