Top 5 Herbs for Babies and Kids


Healthy Herbs to add to Baby Food

Recently, I wrote about healthy spices for babies, let’s see healthy herbs today.
Fresh herbs can make a bland and dull food appetizing and helps in digestion, fighting the illnesses and add to the aesthetic beauty.

When to introduce Herbs to your Baby?

Even though most of sources of information will tell you may introduce the herbs to your baby at 7-8 months, I would suggest to start herbs after your baby turns 12 months old. The reason is a baby must learn to admire the real taste of any food. Let them have the bland tasting chicken soup. That way you teach them how to eat your food without taste-makers and they will be less fussy eaters in future.
Then why to introduce the herbs at all? Its because they are healthy, help in digestion and immunity boosters and needed when child is more active i.e. after 12 months age.

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Below are some taste-makers and health-boosting herbs and their benefits.

Safe and Healthy Herbs for Babies above 10 months


mint pudina
Mint is everyone’s BAE in summers. Be it an appetizing salad or a fresh and cool mint juice; mint takes care of your colon and digestion and provides a fresh flavour to your taste buds. Mint works wonder for the bowel syndrome and other colon related problems. Mint also provides a relief in the case of stomach pain and creates a soothing effect. You can also get rid of the everyday congestion consuming mint directly or adding it to your recipes. Mint also boosts the brain and improves the retention power keeping it active throughout the day. You can try the amazing flavour of mint with peas, spinach, yoghurt, peach, apple, beans, strawberries, blueberries, beans, beet and many citrus fruits.
Best way is to use the crushed fresh mint leaves. Add finely chopped mint leaves to baby food.


Coriander leafs as well as powder are undoubtedly the essential components in the Indian cuisines. Coriander not just improves the taste of a dish but offers some amazing dietary and health benefits. Coriander or Cilantro is rich in dietary fibre. It also contains Magnesium, Manganese and Iron that everyone requires in their diet to stay healthy and active. Even the babies above 9 months age can be served chopped coriander leafs with their food.
The health benefits of coriander are numerous.
It is a great solution to bring down the blood sugar and blood pressure.
Coriander saves you from high cholesterol, urinary infections, indigestion, neurological problems, inflammation and many other problems.
The wonderful herb can be accompanied with any curry, upma, khichadi etc.
Finely cut fresh coriander is its best form to feed to your kid.


Thyme is an all-purpose herb used in different parts of the world. It keeps you healthy and beautiful with its powerful tropical and oral actions. The herb belongs to ancient Egypt.
The thyme leafs act as a great antioxidant and they are helpful in normal cough, whooping cough, bronchitis, stomach pain, diarrhoea, urinary problems, high blood pressure, respiratory troubles, skin problems and yeast and bacterial infections.
Even in the case of complex diseases like colon cancer and breast cancer, Thyme is a blessing.
Even Thyme essential oil has plenty of health and aesthetic benefits. You can try the herb with various dishes and food elements like chicken, figs, leeks, beets, lentils, peaches, apples, sweet potatoes and citrus.
Add dried thyme leaves to your baby’s chicken soup or oat upma or vegetable stew.


Tulsi is one of the popular Indian herbs that have a great culinary, aesthetic, health and spiritual significance. It is also called Holy Basils. In Hindu culture, Tulsi leafs are considered as a purifying element. It is an important part of all the holy practices in Hinduism.
The health benefits of the herb are many.
Tulsi leafs are very effective in cold and cough.
It also helps in respiratory problems, stress, cardiac diseases, lung disorders and viral and bacterial infections.
Tulsi leafs are also known as a great immunity booster.
Many people prefer drinking Tulsi Tea than other types of teas. Since it induces heat in the body, Tulsi leafs should not be included directly or indirectly in the baby’s diet till he turns 10-month-old. Even after 10 months not more than 1-2 leaves at a time are recommended for kids below 3 years old.
Best way to feed tulsi leaves to your baby is giving the whole one single leaf to chew OR you may go for a herbal tea.


Amla is a multipurpose herb. It plays an important role in Indian cuisines. Recipes like Amla Chatni, Amla Pickle, Amla Murabba and Sweet potatoes with Amla are very popular in various regions of India.
Amla is well known for boosting digestion, providing significant growth to hair, skincare, treating diabetes, boosting metabolism, improving immunity and reducing fatigue.
Amla is one of the strongest pillars of Ayurveda. Most of the immunity and digestion boosters contain Amla in a significant fraction. Amla is a great source of dietary fibre as well. You can also beat aging eating Amla regularly.
Best way to feed Amla to your baby is just giving the whole fruit as finger food. Let her eat it fresh to get the Vit C and all nutrients from the fruit.
Green veggies are a must in everyday diet. We need a great metabolism and immune system to fight the everyday stress, pollution and other challenges in life. Herbs secure a special niche in healthy dietary regime. Herbs are nutritious and you get a chance to ginger up your ordinary foods using various herbs and spices as well. Include the above herbs in your diet and stay healthy and active for years.


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      Of course Spinach is healthy but Spinach is a plant and not herb. Herbs are supposed to be used in small quantity and mainly for flavoring. The vegetables like spinach are prepared as food itself.

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