Top 5 Baby Boy Dressing Ideas for 1st Birthday


Birthday Special Dresses for Baby Boys

Not sure about the cool dresses to stock your baby’s wardrobe on his 1st birthday?
Nothing steals the heart away like bijou clothing for baby boys. Your baby’s 1st birthday is infinitely special and you may not want to leave any stone unturned while exploring his elegant and unique clothing for the big day. Below is a curated list cute baby boy clothes ideas which may help you add fun to the birthday bash.

Dressing Ideas for 1st Birthday: Indian Baby Boy


The little superheroes often fall for the costumes like Animals and Superman. They might make them feel hot so, just let him wear these costumes for cake cutting or photoshoot time and keep one handy dress as well

Baby StrongMan

Little Lion

These Animal Costumes are adorable if you are throwing a Jungle Theme Party

Handsome Gladiator

2. Comfy Gentleman’s Suits

The hosiery jumpsuits have layers of clothing which is a great pick for winters. These 2 pc gentleman gives elegance and smartness to your gentle baby.
I bought one such blazer suit for my 4 years old son on his birthday from They have excellent variety and quality.

Romper Suits

3. Comfortable Indian Traditional clothing

Nearly 90% of the babies are worn the uncomfortable dresses that make them very irritated and they end up disliking the party beyond the expectations of the parents. The breathable traditional Indian clothing for babies will take care of baby’s body and mood during the event

4. Dungaree Denims

Babies look more adorable, comfortable and elegant in Dungaree denims than the regular denims. These denims have adjustable straps and waist bands adding to their coolness.

5. DIY Costumes

If you are not able to find the perfect clothing combo for your little one then try pulling some accessories and combine them with regular clothing to come up with something styling and eye-catching. A cap and low waist denim will give him a cool dude look while a black jacket accompanying a tattoo on arms, a bandana on head and a cool bike will take the style quotient to the new levels.

Wild Biker

You can also go for a hat, a jacket and a boot to give the little star a cowboy look
or just stick with a white romper and put on colourful big circular stickers on it for an unusual look on the big day.


1. Don’t put on jewelery: They make them uncomfortable.
2. Select the comfortable footwear or nothing at all as the babies must enjoy their birthday
3. Keep 2 spare party yet comfortable baby clothes in your bag (Must if you are celebrating the birthday out of your home.
4. Don’t skip baby’s feeding session. Don’t try to over-feed the baby before the birthday as most of the moms tend to do that in order to get a long time to celebrate the birthday without hassle of running to private corner for feeding baby. After all if you want the baby to be happy, you know he needs his food on time.
5. Don’t feed the creamy cake to the baby. Not only because it’s unhealthy but it might make the baby throw up.

Well, these were some useful ideas and tips related to your baby’s 1st birthday dressing. So, if you are planning to click some super-cool pictures of your adorable baby boy with his newly formed itsy-bitsy brigade then go for the above mentioned dressing ideas and follow the useful tips. Your baby will definitely stay full of beans throughout the party with these amazing clothes.


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