Trendsetting Arabic Baby Girl Names for American Baby


Authentic Arabic Baby Girl Names: For Baby Living in Western World

For Muslim babies, there can be no names better than those which have Arabic origins. After all, the final revelation of Allah, in form of the Holy Quran, was gifted to the Muslims in Arabic language.
Today, we’ve brought an exclusive list of modern-sounding Arabic baby girl names perfect for American kids. For baby naming, American Muslims must therefore try and stick to their religious roots, despite living in an foreign environment.

Arabic Names Perfect For American Muslims

Here are our top ten English sounding Muslim baby girl names suggestions for American babies that sound trendy but are still Arabic and very meaningful. (We do not intend to say “English Sounding baby names” to disrespect own culture but only for parents who phrase “Easy to pronounce names” with “English sounding names” we are putting it in those words)
Selecting modern Muslim girl names that sound English will make it easier to remember the name for non-Arabic speaking people around you.

Eiwa إِيْوَاء

Getting Avatar vibes already? Eiwa is one of the shortest and the best baby girl names one could’ve ever heard. But did you know that this name was actually Arabic? Eiwa means to “take care of” or “to provide shelter”. Since this name refers to protection and safety, it will always give an emotional instinct to your daughter to protect others whenever in need. Make your daughter stronger by calling her Eiwa!

Izaan إذعان

A name like Izaan is very attention-grabbing and can turn heads as soon as people hear it. It means obedience and acceptance in Arabic. But it should be pronounced as Iz’aan, with a little pause between “Iz” and “Aan”. This name would be a perfect choice if you want to instill discipline in your daughter at a very young age. Izaan is currently trending the baby-naming world but I believe it is yet to get more popular.

Imhaal إِمْهَال

Imhaal is an Arabic baby name that means to give someone more time by being patient and understanding. Basically, the name refers to forbearance and broad-mindedness. Imhaal sounds perfect to grab a position in the list of top 100 baby names of 2020 because it sounds so new! Modern parents who’re ready to go the extra mile must select Imhaal and see the charm spread.

Leah لیہ/ لِيَ

Before sharing the meaning of Leah, I would like to address a common misconception about this name. The internet is flooded with the mistaken belief that says Leah was the name of Prophet Yaqoob’s wife (PBUH). However, there is no evidence for the same in Islam. It might be a Hebrew name since it has been mentioned in the Hebrew bible but for Muslims, this name cannot be considered ideal if you’re referring it as Prophet Yaqoob’s wife (PBUH).
Nonetheless, Leah has a good meaning in Arabic language. It means “white” and hence, can be considered a good meaning with respect to its symbolization of peace and beauty. Leah is also the name of a valley in Taif city of Saudi Arabia.

Leila ليلى

Leila is a beautiful girl name which means ecstasy or intoxication in Arabic. Not liking the meaning “intoxication”? Don’t worry. You can select this name without any worries as Leila was also the name of a Sahabiyyah – hence perfect for any Muslim girl. You can spell it like Layla, Leila or Laila but the tone should be very soft. Many baby naming sites claim that Leila means dark night but it doesn’t! It has actually been derived from Arabic word “Layl” which means night but adding an “a” sound at the end changes the meaning completely.

Alaaya عَلَايَا

Alaaya has been derived from Aaliya and both the names mean greatness or highness in Arabic. The meaning of this name instantly brings royal vibes to anyone who hears it. Aaliya has made a great comeback amongst Asian Muslims but it is now time for Alaaya to set the mark. Does Alaaya intrigue you as much as it intrigues us?

Elhaan إلحان

The name Elhaan means to say something in a beautiful manner or to recite the Holy Quran beautifully. Make every word that your daughter speaks melodious and meaningful with this uncommon baby girl name. We’re sure people will always praise you for selecting such a rare name and for raising a courteous daughter. Elhaan is also the name of a village in Turkey and is one of the trendiest baby girl names of 2019.

Liyana لِيانَةٌ

We know what you’re thinking of! Ileana, right? Yes, Liyana sounds that trendy to us as well and has more scope for fame than the latter. Liyana means tenderness and is a lovely pick for your delicate darling. The best thing about Liyana is that it is already trending and you won’t have to worry much about being experimental.

Ebrah عِبْرَة

American parents who want their children to become an inspiration for others must not miss out on this name. Set an example in the world by calling your daughter Ebrah as it means lesson or to learn from prior experiences. Imagine your daughter Ebrah being an example for everyone in the world tomorrow, for sky would be her limit!

Zirwa ذروة

Zirwa is a very rewarding name for any baby girl since it means “top” or “the best” in anything. With Zirwa, comes the joys of selecting the latest name that is very stylish and doesn’t sound bland at all. Selecting this name will help your child reach the heights of success and attain leadership qualities wherever she goes. Let her be a free bird spreading her wings to fly high and reach the pinnacle.

Awaiting Your Feedback On These Handpicked Muslim Names!

Selecting baby names from other origins or religions are not forbidden in Islam but are not appreciated either. The best practice, hence, is to look for unheard or rare names that have Arabic origins deep down the lane.
We hope you liked our list of Arabic names that sound American. What do you think of them? Sounding perfectly trendy and latest, these names are steeped in Islamic history due to some reason or the other. Selecting rare Arabic baby names is like the icing on a cake. You set standards of exceptional choice for others while being traditional at the same time.


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