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Best 5 Selected Safe Walkers for Your Baby

Thinking of buying a baby walker for your infant? If yes, then you should know that, though with baby walkers your child can learn to walk. He can learn to develop his motor skills and he can even boost up his mental and physical developments with it. But like they say, safety comes first, hence instead of searching for the most-bought or the best Indian baby walkers. You should first see which type of baby walkers are safe in India. You should see which are safe to use walkers that can be the best buy for your kiddo.

Inexpensive yet Safe Baby Walkers for an Indian Baby

Which Type of Baby Walkers are Baby-safe?

The baby walkers which has seat and not the push-type walkers are safer. You will know more about it at the end of the article.
Secondly, your child will be safe on a walker, only if you would give him your full attention. This means your full attention should be towards your baby on the walker whether you purchase an expensive or an inexpensive walker for him.
The following baby walkers have been included in our list because:
Besides facilitating easy cleaning, all the moderately priced walkers listed below function the same way as high-priced baby walkers.

1. Mee Mee Baby Walker/Rocker: Removable/Washable Seat

With Push Handle Bar, you can control your baby’s walking. You can walk along with him, by driving the baby walker just like baby prams and strollers are driven.
The same bar’s height is adjustable; hence you won’t have to bend much for holding the Push Bar.
There’s also this foot protection mat, placed under the walker’s seat. This is to safeguard your baby’s feet from dust, from coldness and slipperiness of the floor tiles.
It has even got removable, washable and cushioned seat with a backrest. Also, the walker’s height can also be increased with the increase in your baby’s height.
The wheels of this compact baby walker can be body-controlled. This means it won’t slide unnecessarily on the floor, it would move only when the baby moves.
This is why no wheel lock has been specifically installed in it. Despite all these things, I repeat, you should always accompany your baby when he is on a walker.
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2. Indian Charm Baby Walker: BPA Free

indian charm walker
Special Feature: You can get your baby’s photo sticker with the walker to paste it on it from the manufacturer. Send a HD image of the baby with the order and you will get a totally personalized baby walker for your baby.
Well basically, all baby walkers are made of plastic. But the plastic used in making them, are usually not BPA free. Here, the Indian Charm Baby Walker is made of non-toxic plastic. This means it is free of BPA.

If the walker’s plastic is not made of BPA free material. Then BPA, a hazardous chemical compound can get inside your baby’s body, when your baby would try to lick or bite the plastic of the walker. Many babies have a habit of licking or biting random things. Don’t be surprised.

Even if your baby doesn’t have such a habit, then he might feel like ‘tasting’ the plastic of the walking, because of its bright color.

Generally it is said, a baby should be 6 months old for walking on a baby walker. But the makers of Indian Charm Baby Walker say that your baby must be at least 8 months old to walk on it.

Along with a musical toy, it even has a push bar handle, with the help of which you can control the direction towards which your baby would head. Usually babies bump their head against couches, chairs and even tables, while learning to walk. For this reason, push bar handle of Indian Charm Baby Walker handle can be of your help. Also, the walker’s seat height can be adjusted.

3. Baby Kai Walker cum Rocker

As you can see on the Product’s name, Baby Kai’s walker can even be used as a rocker. Many babies get deprived of the joy of riding on a rocker. Why? Because their parents think that rockers can be an unrequited expense.


Many are not aware of this fact that, rockers can easily make your baby fall asleep. And when your baby is literally being a crybaby, more than your arm’s embrace, he may find rocker to be more soothing.

The edges of Baby Kai’s Walker are round and smooth, hence think that you baby’s hand would be in safe hands only.

Besides this, it has a push-bar handle, foot mat and 3- levels height adjustable seat with padded backrest. Even the rocker’s height can be adjusted at 2-levels. We have already talked about the function and use of such parts, earlier in the post.

One more thing, this Walker has even got headlights. Now that’s fancy! You may seem unaffected hearing this, but for your baby, those lights would become a thing of wonder and joy.

4. Toyhouse Duck Baby Walker: Spring Suspended

In Toyhouse Duck Baby Walker, there’s a spring suspension installed just below the frame of the walker. Now, this is quite understandable that since your baby is learning to walk, he won’t be able to stand straight at once. First, he will learn to stand on his own, then he will try to move forward his legs and feet. Then only he will know how walking is done.
During all this, the walker’s frame will act more like a safety net for your baby.
When your baby will get up and down, continually, due to this continuous force on the walker, the walker’s seat or any other part might get dislodged or torn. But, this won’t happen with Toyhouse, spring suspended Duck Baby Walker.
In comparison to other walker’s, Toyhouse’ height adjustable seat is quite wide too. Just like others it has also got cushioned seat and padded backrest.
Its removable toy tray even lights up on use. Now that sounds fun. Since ‘Fun-with -learning’ has always been considered one of the important theories, for making kids learn things, faster. The attractive looking and musical toy tray of the walker can incite your baby’s willingness to walk too.
Toyhouse Duck Baby Walker has an attractive looking, duck’s head on its center.

5. Sunbaby Butterfly Walker: Lightweight and Inexpensive

 Walker’s height adjustability [Check]
 Cushioned Seat [Check]
 Back Rest [Check]
 Tinkling toys [Check]
 Compact/Foldable [Check]
These are those common features that are present in every single baby walker. So what makes Sunbaby’s Butterfly Walker different?
It is light to drive. Your baby might find walking hard if he is made to sit on an accessory laden walker. As he is a little human learning to walk. How can we promise it to be the lightest baby walker?
On comparing the weight of Sunbaby Baby Walker’s weight, with the weight of other baby walkers listed here. You will know that it is lightest of all walkers, which weighs around 2.9 Kg.
Sunbaby Butterfly Walker (Green)
List Price:INR 1,399.00
You Save:INR 332.00
Price Disclaimer

Basics about Use of Baby Walkers

At what age should I start using a baby walker?
Minimum suggested age is 6 months.
For how long should you let your baby sit on a walker?
If it’s his first time, then let him sit on it for 5-10 minutes, two times a day. After two-three weeks you could make him sit on it three times a day for longer time.
Then after one month, you let him walk in the walker for 40-50 mins at a time.
When should I let my baby sit on the walker?
Just avoid use of baby walker immediately after a feeding/meal as excessive exercises just after having the food can make him puke.
How should I clean my baby’s walker?
Pour few drops of antiseptic liquid in a bowl of warm water. Dip a cotton cloth in it, using the same damp cloth to wipe the walker’s sides, its toys, and handle, etc.
Clean the Walker at regular intervals.

Things to Take Care While Using the Walker

1. See that your baby’s feet should touch the ground. As per that only, set the walker’s seat height.
2. Make him walk on broomed, mopped and dry floor.
3. Instead of letting him walk, on carpet or mat-covered floor. You should let him walk on the barren floor.
4. You can try keeping a small cushion at the back of his seat, only for extra comfort.

Why avoid buying Push Activity Walkers?

Here’s why:
• Your home’s floor can be slippery for him. On floors with marbles and ceramic tiling, the wheels of the walker could easily and swiftly make the walker move on it.

Consequently, your baby won’t be able to match up the walkers moving pace and he might suffer from a bad fall.

• For making his joints, bones, and muscles strong, you don’t forget to daily massage your baby, do you? But maybe you are forgetting that they all are in a developing stage, they are not fully developed. Hence such walkers are not safe for babies.

Still, I would say that you should never leave your baby alone or unattended, when he is on a walker, no matter what type. You are not making a mistake if would apply the principle of ‘Self-Learning’ on your little one, but a little support and fun way of learning is not bad. Please stay close to your baby and”Walk along with him.” Now you could say that the aforementioned walkers are the safe and the best baby walkers in India. As more than the product’s price, I care about a baby’s safety and comfort to shop baby products of all kinds.
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