Top 5 Gift Hampers for To-Be-Parents in India


What to Gift a Couple Expecting a Baby?

It’s an amazing feeling when you get the news of baby on the way from friends or relatives. For the to be parents wishes and cards may not be enough. To make them feel special, you can present some unique gifts that directly connect with the emotions. Here are some great to-be parents gift ideas that you may consider.

Useful Gift for Newborn in India

Gift Ideas for Dad and Mom To Be

Eye-catchy Motherhood Gift Basket

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To celebrate the new journey, the wonderful gift basket has been designed by the people who understand the emotions of to-be-parents. A perfect combination of tempting eatables like chocolate, cookies, organic sour cherry bonbons and a selection of bathing and skin care products like gentle soap and milk bubble bath. To know the facts, dos and don’ts related to the motherhood, you also get an informative journal. And, some exciting accessories like satin eye mask complete the basket.

Elegant and Useful First Trimester Box

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If you feel that flowers, fruit buckets and wish cards are old-school, this wonderful first trimester box can be a great choice for to-be-parents. You can explore some useful items inside the box including pregnancy journal, energy drinks, bust cream, anti-nausea medicine and a prescription organizer.

5 Piece To-Be-Mom Hamper

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It’s a great impending motherhood hamper to wish for the journey from becoming WE from ME. The hamper offers useful gifts that can be utilized right from the morning alarm to the bedtime. To make a to-be-mom feel wonderful, a soft cushion, printed mug, mommy aprons, a coaster and a cooking hat.

Mom Dad Lovely Couple T-Shirt

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Long live the love! It’s a great way to congratulate a to-be-parent by gifting a mom dad couple t-shirt as it evokes intense emotions. The simple and funny print makes a to-be-parent cool and responsible at the same time.

Beautiful Diary for Pregnancy Memories

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It’s the words that can be blindly counted on and used to go back to a precious time. The pregnancy memories diary can help a to-be-mom write down her thoughts, witty moments, food tales and emotional breakdowns. It’s a great experience to read these tiny tales and notes years later.

Bump Shaped Pregnancy Mug

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To-be-moms often get irritated watching their distorted shape in the mirror. To make the moments light, you can gift the expectant moms this bump-shaped pregnancy mug. It’s simple, cute and strong.

Aprons with Chef Hats for To-be Mom and Dad

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When the pregnancy has knocked the door, it’s time to get to the kitchen like a chef and cook some healthy stuff. The to-be parents hamper contains aprons and chef hats for to-be mom and dad. Cooking can be fun with this useful hamper.

Wooden Pram for Newborn Baby

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Whether the junior is on his/her way or he/she has just entered this world; the beautiful wooden pram for newborns is a wonderful way to celebrate the occasion. The product can also be used for the interior décor for your newborn’s room. The pram carries socks, bedsheets, diapers, napkins, bath toys and many more useful items.

Pregnancy Hamper with Cards, Bars and More

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To-be mommas often feel hungry but they are pretty confused about what to eat. To solve this, the pregnancy hamper offers nutritious Yoga bars to kill the instant hunger and some beautiful pregnancy cards to pep-up the mood. You can also a mom and bay or couple spoon set and a captivating pregnancy cushion cover.
A pregnancy gift not just reflects a gesture of love but affects the psychology of a to-be-parent as well. These gifts are beautiful and useful and can make the pregnancy phase a memorable experience.


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