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Inexpensive Baby Sling Bags to Buy Online in India

In today’s world, new moms and dads are all working in countries like India. Unlike the older times where there were many people at home to take care of the baby while the mother is doing chores. With the increase of nuclear families and career oriented parents, it is too hard to balance house chores, works outside the house and travel to other places. Baby carriers or baby slings come handy it this type of situations.

Concept of baby slings or baby carriers are nothing new in India. From ancient times Indian women used to tie their baby with body to carry them easily while working. With the changing time, the baby slings have become better and comfortable for the baby and mommy.
The baby carrier world has grown bigger and now parents can also expect cheap options of baby carriers available in market. We have listed some of the products that are easily available online, handy and price is around INR 500 only. Let’s check them out:

Best 5 Baby Slings Around 500Rs

1. Pindia Fancy Red Kangaroo Style Baby Carrier

Features of this carrier are:
● Ergonomic Design – Ergonomic Design is to design the baby carriers scientifically and in a way that your baby gets maximum support to the neck, spine, thighs and hips. This ensures that your baby does not grow any unwanted problem in body while hanging in baby carriers and slings.
● Straps – For parents there are wide straps to comfort the shoulders of the parents. Wide cushion straps also ensures that your baby’s weight is distributed evenly all over the shoulders.
● Contact with body – Provides the important closeness to your baby with your body.
● You can use this product till your baby is 1 year old and around 10+ kgs.
● Facing Inwards/Outwards – Facing our baby inwards and outwards option is available which is very comfortable for your baby when he/she grows up.
● Clip Grip and Quality – Quality of clips are good as per the customer reviews.
● Belts Adjustments – The belts of the carrier are NOT adjustable.
● Weight – Weight of the product is 381 g.

Velkro Deluxe Premium Baby Carrier Baby Sling

● Ergonomic Design – Not mentioned about it.
● Straps – High quality straps to keep the baby safe when you are carrying.
● Contact With Body – It provides important contact with your body and the baby\
● Facing inwards and outwards – This product allows you to carry baby facing inwards or outwards.
● Clip Grip and Quality – Very good grip and clip quality to hold the baby well.
● Belts Adjustments – No belts are not quite adjustable
● Fabric quality is very good. Made with a smooth fabric.
● Weight – 281g

Different colors are available for this product.

BabyGo Hands-Free 4-in-1 Baby Carrier

● Ergonomic Design – Yes this product provides ergonomic design and provides good support to baby’s neck, spine and legs.
● Straps – Straps are quite good quality and adjustable and buckles are adjustable. Padded shoulder straps ensure the weight of baby is spread around the shoulder and neck of mommy.
● Facing Inwards and Outwards – This product lets you carry your baby in 4 ways which is quite unique – Inwards, Upwards, Cradle style and Chest Facing.
● Clip Grip and Quality – Quality and grip of the clips are high to hold the baby well.
● Contact with body – Adjustable straps and buckles make the contact to the body according to your preference.
● Fabric is smooth and breathable.
● Head rest of the baby is movable.
You can carry 3-12 months of baby and up to around 15+ kgs weight. Weight of the product is 340 g.

Esoft Novelty 4 in 1 Carrier Bags

● Ergonomic Design – This product is designed ergonomically to give support to your baby
● Straps – According to customer reviews. Straps are okay. Not too good to carry a baby for longer.
● Facing Inwards and Outwards – This product lets you carry your baby in 4 ways – Inwards, Upwards, Cradle style and Chest Facing.
● Clip Grip and Quality – Quality and grip of the clips are good to hold the baby well. But straps are not adjustable
● Contact with body – Contact to the body is good..
● Fabric is smooth and soft.
● Different colors are available for this product.
You can carry 0-2 years of baby. Weight of the product is 499 g.

Diswa New Classical Baby Carrier

● Ergonomic Design – Ergonomic design offers maximum comfort to you and baby
● Straps – very good quality adjustable straps to carry your baby comfortably.
● Facing Inwards and Outwards – This product lets you carry your baby in 4 ways – Inwards, Upwards, Cradle style and Chest Facing.
● Clip Grip and Quality – Quality and grip of the clips are high to hold the baby well.
● Contact with body – Adjustable straps and buckles maintains healthy physical contact with you.
● Fabric is smooth, soft and breathable
● Different colors are available for this product.
Weight of the product is 272 g.

Tips for Buying a Baby Carrier

● Your baby is soft and fragile. So, before buying any baby sling or baby carrier, you must judge the design of the product to see how comfortable the product is for your baby and does it give proper support to spine neck and head.
● Headrest should be movable to provide maximum support to a baby.
● Your baby skin is super soft, so choice of smooth and breathable fabric is important to avoid skin problems and rashes.
● Carrying positions should be proper and there should be comfortable and various carrying positions available.
● The carrier should be comfortable for the parents too. So, there should be cushion under the straps and they should be adjustable. Clips should be of very good quality.
● Do not forget to read Amazon customer reviews thoroughly before buying any product for your baby.

There are very good and inexpensive baby carriers’ options available online. But choosing the best one is important as wrong product can be dangerous and harmful for your baby. So, find baby carriers online in India as well as look for their specifications and quality before buying.

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    This is really helpful. I agree we Indians do not use the carriers so often, but increased modernisation has created the need of such new mom gadgets. Thanks for a useful comparison and listing

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      Very true Sunaina. Carriers are helpful for mothers to avoid back pain and knee pain too. You can even use them inside home to carry baby as it evenly spreads baby weight on your shoulders protecting your back and knee from uneven load.

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