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Best 7 Baby Prams in India: Reviews

One of the major benefits of buying baby strollers and prams, online in India is that here you would be able to extract out enough information about the features and qualities of baby strollers in a better way, which would help you in finding a stroller that would suit your baby’s preferences. We know it’s a matter of your Baby’s comfort this is why we have included only Top 7 Baby Strollers, having best features and finest online customer reviews. See below the reasons that why, as per us they are the Best Online Baby Prams and Strollers, in India.

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India’s Best 7 Baby Strollers now Online

LuvLap Baby Sport Stroller Pram

luvlap baby pram
Seat: Luvlap’s Baby Sports Stroller Pram, has 4 position seat reclines. Minimum age suggested for using this stroller is six months.

Seat’s Fabric: Talking about its seat’s fabric, we found out that it is made up of Oxford fabric. Underneath the seat’s fabric, proper care of padding has taken into account. Its cushion feels like synthetic fabric, that makes it waterproof. It is seen that many parents, even on the stroller’s seat prefer spreading soft bed sheets, separately for their babies. You could do that too if you would find that your baby does not really like the Stroller’s fabric.

Seat’s Detachability: The seat cannot be detached from the cushion. Hence, the stroller’s seat cannot be used as your infant’s car seat carrier. Many travel systems strollers provide such a seat. However, its cushion can be removed for washing. If you plan to wash it, prefer hand-washing it once in a month only.

Safety Harness (Belt): Now, after placing your baby on the stroller’s seat, you would make him wear the safety harness. This stroller has got five-point safety harness. This means along with waists straps, shoulder straps is also present in the stroller’s seat, see the picture above.
Feeding Tray: It has even got detachable feeding tray. Plus there’s a tray at the back of the handle. If you want, on one side you could keep your babies bottle and on the other, you could keep your coffee or bottle etc.

Foot Rest: There are many baby buggies in the market which don’t have leg rest cushion for babies. But Luvlap’s Sports Pram and Stroller facilitate us with adjustable leg rest space that can be adjusted in two positions, i.e. Horizontal and Vertical.

Stroller Handle: This baby pram has got a reversible handle with the help of which you could take a walk with your baby, by making him face you. Babies have a habit of crying if they don’t see their known ones for a quite a long time. You will be able to keep an eye on your baby completely.

Wheels: Front wheel has got swivel suspension. The rear wheel of the stroller has got brakes, in it. This means if you want to prevent its accidental sliding, you could simply press the brakes given at the back of the stroller. Both the front and the rear wheels are made up of Rubber. To be more precise, they have been made out of ‘Silicone base EVA material’.
One of the advantages of rubber wheels is that they act as shock absorbents. This means if the stroller gets jolted due to some reason, less impact of it would be felt by the baby. Also, only its front wheels can be rotated at three-sixty degrees. This is why better suspension would be felt in the front wheels.
One more thing, if the wheels get damaged then you could purchase the same separately. The great part is you could drive the stroller even on rugged roads.

Mosquito Net: We have not noticed any mentioning of mosquitoes net from the seller’s side. Hence, before buying a baby stroller you must keep in mind, your home’s environment, your lifestyle as well. If you have a mosquito problem at home, you will have to purchase a separate mosquito net for the baby stroller.

Basket and Pocket: The stroller possesses one deep shopping basket at the bottom of the pram. There’s also one pocket at the back of the stroller’s cover. In both of these two places, you could keep your baby’s essentials.

Hood: Canopy protection is provided to the baby.

Window: You can peep at your baby whenever you want, through the window provided at the head of the hood.

Portability: Yes, this baby pram is foldable which makes it portable too. One hand folding is possible with it. On lifting it up, you would realize it weighs around 11 kg. Don’t forget to detach the wheels, before you start folding it.

Cradle and Rocker: Well, there’s neither a cradle nor a rocker with the stroller. But we have found such a baby pram cum stroller having a rocker in it. You will soon find it below.

Sunbaby Pink Leonardo Stroller with Rocker Function

sunbaby pink leonardo stroller

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Seat: It has got 3 recline positions. First one is for sitting, the second one is for resting and the third one is for sleeping. As you know, even as adults we are asked to sit straight on the chair. Hence, to support your baby’s back, the stroller can be positioned at ninety degrees. Also, you will be able to adjust the seat, without guessing if the seat has been positioned at ninety degrees or not. As it has only three fixed reclines degrees i.e. ninety, one-twenty degrees and one-eighty degrees. Babies from zero to three years of age can be kept on the stroller.

Seat’s Fabric: The Stroller’s fabric is of good quality, good for your baby.

Seat’s Detachability: The seat cannot be separated from the Stroller.

Safety Harness: Three-point harness is present.

Feeding Tray: One interesting thing about Sunbaby’s Red Leonardo Stroller is that besides having a detachable feeding tray, it even has a space for rattle and bottle holder attached to it.

FootRest: Adjustable footrest has also been provided with the stroller’s seat for making the stroller spacious for him.

Stroller Handle: It has got reversible handles.

Wheels: This stroller boasts of its front swivel wheels, whereas its rear wheels have got brakes attached to it.

Mosquito Net: Mostly the mosquito net is not provided with the product.

Basket and Pocket: It has got one big mesh storage basket and one back pocket. If on the storage basket you would keep all baby’s toys, some extra towel, and baby bed sheet etc. The on the back pocket you would be able to keep bottle, teether etc. Also, you would find another snack holder at the handle’s side.

Window: There’s no window provided on the stroller’s canopy. We assume the manufacturers must have thought with reversible handle, you won’t really need it.

Hood: The hood can be expanded and contracted whenever needed.
If you would see another model of Sunbaby’s stroller named [Sunbaby Jumbo Stroller], you would find a canopy having window net, in it. This means a mosquito net has been attached to it, in the form of looking window. Only thing is instead of a feeding tray, you would find a Toy Tray in it which basically has little musical toys attached to it, that runs with the help of batteries. But the same model has got only 2-point safety harness.

Portability: Yes the stroller is portable; this means you can conveniently store it after use.

Cradle and Rocker: There’s no cradle but yes, the stroller can indeed be used as a rocker. Hence, Sunbaby’s Leonardo has been categorized under ‘Baby Rocker Stroller’.

Price: Rs. 6200 (May Change)

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R FOR Rabbit Poppins Blue Black

r for rabbit poppins stroller

Seat: The seat is said to be 35 cm wide. A baby whose age ranges between 0-3 years, he could easily lie down on the stroller’s seat.

Seat’s Fabric: Information Unavailable

Seat’s Detachability: Not Viable

Safety Harness: The above two strollers had a three-point safety harness but this one has got five-point safety harness. If you would go and read some Baby Stroller Buying guide, you will find that buying a stroller having five-point safety harness is thought to be a safe choice, as this provides extra protection to the baby. Thereby prevents him/her from slipping down.
A three-point harness can be preferred if your baby has grown up a bit, like when he is a toddler. But for infants and newborns, it is better to go for a five-point safety harness.

Feeding Tray: There are two cup holders given on both the ends of the meal tray. And yes, the feeding tray is removable; hence it would be easy for you to clean the tray whenever your baby would spill his/her food on it.
Also, the edges of the feeding tray are rounded, smooth and polished. The reason we are telling you this is because many babies are there who have a habit of holding the edges of the tray while eating. Hence, mothers of such babies prefer to take extra precautionary measures.

Foot Rest: Present, the same can be adjusted too.

Stroller Handle: Reversible handle is a ‘must-have feature’ in baby strollers these days. And ‘R for Rabbit Poppins’ has surely taken its care.

Wheels: The wheels are made up of Plastic. At top of this, it even has a shock absorber installed, on its front wheel. One of the rear wheels of the Stroller has got ‘One Link Brake’- this means you could stop the stroller, soon as your foot would be on the brake. Now, this is something that we don’t even find in our own cars.
Its wheel facilitates three-sixty degrees rotation. This would allow smooth turns and swift walking. Also, the suspension of the wheel is said to be easy. When using the reversible handle facility, you would also need brakes to be present on the front wheels of the stroller and such a brake has been arranged there too.

Mosquito Net: No mosquito net has been provided with the stroller. However, like we said earlier, you will find mosquito nets for baby strollers, separately available in the market.

Basket and Pocket: There’s one storage basket below the stroller’s seat for keeping all the stuff of your baby.

Hood: It’s cover, i.e. its canopy (hood) is adjustable in nature. A full extendable hood has been provided in the stroller, so that your baby gets fully covered when you two go out, to take a stroll under the sun. Canopies must be adjustable only because this way not only scorching rays of sun would fall on your baby, but also he would get protected from dust particles, chilly wind, and switched on lights (supposedly, he can’t fall asleep with the lights are switched on) etc.

Window: Information Unavailable

Portability: Many parents find folding the stroller, difficult. But with an easy one-hand folding mechanism, you won’t face many problems. This means, if on one hand, you would be carrying your baby then on the other you could fold the stroller, with another hand of yours. It’s that easy. And yes the stroller weighs around 6.5 Kgs.

Cradle and Rocker: No it has not got any cradle, cot or rocker like function. Guess you would have to buy them separately for your baby.

Baybee Hubble Baby Stroller

baybee hubble pram

Seat: This stroller is suitable for babies for weighs up to 25 Kgs. Usually, you will find many three-degree reclines but this stroller has got multi-degree reclines.

Seat’s Fabric: Information Unavailable

Seat’s Detachability: No the seat cannot be detached. Hence you cannot use the seat in your car.

Safety Harness: 5-point harness.

Feeding Tray: It has got only one snack holder. There is no feeding tray hence when you would take your baby for a walk in the park he would be able to get a better view of everything.

Foot Rest: The leg rest is adjustable. If instead of sitting, your baby wants to rest for a while, then you can easily adjust the leg rest for him.

Stroller Handle: It has soft grip handle, means the handle has been covered with foam. Whether the handle is reversible or not, that we don’t know as such information has not been specified by the seller.

Wheels: Better front wheel suspension would be witnessed by the stroller’s driver. Hence, we can classify the stroller’s wheel type as ‘Swivel Wheels’. One Link Brake has been provided at the rear wheel of the baby pram. This means you could stop the stroller in just one go.

Mosquito Net: Not present.

Basket and Pocket: Storage Basket has also been provided at the bottom of the baby stroller, for storing those little needs of your baby.

Hood: The canopy of the baby pram is adjustable in nature. It said to have a wide cover, which can act as a shade for your baby.

Window: Looking window has been provided for the parents and baby’s caretakers.

Portability: The body of the stroller is made up of steel. When you would fold it, it would weight around 4.5 Kgs. On comparison, you would see it is the lightest stroller, among all the strollers mentioned in this list.

Cradle and Rocker: Oops, not present.

Tiffy Toffee Baby Delight Premium Stroller Pram

tiffytoffee baby delight pram

Seat: It provides 4 recline positions to the baby, which reclines up to one-eighty degrees. The maximum weight this seat could bear is 30 Kgs. Padded seat and cushion of the baby pram make it favorable to use for babies.

Seat’s Fabric: Information Unavailable.

Seat’s Detachability: Not viable.

Safety Harness: This baby carriage has got five-point safety harnesses. You must have understood by now that it has got shoulder straps too. A shoulder strap makes the baby strollers extra safe to use.

Feeding Tray: The dining and drinking tray of the Pram is separable. Hence if you find it difficult to feed through feeding trays, you could remove it at your will. There’s also a tray for parents on the handle, suppose you are drinking your coffee or anything, you could use that tray for yourself.

Foot Rest: Foot Rest can be adjusted and is controllable.

Stroller Handle: Reversible handle makes this baby buggy flexible to use.

Wheels: The baby prams wheels are made up of rubber; this makes it suitable for both inside and outside pathways. Suppose due to rigorous use the wheels gets damaged then you can purchase them separately to replace those torn wheels.

The fully rotatable wheels can be detached for cleaning and folding purpose. This three-sixty rotatable wheels can also be converted into one direction wheels. Shock Absorbers have also been attached to the pram. Besides this brakes are also present on the rear wheels of the baby pram.

Mosquito Net: Not present in Premium delight but is available in [Rocker version] from the same manufacturer. Also in comparison to Premium Delight version, This premium delight Maxterm’s height is greater than it. But Rocker version is taller than the two. Now many parents when they see that their child has started walking, they don’t really prefer keeping strollers for their kid. So, for them Premium Delight version is suitable. Also, you could choose any of these three strollers, as per your height. Keep this in mind that in Maxterm you won’t be provided any feeding tray.

Basket and Pocket: It has got a rear pocket and net storage basket at the bottom, for keeping babies accessories.

Hood: The canopy provides full protection from the sun. You would be able to change the hood’s position as per your will.

Window: Information Unavailable.

Portability: It is a light yet strong baby pram, which weighs around 10 Kgs.

Cradle and Rocker: No, but rocker version of the stroller would suffice as a rocker for your baby.

Toyhouse Baby Premium Baby Stroller

toyhouse baby stroller

Seat: Babies from 0 to 2 years can be kept on the stroller. Three-position recline is present on the seat.

Seat’s Fabric: Water-resistant, hence the padding won’ get deteriorated even if your baby would wet it.

Seat’s Detachability: Not viable.

Safety Harness: Three-point harness has been provided on the pram’s seat. This feature could prove to be the pram’s setback as three-point harness is not recommended for infants especially. So this baby buggy can be used suitably for toddlers.

Feeding Tray: The pram’s dining tray has got two cup or bottle holders, at both of its ends. We can’t really tell if it’s detachable or not, but even a presence of feeding tray acts like a safety barricade for the child, don’t you think so?

Foot Rest: Adjustable to make him feel at ease.

Stroller Handle: Reversible handle is present but if the same is telescopic, we are not aware of that. We assume the handles are not telescopic because the feature of a telescopic handle is something sellers won’t forget to mention. With telescopic handles, the push bar of the stroller also becomes extendable. This means you could fix the handle’s height as per your height.

Wheels: Fit for rugged roads, you must know that a stroller’s wheels which can survive rugged roads can effortlessly run on plain smooth surfaces. Both the front and back wheels have got brakes. The wheels are also said to be large in size, which has even got shock absorbers in it.

The main reason for including this in our list is that the pram boasts of having such wheels installed that are fit for terrains of all kinds. A stroller with strong wheels is something which makes it durable to use.

Mosquito Net: Not present.

Basket and Pocket: There is a large deep basket, at the bottom of the baby pram where could keep your baby’s toys. However, there’s no mention about the rear pocket in the stroller.

Hood: A protective hood is present in the stroller.

Window: Yes, there is a looking window on canopy so that you could check on your baby’s activities, at times, right from above.

Portability: Folding strollers is definitely not a rocket science with ‘One-hand folding system’. This would save much of your time.

Cradle and Rocker: Not Present

ABDC Kids Camel Baby Pram Stroller

abdc kids camel pram

Seat: Babies of 0-36 months can sit, rest and sleep on it. Weight limit is up to 15 Kgs.

Seat’s Fabric: The seat is made up of good quality fabric which is stretchable. You could spread a separate baby cot sheets on your stroller’s seat if you are skeptical about the stroller’s fabric. So the fabric of the seat should not be a thing of your concern.

Seat’s Detachability: Not viable.

Safety Harness: Five-point safety harness can be used to fasten the safety belts around your baby and to prevent him from falling or slipping from the carriage.

Feeding Tray: The meal tray also has a small toy attached to it which is fully functional.

Foot Rest: Adjustable and wide.

Stroller Handle: With reversible handle (push bar) you could see your baby whenever you want.

Wheels: There’s a built-in shock absorber, for reducing the effect of jolts when driving the stroller on rough roads. The front wheels are rotatable but if you don’t want them to rotate freely. In other words you want it to move in a single direction, for this you can lock it. The brakes are present on both sides of the wheels, due to which they have named their braking system as, ‘Dual Breaking System’.

Mosquito Net: Not present specifically. It is actually stitched with the hood of the pram.

Basket and Pocket: Underneath the seat, there is large basket which can act be used for both storage and organization. The back pocket can be used for keeping the edibles of the baby.

Hood: The cover is fully adjustable and on the top of the hood, you will find that the hood has been equipped with mosquito net. Hence, we called this combination of top window and mosquito net as ‘window-net’.

Window: While the baby sleeps you can peep inside through the window-net without disturbing his peaceful sleep.

Portability: The baby pram and stroller can be folded with ‘push folding button’. This means you will just have to press that button and your stroller would get folded easily on its own. With easy folding, easy portability of the stroller also gets possible. We found that the weight of the product is 10.5 Kgs.

Cradle and Rocker: Not present.

Comparison Chart: Top 7 Strollers in India

By now you must have got confused which stroller to buy for your baby. We understand because it’s hard to choose the ‘fittest’ among the best of all baby strollers and prams, available online. Some of you must have even forgotten about the names of strollers that you have shortlisted for your baby. So for making things easier for you, we have created a comparison chart. Here’s a condensed form of all information about the Top 7 baby strollers and prams mentioned above. Read the figures in the table, compare, select and order now.
But before proceeding, read…
A handful of tips to use this comparison table:
• The foremost thing that you should do is, check your baby’s weight. This is something many parents forget about.
• After this check the minimum age suggested.
• Know the reason why you are buying the stroller. Many buy it only for outside’s use (i.e. they don’t use the stroller daily) and many buys to use it both inside and outside.
• Know your priorities, i.e. whether or not you food want a food tray multi-recline position, rocker, etc. As money spent on a stroller having many features will get wasted. If you are not even planning to use those features, in form of facilities.
• As per these factors, give ranks to each of the strollers on a piece of paper. Rank them as per your preferences and lifestyle. For this, you will have to think upon each baby stroller/pram.
• This is the reason; we have not given rank to any of the strollers above. As you only know your baby, this is why we left the responsibility of ranking each of them, on you.
• And yes, don’t forget to check the price before ordering any stroller of your choice.

Click on the image below and then click on the Expand Button on Top right corner to see the full Comparison Chart

comparison of best seller strollers in india

Top 3 Premium Baby Strollers/Prams: The Royalty

Now that we have reviewed the top seven, we wanted to show you the cream de la cream of strollers. The three below are premium strollers that are on the higher end of the price. These products contain all of the qualities of the seven we reviewed and offer some more. They are equipped with unique features to justify the price tag as well.

1. The LuvLap Premier

– Most parents who used this stroller have reported it to be the best stroller available in India.
– This stroller and pram has a special one-hand folding feature. So you can fold it up with your free hand hand while the other one cradles the baby. This makes it easier to transport the stroller sans the baby.
– The rear wheels have a one-touch brake and the ones in the front with a 360 degree suspension, have an instant lock. This will help keeping the little one out of trouble while riding.
– The canopy also comes with a mosquito net for safekeeping the baby from pesky mosquitoes. However, this net doesn’t fully cover the entire canopy so as not to cause breathing issues for the baby.
– There is a big pocket for a bottle at the back and a shopping basket right above the wheels. You can stock up baby supplies as well as other important things like grocery bags in these.
– The reversible seat comes with removable cushion, canopy and armrest.

2. Honey Bunny by R for Rabbit

– This high-quality stroller and pram is designed for maximum safety. It comes with an Active Suspension under the seat which helps you keep your baby safe and sound while on the toughest of terrains.
– The light-weight stroller has a button for automatic folding. Simply press it and it will fold itself.
– The stroller seat is convertible and can be used as a carry cot too. This makes it easier to commute with the stroller on longer journeys.
– The Honey Bunny’s design has been up and above the European standards for safety. The materials used in the stroller are of the highest quality to provide utmost comfort for the baby while also keeping him or her extremely safe.

3. Chocolate Ride From R for Rabbit

– This travel system contains a stroller and a car seat. The duo make it easier to travel with the baby for short strolls as well as on longer trips in a car.
– The suspension on this premium stroller has been specially personalized keeping the bad condition of Indian roads.
– The Chocolate Ride stroller has a button, pressing which it will fold itself.
– Both the car seat and the pram have a five-point- harness system to keep the baby protected.
-Click in the car seat and take the baby along with you in the car. Afterwards, put him or her in a the stroller while on foot.
– This set from R for Rabbit makes travelling easier, comfortable, hassle-free and convenient.

We chose top baby prams and strollers of different and well-known brands in India for making this list, as each of the brands includes its own X-factor in their manufactured baby prams and strollers. We hope these reviews of top baby prams and strollers must have helped you in a way, with which you could identify a stroller that is meant for your baby. Out of these whichever baby stroller/pram you would buy online don’t forget to clean it every month with a damp soft cloth, this way your chosen, Top Baby Stroller would not lose its shine. Also with periodical cleaning, you would keep it sanitized.


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    Choosing the best baby stroller is a tedious task. Every stroller seems the best. I like the Tiffy Toffee Baby Delight Premium Stroller Pram as it is cheap and most appropriate for my kid. Thanks for sharing the quality details.

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      Hi Ashish,
      Yes you can use it for you 6 Mo.
      Also you can fold and carry in your car. These new types of strollers can be easily folded.

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    This is a fantastic article for the best baby strollers.
    These are great reviews and they have helped me decide on a stroller.
    The LuvLap Baby Sport seems like a very good stroller and I was just wondering if it Pink and Orange is the only colors it’s available in?

    • Sapana

      Hi Devendra,
      If you want 2 in one then the last Baby Seat + Stroller from R for Rabbit.
      Other 2 are also good, they have useful features like, the folding with one hand, reversible, comfort and looks, but I personally like LuvLap Premier Stroller and Pram (Its more popular than other maker and products)
      I hope this helps.

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