Top 5 Science Shows Worth Your 10 Year old Kid’s Screen Time


Science Shows for Kids 8-10 years old

Taking the trip down memory lane, when I was 10 years old, I can only remember a couple of kids TV shows and most of them aired on Disney. Later, Discovery channel brought in some more choices with it but still, there were not too many options to binge. But in Recent years the scenario is way different. My 8-year-old revels in watching Mythbusters and Do or Die. So here, I have listed Top 5 super educational TV shows for kids between 8-12 years based on my personal experiences.

Best Science Shows for School going kids

Myth Buster: Discovery

myth busters
The American science TV show created a buzz in 2003. What we learned about the world was generic learning that people around us provided but the new generation kids of this era must learn things at our pace. The TV show focuses on busting some weird myths and shared many crazy tips and tricks related to construction and complex engineering. The intriguing format of the weekly documentary includes the endeavors of two Hollywood special effect professionals to debunk some urban legends.

Top Reasons to Watch the Show

• Slow enough and easy-to-understand language for the kids
• Conducts experiments in a fun way
• Educates the viewers about the popular urban and internet legends
• A scientific approach to complex procedures
• Problem analysis
• Drives curiosity

Do or Die: National Geographic

The show is not only entertaining but helps kids understand the self-training practices for survival. It is one of the must-watch educational shows on TV that presents the situations faced by real people where they struggle to stay alive. The show airing on National Geographic channel offers survival choices for their viewers. The show is suitable for 8-12 years old kids or school goers.

Top Reasons to Watch the Show

• Compelling caught-on-tape footages
• CGI that gives chills
• Making viewers use their instincts for the survival options

How It’s Made:Science Channel

As the name suggests, the show explains the step-by-step process of manufacturing different products that we use in everyday life. The show uses easy-to-understand language and not just a narrative representation of the process but visual representation too. Kids can find this educational documentary show intriguing as it shows the whole journey of making a product starting from the base materials to the final product. Well, if your kid is curious to dismantle some of the buzzing mysteries related to a few products, this is a great show to watch.

Top Reasons to Watch the Show

• Narrative and visual representation
• A step-by-step explanation of a process
• Easy language, no complex industry-specific jargons


With visually compelling CGI and excellent writing, the show draws in the young viewers. The science show is suitable for a 10 years-old or older schoolgoer as it depicts a blend of spiritual, emotional and visual elements. The show tells about the laws of nature, celestial phenomena, scientific concepts and more. The science show is dedicated to 1980 aired Carl Sagan’s popular series Cosmos. The scientific and historical facts can be thought-provoking sometimes.

Top Reasons to Watch the Show

• Fascinating imagery
• Compelling CGI & animation
• Informative

None of the Above:National Geographics

The fun and learning show is all about the scientific experiments that Brit Tim performs. The format of the show is quite gripping as the host reaches out to random people on the streets of America or people at home and asks them to predict the result of a specific experiment. The host later dismantles the science behind the experiments in an easy-to-understand manner. The show encourages the inclination for science and engineering in 9 years-old or older schoolgoers.

Top Reasons to Watch the Show

• Intriguing stunts to demonstrate scientific concepts
• Interactive sessions with people show different reactions and opinions

Today, oodles of useful TV programs are broadcasted for kids showcasing DIY, scientific experiments, busting science myths and more. This is the right age to introduce scientific shows to kids and educate them as they start understanding survival instincts and risks. 8-12 years-old kids also grab the self-training and other concepts quickly. Call these shows an effective medium for learning with fun or address them as a teaching aid for pre-schoolers or pre-teens – the scientific TV programs for kids have helped in shaping and developing young minds since the past decade. Such programs induce a feeling in the kids that they can also explore the world and get to know these scientific phenomena playfully. So, if you are planning to turn a bit liberal on your kid’s screen time then these TV shows are worth giving a thought.


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