Top 7 Tummy Tucking Shapewear in India


How to Buy A Tummy Tucker Shapewear: A Complete Guide for Indian Women

That’s true, now lingerie shopping doesn’t make Indian women blush. BUT majority still feel shy while buying tummy tuckers for themselves. Hence along with answering all your awkward questions about tummy tucking shape wears that you won’t ask the lingerie’s shop attendant publicly. We will also tell you about the best preferable tummy Shapewear(s) present online in India, for you and your big growing tummy.

Top 3 Tummy Tuckers for Indian Women

How we selected the Top 3 body shape wears?

Following the all those tummy tuckers which are known to compress and squeeze the right places of the belly. That won’t make you look pregnant.
We also kept in mind: “Product Pictures are a sham”. Most of the shape wears products photos make such models pose for them, who are already well-in-shape.

Lets see Different Types of Tummy Tuckers for a Flat Stomach

The amount of fat deposited in abdomen region might vary from person to person. Hence you should first know how your tummy is sticking out of your belly.

Panty Style Tucker For Less Fatty But Sagging Tummy

Naomi and Nicole Women’s Smooth Away Waistline Brief

naomi and nicole waist brief

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Jockey Shaping Bikini

jockey low waist

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• Many women remain skeptical about the comfort, with shape wears. They all think it to be ruthlessly tight and body-warming. Well, such shape wears do exist but they all are made of bad fabrics, whereas the Naomi & Nicole Tummy Tuckers and Jockey’s Shaping Bikini are made of Polyamide and (Spandex) Elastane.

• Both polyamide and spandex are known for its softness. Same are used in making various kinds of Sports Wear Apparels too.

• Polyamide and Elastane are stretchy as well hence this Shape Wear kind of moves with the body. This is important because to reduce fat tummy tuckers are usually worn throughout the day.

• However, during the time of sleep time, you should take it off. This softness of the fabric won’t give you any marks too.

• It will cover and smoothen out your low sagging tummy, large hips, and waist. One more thing, if it’s soft on the skin, it will also be easy for you to wear and remove it.

• See that, you place an order for such panty style tummy tucker, of your size only.

Best Tummy Tucker to Wear under Saree

Both of above panty style tummy tucking shapewear are perfect for wearing under saree.
The Naomi & Nicole Women’s Smooth away waistline brief is available in sizes from ‘S’ to ‘XXL’.

Jockey Women’s Polyamide Seamless Shaping Bikini Shapewear is available in sizes from ‘S’ to ‘XXL’.

For Fat Tummy from Stomach’s Midline

Naomi and Nicole Women’s Value Hi Waist Brief

naomi and nicole highwaist Brief

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Jockey’s High Waisted Brief

jockey high waist

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• The thick-skinned tummy fat has spread all over, which forms the main part of the abdomen. Along with this, it would also keep your hips in shape.

• This would require collected efforts of many fabrics. Here’s why we chose a tummy shaper that is made up of blended fabrics like the flexible elastane, the sturdy nylon, and the stretchy polyester.

• Cotton gussets have been inserted between the fabrics of the Shapewear. This would increase the shape wear’s grip over your body. Also, it would prevent it from rolling down.

• Even after the presence gussets (fillings), this Tummy Tucker won’t feel heavy to you. Also, no visible lines of the shapewear would be seen on your dress. We can say so because both nylon and polyester are durable, thin and lightweight fabrics.

• It is available in two colors- Nude and Black Color. It is also available in various sizes, i.e. from ‘S’ to ‘XXL’.

For Waist, Belly & Thigh Shaping: Triumph Waist & Thigh Shapewear

triumph womens thigh slimmer

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• The Triumph Waist & Thigh Shapewear has double layer cotton gussets. ‘Gusset’ means something that is enclosed between two layers.
• Even though the Body Shaper is made of four layers of fabrics, they are very thin. We can see that the fabrics used are thin and light. Thereby you won’t get any fatty feeling after wearing it.

• Its waist and thigh rims have been elasticized in such a way, that it would leave no marks o your body. This is a sign of good quality elastic being used for making it. Since you are going to wear it for a long time, this factor counts.

• You have always been told that one should not wear stretchy rubber bands wrists, arms, and legs etc. as they reduce the blood flow to that body part. But the elastic and the stretchy spandex fabric won’t have any unfavorable effect on your body blood flow. It’s not tight; it’s just skin-fitting.

• It is available in various sizes, varying from ‘S’ to ‘XL’. But it is available in just two colors. I.e. Nude and Black color.

Buying tummy tuckers for the first time?: Inexpensive Tummy Tuckers

If you are going to be the first time user of tummy wears, then we guess you should first try your hands on the following Under Rupees 500 shape wears. Just to check your own level of comfort, during and after wearing it.

For Lower Saggy Tummy : PrettyCat Tummy Tucker Waist Slimmer

prettycat tummy tucker

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• The Pretty Cat Tummy and Waist Shapewear is seamless. Means it has been made from one piece of fabric, no visible sign of stitching can be felt and seen on this Tummy Tucker.

• Along with evenly tucking in your lower abdomen, where most of the tummy fat is stored. It has been designed in a way to uplift hips lines too.

• The Shapewear has been made from thin cotton Lycra fabric, it the body shaper will easily camouflage itself underneath your clothes.

• It is said available in sizes from ‘M’ to ‘XL’ hence choose the pair of your size precisely. Otherwise, it would slip down from your waist, like loose fitting pants.

Anti-Rolling Ladies Shapewear Shorts : Adorna Anti-Rolling Tummy Tucker Shorts

shapewear adorna

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• Anti-Rolling means the tummy tucker won’t roll down, due to body movements made during running, sitting, walking, and bending, etc.

• Its primary targets are belly and waistlines- both upper and drop waistlines, while its secondary target would be to compress your hips.

• Due to the thinness of cotton fabric used in making this Adorna Anti-Rolling Tummy Tucker, you can wear it during exercising too. The natural fibers of cotton fabric won’t cause any discomfort to you, even when you exercise.

• Even when you would wear skin-fitting yoga pants or joggers, it thin plain build-up won’t be visible from outside too.

• Exercising would make you perspire but cotton threads of the Tummy Tucker would absorb your sweat drops.

• It is available in size ‘S’ to ‘XXXL’. And in is available in two colors.

• This Tummy Tucker is Bio-Washed. This means before being dyed, it was washed in a Liquid with the help of which your Tummy Tucker won’t lose it shine and newness easily.

Reality of Shapewears

For some ladies, shapewear can prove to be problematic. Read the points below, in case you want to know if you are one of them:

Excess Belly Fat:

Tummy tucking shapewear does come in various sizes but if you have got loads of fats bulging out of your belly. Then in such a case, tummy shaper would be of very little help. As then they won’t be able to compress and hide your fat, very well.
We know. For some of us, this could be a harsh reality. But before you start losing hope, read the lines below…

How to know if a shapewear isn’t fit for your belly?

You might get lured with their product descriptions. But if a body shapewear of your size isn’t available, then don’t try buying a smaller size. More tightness doesn’t mean more compression. It will make you very uncomfortable.


Never to wear a shape wear which is not of your size. If you do so, then…
You might feel uncomfortable by experiencing back pain, difficulty to breath, walk and sit etc.

Quick & easy way to hide fat:

Shapewears just ‘hide’ fat, every time it is worn.
How shapewear gives a flat stomach?
It simply distributes the fat that is concentrated in your belly region. For this, the elastics of the body shaper presses belly fat, and divide it into two. As long as you would wear it, one part of your belly fat gets pushed to your upper abdomen and rest in your lower abdomen.

Do Shapewear really lessen fat?

No. Don’t be under impression that it will help you get toned. If you are wearing it post pregnancy and your tummy loose then shape wear help in tightening the loose tummy but it takes time. Talking about sweating therapy, With the heat given by body shapers to your belly region, only your tummy region would sweat a bit. This way you would tend to lose tummy fat, again negligible effect.
But along with a proper workout and diet routine, new Indian mothers should wear tummy tuckers post pregnancy. conceal and reduce their pregnancy fat.
Click to know about the Post Pregnancy Girdles. Remember just after your delivery, you should first try the post-pregnancy belts before start using the shapewear.

Body Shapers v/s Sauna Belts

No, They are not same. Their significance are different and uses too. Talking about heat-sweat-therapy: Sauna belts generate heat that is quite discomforting and forced too. However, with body shapers, you would sweat naturally.

Avoid Silk Pant Style Tummy Tuckers

To avoid looking 3-4 months pregnant
But aren’t Silk Fabric reputed?
Yes, you are right. Only silk dresses are reputed, not silk tummy shapers. The reason you should avoid them is that-

The upper rim of the Pants would just squeeze your waistline. And the main part of your abdomen (your stomach) would be as it is. Untouched and uncompressed. In fact, it would look, even more cutely round. We don’t want this to happen!

Don’t buy Short or Too High Waist Tummy Tuckers

That’s because it will just enhance and highlight your belly region by pressing your pelvis area. With a medium size tummy tuckers, you can be assured of better coverage too. Hence, you should avoid buying short or low-waist shape wears too. The shapewear which cover whole of your tummy starting from upper rim touching just below the breasts will make you uncomfortable due to tightening on your ribs and make your tummy look round, because the pressure by rim is higher than the inner fabric region and hence it loosens the middle section compared the edges/rims of the shapewear.

5. On which body type tummy shapers are effective?

If only your lower abs are fatty and sagging, then these tummy shapers can be of your use. In other words, there should be less or no fat on the area above your belly button and below your breast line.

How to take care of tummy tuckers?

With these Care Tips that requires fewer efforts and more attention, you can easily increase the durability of tummy shaping briefs:

• Even if the product description says that it can be machine washed. But you should never wash the tummy tuckers on washing machines. As due to rigorous wriggling the nature threads of the fabric might get worn out.

• As a result that tummy and waist slimmer would lose its elasticity. Consequently, they won’t fit you. Always wash Shape Wears in cold water and soft fabric liquid detergent like Wipro/Ezee.

• After hand-washing don’t try drying your body shaper under the sun. Prefer air-drying it, by simply leaving it under the shades.

• You should not keep it unwashed for more than a week.

To buy a tummy flattening Shapewear is one of the easy ways for getting a slim belly. If you also buy a dress larger than your bust size, thereby lying to yourself and to others that you like wearing ‘loose’, airy dresses. Then it’s time for you to start using a body shape wear. If you have something or ask or share, we can listen to you below.


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An IT professional, a mom of two, Sapana had belly-only pregnancies in her life & has lost 15Kg weight twice. Along with fitness, Sapana is an expert in Indian names & has helped scores of Indian parents to shortlist suitable baby names by virtue of her years of expertise in Sanskrit origin names & logical approach towards cultures & trends during the name research. Drop a comment to get help from her.


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    Shanti srinivasan on

    This is very useful information. I liked the way you explained the tips and failure chances.

  2. Avatar

    What are the saree shapewear??
    Are they just same as usual shapewear with low waiste?? Also please suggest the best panty style shapewear to wear under saree which will not be visible on belly and back and also effective in squeezing loose belly. I am a mother of 5 months old, I have to attend a wedding…… Your help is appreciated…

  3. Avatar

    Is tummy tucker really helpful in reducing the belly fat.? If yes, then let me know which brand is best in India.

    • Sapana

      Hi Neha,
      The Tummy Tucker does not reduce the belly fat, It helps contract the loose skin and loose fats. The best brands for Indian women are mentioned above. 😀

  4. Avatar

    I got marks after wearing tummy tucker. I need a shapewear which is easy to wear and it’s material should be soft. Can you suggest a good one?

    • Sapana

      Hi Radha,
      The shapewear should not be too tight for the tummy and waist. You will get marks if the shapewear is too tight and low quality. Select the known brands mentioned above.

  5. Avatar

    I am planning to buy a Tummy tucker but don’t know which will be the best one for me. Can you help me to know what precautions I should take while purchasing a Tummy tucker? I am a Indian housewife. Is the body type matter? Please help. I am really confused and clueless.

    • Sapana

      Hi Sunidhi,
      I have written all tips in the post. Also you just have to select the size of the tummy tucker according to body size. Also depending on your comfort select the type of tummy tucker.
      If you are buying the first time, you take a call, you will have to try to know which type suits you perfect. Read the above given tips carefully and also the specifications given by manufacturer. To start with, buy the panty type shapewear.

  6. Avatar

    Hey, I face a problem with this tummy tucker, it slips down to my navel level while sitting. Do you have any tips to hold it or you have any special type of tummy tucker that won’t slip down. I would be grateful.

    • Sapana

      Hi Arti,
      The tummy tucker should not be very tight, if its smaller sized then it tends to roll down. also depending on the body for some women the high waist suits better but for some low waist. You will have to try both types to know which one suits best to you.

  7. Avatar

    Thank you so much for this post! I have been frantically looking a for a tummy tucker. I am now considering the Naomi and Nicole one. I truly loved how honest this write up was about fat and tummy tuckers from the very beginning. Really, a good job was done on it.

  8. Avatar

    Which is the most comfortable tummy tucker of all? I cant stand the tucking feeling all time on my belly, need something comfortable and would hold on my loose saggy lower tummy well in place.

    • Sapana

      Hi there,
      Any shapewear which tucks the tummy effectively to make your tummy look flat is not going to be Comfortable. Its true. If you have only loose skin you wont feel much comfortable.
      Panty type tummy tucker is comfortable but these will work only on lower saggy tummy.

  9. Avatar

    Hey, I am looking for the best tummy tucker. Can you help. My lower part is more heavy than the upper one and I can’t wear synthetic winners. Please suggest the best tummy tucker foe me.

  10. Avatar

    My lower tummy is more bulgy so which one will suit better according to my need, High-waist tummy tucker or lower one? I haven’t used any tummy tucker in past. Hence, it would be beneficial if you guide me. Please suggest the best one.

    • Sapana

      Usual tummy tucker which is not a high-waist is perfect for you. But high waist are also good specially in case you want to wear is under a slim fit gown.

  11. Avatar

    I usually wear saree for special occasions. Can you tell which is the best tummy tucker that I can use under saree, The Naomi & Nicole Women’s Smooth or Jockey Women’s Polyamide Seamless?

    • Sapana

      Naomi and Nicole Women’s Smooth Away Waistline Brief Or Pretty Cat Waist Slimmer are better as others are high waist
      Also you can try the Saree special Tummy tucker check the previous comments here.

  12. Avatar

    Is there any hack to save the tummy tucker from rolling down? If not than suggest which is the most reliable brand that create the best tummy tucker. I have purchase a few tummy tuckers in past but all are useless.

    • Sapana

      Hi Sunidhi,
      Any hack to keep the tummy tucker from rolling down will not be comfortable. HEre are 2 tips
      1. Take one size bigger
      2. Take high waist tummy tucker ( But it may give a smooth round shape to belly.)

    • Sapana

      An Effective tummy tucker wont be of cotton material. You can wear the high waist cotton panty to avoid the contact of the shapewear to your skin.

  13. Avatar

    What is the material of Naomi and Nicole Women’s Smooth Away Waistline Brief? Is it comfortable? Can anyone use it without any fear.

    • Sapana

      Hi Amneet
      Its 65% Nylon, 35% Elastane
      Its comfortable but the shapewear are usually not as comfortable as a usual cotton inner as after all they have to make your tummy look flat. 🙂
      Check the right size then you should not worry about the comfort

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  15. Avatar

    I have heard that tummy tuckers won’t last long. If this is true then please suggest is the cheapest tummy tucker in India.

    • Sapana

      Hi Divya,
      If you buy a right size and take care while washing then it will last long, be it expensive or cheap.
      For Cheap yet good quality shape-wear try PrettyCat Slimmer (link in post)

  16. Avatar

    hi Sapna, very helpful article. it was first time for me to purchase n try a shapewear. I have purchased 2 types from above. as u hv mentioned i hv only lower saggy tummy n its effective. but i feely itchy on the longer type shapewear. Is there anything that can be done for the itching. I wear it for about 5 6 hrs in a go. is it ok?

    • Sapana

      Hi Neha,
      Usually these shapewear are not 100% cotton and hence using it for long in hot weather will make it irritable and itchy.
      You should have a 100% cotton clothe in touch with your skin, so you may try to use a long waist cotton underwear inside the shapewear.

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