Top 5 Physical Activities to Keep Your Kids Fit


Physical Activities for Kids Age: 5 to 10 years

Kids between 5 and 10 years of age are full of energy and natural tendency to learn new things. Take full advantage of their energy and ability by indulging them in physical activities right away. This would lead them to a healthy life, bring confidence, increase stamina and help maintain a balanced body and mind.
Let’s take a look at top 5 physical activities, which are not only best to build your kid’s body and mind, but are equally fun to pull as well:

Top 5 Physical Activities for Fit Kids(5-10yrs)

1. Martial Arts:

martial arts
You might have seen the famous ‘The Karate Kid’ movie and somewhere deep inside your heart would have wished to make your kids learn the martial arts. Wishing is one thing, but when it comes to implementation, you might think it’s impossible. It’s not! Your kids can also learn martial arts and regardless the fact that they will turn into a ‘Karate Kid’ or not, at least they would become physically and mentally fit. There are diverse types of martial arts including Karate that helps learn the art of advanced kicking and punching for self-defense, and Kung Fu that is primitive Chinese martial arts, which is classified by families, schools and sects. Taekwondo is the Korean art of self-defense through kicking, punching, joint locking and so on. Whatever form you opt for your kids, they will definitely learn from them.

2. Camping and Scouting

Camping and scouting are also perfect to keep your kids physically active allowing them to learn new things. Kid Scout programs are perfect for learning various skills. At different scouting levels, kids are engaged in different physical activities which not only make them physically fit and help them learn ways of living, but also teach them moral values of cooperation, harmony and respecting others.

3. Yoga

Contrary to the usual perception, your kids can do yoga. Yoga is more than just obtaining a static body posture and resting your body. There are a range of physical activities helping you harmonize the body, mind and spirit. Experts have devised special yoga postures and techniques for kids, which are not only easy to perform, but also deliver the right spirit of yoga to them. It is observed that kids who practice yoga possess a more energetic personality and are high on self-esteem, physical flexibility and mind sharpness. So, if you want this for your kids, this is the right time for them to start practicing yoga.

4. Swimming

Pools might seem dangerous for kids, but swimming is an extremely beneficial physical activity for kids when done under supervision of an expert. This is among the best body workouts that helps to build strong body muscles, flexibility and stamina. Additionally, your kids get the water experience and learn about water safety, which is essential for a safe living.

5. Trekking

Pack your piggyback bag and take your kids for trekking! It is a highly challenging activity, one that would make your kids strong and increase their stamina. Your kids would love and yearn to experience trekking again and again. Choose a path with less difficult route and set off for trekking!
Kids between 5 and 10 years of age can take up different challenges and exceed in their game with hard work. You need to provide them the right opportunities to explore new activities and see which one works best for them. Start with the ones we mentioned and guide them all the way.
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