Top 5 Work from Home Ideas for Indian Mothers


Ideas for Housewives to Make Money

Most of the Indian women quit jobs due to the increased responsibilities after having kids. Day-care is not suitable for every family. Most of the moms want to take care of their children themselves. But, do we forget our own ambitions and career?
Well, in that case how to balance your family life and also make money from home? Of course, it’s not a secret; one can work from home. But, if you are wondering what kind of jobs you can do, here is your all queries answered. If you are not a programmer then other than freelance programming and digital marketing below are top 5 ideas from my own studies that I think are suitable for Indian Moms which take minimum time to learn and start earning.

Work from Home Ideas: Easy to Start Earning

Graphics Designer

Be it magazines or online platforms – graphics drive attention everywhere. Graphic designing is one of the most popular work from home jobs that don’t need a big investment but assure a steady income. You can learn the tools like Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw for designing graphical contents. If you are a complete novice into this domain then start your career with the free logo and image designing websites like and try to get jobs from You can design the basic level graphics using these sites.
Steps: 1. You can learn in a day. Start from here
2. Understand the gigs on
3. Start with basic gigs like Image design for blogs, low price logos, FB post images etc.
4. Start learning advanced tools like Photoshop etc.

Content Writer

If you got a nice flair for writing and you love to dig into various genres and topics then content writing is a suitable work from home job for you. Websites are all about the contents. Be it a business website, an informative website or a fun website – contents are needed everywhere and a content writer is responsible for catering to the needs of the website owners and engage the readers.
There are many content writing websites like,, and many more that allow you to register as a freelance content writer and write contents for attractive prices.
Tip: In the first place, you can ask for lower prices like 40 paisa or 50 paisa per word and when you master your writing skill after working with few clients, you can raise your price. Many new content development companies also look for fresher and experienced content writers for their never-ending content requirements.
Content Writing Jobs Details Here

WordPress Developer

WordPress is the most trending open source website creation tool worldwide. Every hour a new website is being created and with that the demand of WordPress developers is surging. A WordPress developer is responsible for coding and designing a website to give it an engaging appearance. Also, as a WordPress developer you should know to write plugins to make the website friendly and functional. This job has big earning opportunities.
Best Online Courses:
Freelance Jobs online:

Intraday Share Trader

Share market is no more an alien term to anyone on this planet. This is a misconception about this industry that it demands a huge investment. You can start trading even with one thousand rupees. Intraday trading helps you to buy shares in small quantities and sell them the same day. You can learn the basics of intraday trading joining some free or paid trading courses. Also, you need to stay updated about the rises and falls of the market.
Tip: Learn One Day Trading. Its safer and easier way to get started with Shares Trading.


The big ecommerce players like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal have already made buzz across the globe. Ecommerce business is not that complex as it seems. You can make a small team and sell anything of your interest online. You need a payment gateway for card payments and a cash on delivery service in case you want to make it more convenient for your customers.
Tip: Call Amazon India Seller Support number to know the requirements and steps for starting a store on Amazon

What to know before dreaming of Working from Home

Work from home may sound like a piece of cake and fascinating but if you don’t set some rules and discipline for work then you will only be wasting your time.
It requires more discipline than in a salaried office job.
Here are some useful tips to follow before commencing your work from home job

Time is Precious

Always try to set time slots for working. If you are busy in the daytime then prefer working in the evening or night as per your convenience. After all, commitments are important. If you take your time for granted, you can hardly make money out of such jobs.

Dedication and Patience

Nothing comes easily when it’s about making money. You won’t get rich overnight and you need to understand this fact. You have to keep working till you develop some good skills and satisfy a bunch of customers. Backing out is not at all a smart option if you are not making enough in the beginning. By introducing dedication and patience in your work from home regime, you can touch big heights.
Most of Indian Women quit working from home because they are not patient. It takes minimum 6 months to settle any new work/project.


You can also connect with some experienced work from home professionals and leverage their guidance. There are many online forums and groups available out there online and you can easily join these to get your queries answered or understand new things related to your domain. is a great place to connect with likeminded people from your work domain.
IMP NOTE: Join relevant groups on Keep attending the weekend meetups. You will know what is going on in market in your field.

Networking Skills

Networking plays an important role in work from home jobs. The more people are in your network, the better your chances of success will be. You can attend workshops or seminars and meet new people. Help some and get helped from some – as simple as that.
Use Efficiently:,, FaceBook Groups.


Always have a backup plan before indulging in such jobs. You can’t give 100% to your personal chores and work from home job at real time. Make an effective plan and schedule for your work so that no interruption is there in your work.
Working from home is a great way to work in complete freedom and keep the stress away. Office jobs are not suitable for every woman. You can discover your true potential by choosing a work from home job. If you follow the advice by the experts of your domain and work religiously then nothing can stop you from being your own boss, a successful one.


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    Modern technology has opened new gates for work and growth. Things are easier these days as compared to about 30-40 years back. It is upto the individual to make the best use of it. But it requires enormous energy/strength and time management.

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