Top 5 Things to Take Care of While Naming Your Baby


Mistakes in Baby Naming by Indian Parents

Being into Baby names blogging, we, the names experts (Sanskrit, Arabic and International) have dealt with various types of naming requests by parents. In recent years, following the trend of rare and stylish sounding names, parents make huge mistakes. Here are some tips for new parents to avoid the pitfalls before shortlisting a baby boy or girl’s name.

Read this before you shortlist names for your baby

1. Meaning in Another Language

Not all the names pleasing to the ears and sounding unique are a great pick. A few names from Indian languages have negative meanings in other languages. For example, Arsh; this name has beautiful meanings in Sanskrit and Arabic origins. I heard it a few times around. But, When I had this name published on my YouTube channel, many Germans commented that it means a negative word in German and the child may be teased badly if he ever tells his name to a German.

2. Don’t Follow The Popular Names Trend

Do you think popular celebrity names can be a great fit for your baby? Thousands of other parents may be on the same page which doesn’t let the name stay unique. A few top 10-20 names mainly due to Hindi movies are very popular in India. Many a time a couple of kids or more in a classroom may show up with the same popular name causing difficulty for teachers and fellow students leaving no choice other than calling them by their nicknames or complete names.

3. Spelling Modified Names

It has been seen that new parents often find a meaningful name, which may be popular and modify the spelling to offer them uniqueness and modern essence. Amidst this process, they overlook the fact that the newly invented name may not have a proper origin. For example, Digvi is used as the short variant of Digvijay and ‘Vi’ as the suffix has no exact meaning. Many a time we suggest inspired names like Hindu lords’ Sahasranama inspired names but these short names too have positive meanings of their own other than the inspirations.

4. Careful with the names of Lords’ Saharanam

A bunch of times, parents land up in selecting Hindu God or Goddess names derived from or inspired by Sahasranam without checking the story, legend or meaning behind it. Not all the names available in Hindu mythology are the right choices. E.g. वराह is Vishnu’s name which means Lord Vishnu’s Avatar of Boar or कामाख्या which is known as Goddess Durga’s Avatar. The name may have a powerful significance but the story may not be an inspiring reason to choose this name.

5 Spelling / Pronunciations

Many parents follow numerology very strictly. We respect every type of faith but many a time they change the spelling to an extent that the name turns pretty difficult to pronounce. The real problem is encountered by the child when he grows up and introduces himself/herself to a new person and tries to explain the name, spelling, and the reason which is not fair with the child. You may select such names for Kundali and go for a sweet, short and easier choice for the real name. Also, I have seen that Dh- names like Dhairya been mispronounced in western countries. We are surely not in favor of selecting a name prioritizing the western tongue but think about the children studying abroad. To make their life easier, select a short, sweet and easy name.
As a new parent, you may find numerous names cool and perfect for your baby. Without delving into the origin, meaning and significance of the name you may end up choosing a name which may sound modern and unique but may make your child’s life hard when he/she grows up. Your newborn is definitely a bundle of joy in your life but you shouldn’t rush while choosing a name for the little one. Doing an in-depth study on the name’s meaning, origin, meanings in other is always a wise choice since a name is for a lifetime.

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    Hi Sapna,

    I am looking for a name for my baby boy. I don’t have any criteria to select name except of a good meaning. His rashi is Aquaries, my name is Lavika husband name is Sandeep to help you filter out some names.


    • Sapana

      Hi Lavika,
      Please have a look at our best-curated baby names list
      Here are some Parents-names-combination names suggestions:
      Sanitvan सनीत्वान
      Satvik सात्त्विक
      Sanav सनव
      Sarvak सर्वाक
      Sarvin सर्विन
      Swamin स्वामीन

      You will find meaning and other details of the names in the link given above.

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