Top 7 Foods Baby should be Given in Summers


Which Food is Good for Health in Summer in India?

People from all over world have their own opinions on effect of food on body heat. Even in India, in north India they eat spicy food during winters to keep body cool. While in china they eat hot spicy pots in summers so they sweat and it cools the body.
My mother would never let me eat a papaya in summers as she thinks it induces body heat. I don’t know if it’s true but with some foods in you surely see unexpected reactions of your body like pimples in particular seasons specially summers.
Anyway if we eat seasonal fruits and vegetables it is always health and nature takes care of us by producing right food at right time.

Here are we have Top 7 foods we should eat more in summers

1. Watermelon-

watermelon in bowl
During summer there is a need of satisfying the thirst and enhance the energy in our body at the same time. Watermelon is the fruit that will provide you with all these things during summer. It is a full of water and electrolyte which keeps your energy levels high longer. The best thing is that it does not contain any fats and has very low content of calories. It is very beneficial for the skin during summer, so watermelon is that perfect food that should be added to your diet during summers. Watermelon seeds are a big no to your baby. They can cause loose motion in baby. So be very careful and remove all seeds while giving watermelon to baby.

2. Barley Water:
Roasted and grounded barley water works on cooling body. I drank it first time long time ago in Japan, they call it “Mugi-Cha” i.e. tea made up of wheat. Japanese people give this water to babies to. They always carry a bottle of mugi cha with them while out with baby. It doesn’t taste anything like barley but has strong roast flavor. You may not like it at first but on regular trial you will start liking it.

2. Oranges-

This is also one of the highly beneficial fruit during summers. It contains vitamin c to our body thus reduces the body heat and increases the level of haemoglobin and also reduces cholesterol. It is a rich content of potassium which we loose through sweat during summers, so at least 1-2 oranges a day. For getting at most benefit, it should be eaten in an empty stomach or after 5 hours of having meal. It also contains much needed water which keeps you hydrated.

3. Cucumber –

Cucumber is rich in potassium and is also a good source of electrolyte which keeps the blood pressure in control. It contains lots of water which keeps you hydrated for longer and is cholesterol and fats free. Cucumber is a rich source of dietary fiber which eliminates the toxic compounds from our body and protects us from various diseases. Thus cucumber is also one of the must have foods during summers. Kids like the crunchiness of cucumber. Just a peeled cucumber but stay around to keep a watch on baby.

4. Yogurt-

Yogurt contains a lot of nutrients which is very easily absorbed by our digestive system and also helps other food nutrients in getting absorbed and thus solves many stomach problems during summers. It reduces the body heat and also controls various diseases related to stomach and builds immunity of our body. Babies love fresh fruit lassi.

5. Tomatoes-

Tomatoes contain antioxidants. Tomatoes are very good for keeping blood and heart related problems away from you, they give you a good amount of vit C and minerals. While using tomatoes for baby food don’t forget to remove seeds and peels. These 2 parts of tomato are hard to digest but the flesh of tomato is very good for stomach.

6. Pumpkin-

Pumpkin is rich in dietary fiber and also contains lots of water. It does not contain any fats. Pumpkin is good for digestion and also eliminates the worms from the digestive system. It is rich in vitamins and minerals which are very much important during summers. It is also very helpful for curing any skin related problems. Try pumpkin cold soup for baby.

7. Bottle Gourd/Bitter Gourd-

bottle gourd
Bottle gourd has an excessive content of water, providing the cooling effect to the body. It is being consumed in almost all the seasons but mostly during summers as it reduces the body heat and keeps the stomach cool. Due to sweating during summers lot of water is being wasted from our body, consuming gourd will help to maintain your body hydrated due to its sedative and anti- bilious properties which makes you feel good internally.
Bottle gourd halwa is very delicious and can be served cool. Good for all family.

Even though we eat food according to season but a balanced diet is key to a healthy life be it summer, winter or monsoon.
This summer everyday have and give your baby a glass of lassi, a bowl of tomato cucumber salad, water melon and orange smoothie and a bowl of bottle gourd halwa with a glass of barley water. Stay cool stay healthy.


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