Top 5 Vegetables to Eat for Effective Weight Loss


Best Vegetables to Help You Reduce Extra Fats

Usually, there are two types of weight gain that is seen in Indian moms – during pregnancy and postpartum. Post pregnancy, reducing the belly fat is another big challenge that most of the Indian moms have to cope.
After the childbirth, plenty of questions whirl in the mind of an Indian mom who has gained so much weight like “Can I ever get back in my old shape?”, “Is anyone noticing my puffed figure?”, “When can I wear the dresses of my choice again?” – Too many thoughts!

Reasons Why Indian Moms Gain Weight

Indian moms gain weight due to the following reasons:
• Stress
• Discontinuing breastfeeding
• Insufficient sleep
• Thyroid
• Unhealthy Diet (Too much of Carbs and Less Fibers/Proteins)
• No proper exercises (Walk won’t help you reduce those pounds, you must run, Plank and squat!!)
Well, Indian mom weight gain home remedy is not a castle in the air. Below are some Indian mom weight loss vegetables that really work.

Vegetables for Indian Moms for Reducing Fats

In India, you will find amazing variety of vegetables which are full of nutrients and help you reduce extra fat. If you take enough quantity and cook/make it in the right way, you will surely reduce those unnecessary pounds. These are not only for weight loss but good for a fit body, glowing skin and shiny hair as well.

Leafy Vegetables Like Spinach

Moms who prefer fruits and veggies over spicy and exotic foods are seen to be healthier and have a toned body. Spinach is an easily-available low-calorie leafy veggie that works wonder in weight loss post pregnancy. Also, spinach is a rich source of dietary fiber which is not fully absorbed by the body and hence you don’t gain weight but feel fuller after having spinach.
The right way to eat spinach is, stir fry it for only one minute and eat one bowl of it. But, it is not lip-smacking, so this is how I have it: I boil it for 1 minute in tomato and carrot, blend it, strain and drink it (Without Salt/Spices, you read it right!!). As it’s just a few seconds’ job in comparison to chewing it for 10 minutes.
Recipe for Vegetable juices for Weight Loss

Dudhi/Lauki/Bottle Gourd

dudhi juice
Dudhi or Lauki is a vastly used veggie in Indian households. It’s a healthy green veggie which not just helps you shed some pounds but relish many other benefits like healthy heart and lower cholesterol level. Bottle Gourd is a rich source of calcium, Vitamin K and Vitamin C. Even Ayurvedic practitioners suggest this wonder veggies for moms who have gained weight. This should be taken in the raw vegetable juice form. However, I eat Lauki just by cooking it for a minute.

Why New Indian Moms Should Eat Bottle Gourd?

Louki or Dudhi is a very nutritious veggie. It helps new moms who breastfeed to keep their body hydrated and also improves breast milk production. It is also helpful in weight loss, eliminating the risks of kidney diseases, constipation, digestion and fulfilling the everyday nutrient requirement of the body.
You can also prepare Dudhi Sabzi which also tastes good and good for health. Or again go for juice just like previous recipe (Spinach Juice)

Karela/Bitter Gourd

bitter gourd
Well, this is one vegetable which is not happily accepted in a lot of Indian households for obvious reasons – its bitter taste. But, do you know this green bitter vegetable is like Gold for your health? You’ve heard it right. Karela has enormous health benefits.
Karela juice is known for weight loss, but for 99% of the people, it’s not easy to drink karela juice.
You may try adding some fruits but still it may be too hard to drink.
This is what I do: I grate the karela, squeeze the juice out of it by hand only.
I drink it immediately. (Don’t let it rest for more than even 10 minutes). You will get only about 3 table spoons of juice from 3-4 karelas. (Why do this?: Because you get the bitterness out from karela in those 3-4 table spoons which you can gulp in a second and now karela is ready for subji which tastes awesome)
Now, I make sabji of karela like mentioned below:
1. Fry grated or finely chopped onion and one garlic clove in oil
2. Add karela grated and squeezed, fry it without covering let it cook
3. Add jaggery and lemon juice. It tastes nice.

4) Cucumber:

One cucumber daily in salad freshly cut!! Good for skin too. Cucumber is not just a juicy salad vegetable but it contains loads of nutrients. Take it on raw form for maximum benefits. Include one cucumber in your daily diet.

5) Carrot

carrot juice
Freshly grated carrot in salad – one bowl daily
Carrots are full of Vit A and fibers just perfect for your healthy weight loss. Don’t go for sugar loaded Gajar ka Halwa. Have it raw and if you are not much of fond of raw carrot slices, then simple grate it and have with lettuce or beet root (grated)
Why to grate veggies? Well, I personally find it too long to eat the vegetable slices. Grated carrot is easy and faster to chew.

Please note:

1. When you make any vegetable juice, especially the fresh raw vegetable juice without boiling, have it within 5 minutes of making. Some vegetables like Dudhi are harmful if let rest for more than 30 minutes.
So, to take maximum benefits of such juices, take them immediately
2. Don’t take single type of juice daily. Instead, take variety like given recipes of weight loss
3. Don’t cut down on proteins. They are must-have else you will feel weak instead of energetic and losing weight.
4. Exercises are equally important. Running is the best for improving stamina and muscles. Just walking won’t give you desired results. Just take care of your knee and back.
So, shedding weight is of course a joy to behold but the journey may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you are ready to follow a healthy regime religiously, you can shed those extra pounds too. The above-mentioned diet and fitness tips will surely show results in a couple of months only.


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