Top 5 Reasons to go for Sprouted Wheat/Grains Flour


Healthy sprouted wheat/ other grain flour

A new mom is always looking for best and healthy food for her baby. It is very good to replace any less-nutritional food with it’s own nutritional version. e.g. Replacing normal wheat flour by sprouted wheat flour.
Specially for babies, kids and pregnant mothers, its highly recommended you use sprouted wheat and other grains flour in place of regular wheat flour. Lets learn more about sprouted grain flour benefits.

Why is Sprouting so healthy?

Reason 1: Easy to Digest: because of sprouting the grain returns to its plant state and starches are broken down to simple sugar. Its like getting vegetables from grains. So very easy to digest compared to regular grains. This is the main reason babies were given sprouted wheat flour in old days. Now due to modernization sprouting is not in regular use.
Reason 2: Increased nutrients: Density of nutrients is increased as the grains become alive again. You get increased Vitamin C, Vitamin B, carotene, enzymes, antioxidants further results in increased absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc.
Reason 3: Sprouting improves hydrolysis of phytic acid, which is an anti-nutrient. So very less chances of getting any allergy or problem with grains.
Reason 4: The flavor is enhanced, sprouted wheat or whole grain flour is sweeter than regular.
Reason 5: Sprouts are anti-cancer agents, good for maintaining blood sugar level, weight reduction (for adults) without any side effects


Which grains can be sprouted?

Almost all, specially wheat and other whole beans and grains like Millets (Nachani/Finger millet, Bajara/Pearl millet, Jowar), Moong, Moth, chickpea, kidney beans etc.

How to make sprouted wheat/grain flour?

1. Soak wheat or other grains overnight (depending on season and place soaking may need up to a whole day.)
2. Rinse and drain them well
3. Put the soaked and drained grains in a big piece of cotton cloth cover. Tie the cloth tightly and cover with a thicker cloth e.g. bath towel.
4. Again depending on the season in a day or two, grains will develop the sprouts. After sprouts are out from all grain sun dry of a day.
5. Grind to flour.

How to use sprouted grain flour?

You can use whole wheat flour in all places you use regular flour.
Mixed multigrain atta:
1. Sprout these grains separately: wheat, Finger millet/Nachani, Pearl millet, Moong beans, brown chickpea, brown rice.
2. After sun drying, roast for 5-10 mins separately
3. Now grind and mix all flours.
4. Keep it in a tight container (Refrigerate for better preservation)
You can use this super healthy multi-grain atta in many ways
E.g. Porridge/Kheer for babies from 8 months old to 1 yr old.
Vegetable thalipith, dosa or dhokla for toddlers
Porridge of sprouted Nachani/Finger millet flour is very delicious and very healthy for mothers and babies/toddlers. You can eat it daily for iron and calcium.

It is quite time consuming and tiring to make sprouted grain flour, but the efforts are worth for health benefits for everyone in family.


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    My granny used to make this. With time we are getting lazier. The bread made up of sprouted multi-grain floor tastes amazing. it tastes sweeter

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