Top 5 Types of Mobile Learning Apps for Toddlers


Mobile Games Suitable for Toddlers

Google Play Store is flooded with apps of different genres. Some apps are for game lovers, some for movie junkies, some for nerds while some for game fanatics. Kids who often ask “why should adults have all the fun” also have a big reason to get hyped up while navigating the Play Store nowadays. There is a plethora of kids Apps available to keep the little ones engaged. Here are some best Android Apps for babies in India that can boost your baby’s skills as well as give him a whale of a time.

Top 5 Types and Popular Android Apps Suitable for Babies/Toddlers

Animal Sounds/Instrument Sounds

App Name: Animal Sounds by PXL APPS/ Fisher Price Animal sounds for Toddlers
Kids are often fascinated towards the things that are not a part of their routine. By letting your baby listen to the animal sounds, you teach him about the world and creatures and at the same time his audio skills are boosted. Some of the most rated Android apps like Animal Sounds by PXL Apps or Fisher Price Animal Sounds for Babies offer a great fun and learning solution for babies. They can listen to various animal sounds simply by tapping on the screen and repeat those sounds. These apps are great for the speech therapy for your kid as well.


App Name: Orange Studio Games: Piano Kids Music Songs
Music perks up the mood. Babies are not ready for the jazz, hip hop or classical music as they are not used to it and their audio skills are still undeveloped. The piano tunes can definitely drive their attention as they are soothing, engaging and simple. Orange Studios Games offers an easy-to-use piano music app where your child can listen to his favorite piano songs and hum them throughout the day.

Bubble Bust/Popping

App name: DMR Games Bubble popping for babies
Even adults can get rid of the bubble bust addiction then how can babies do so? Bubble bust or bubble shooter games are a perfect pick for fun time. Babies can bust bubbles, create scores, generate ranking and cross various levels. One of the most suitable and fun bubble bust game suitable for babies is offered by DMR games on the Android Play Store.

Color and Shapes

App name: GoKids Shapes for Children
Colors and shapes improve your toddler’s imaginative skills. They can imagine the world, recognize things and compare them in a better way by learning about the shapes and colors. GoKids Shapes for Children is a great Android App for the babies which introduce a wonderful world full of engaging colors and interesting shapes to develop his cognitive skills.

First Words app for Baby

App name: By Papumba
Letters and illustrations are the elementary building blocks of your kids’s learning. The First Word App for babies by Papumba offers a selection of handpicked words for babies every day and various engaging illustrations that relate to the words and letters. This App enables faster learning skills in your child without negotiating with his fun.

Parents should always select the kids-friendly apps carefully. Make sure the apps have good and genuine ratings and the developer is reputed. The kids Apps for Android devices are a great relief for parents as well. They can take care of their household or professional chore without feeling the need to sit aside the baby and keep entertaining him. These Apps will perfectly do the job and add fun to the baby’s playtime boosting his skills parallelly.

Please note, this is not a sponsored post nor we promote any of the apps mentioned above. We have done a short research of baby friendly apps and selected the ones we think are most suitable for toddlers/babies. Mostly due to the popularity of the app
Also please note we do not encourage the screen time for children/babies. Gadget should never be preferred over real toys and books.


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