Top 5 Android Apps to Teach Alphabet to Toddlers


Mobile Apps to Introduce Letters to Kids

With the advent of technology, teaching and learning has become more fun than before. In fact, these are the days of interactive learning. With loads of software programs available today, teaching hasn’t got easier than this. The use of software like Flash and apps today are making life easier for parent to teach alphabet and letters to their toddlers.
Today, we will take a look at the top five Android apps to teach alphabet to toddlers.

Most Popular Android Free Apps For Alphabet Learning

ABC for Kids All Alphabet

abc for kids all alphabet
The ABC for Kids All Alphabet Free is one of the best apps you can find for teaching the alphabet to your kid. The highlight of the app is that it allows your toddler to get accustomed to the English letters with the help of real sounds as well as the pronunciations by human voice.
Top features include:
• Human voice for each letter
• Images used for explaining all the letters
• Convenience of listening to sounds on touch
• Slideshow
• Social media assimilation

ABCD for Kids: Learn Alphabet and ABC for Toddlers

abcd for kids
The second app we recommend you to have on your list for teaching your kids the alphabet is ABCD for Kids: Learn Alphabet and ABC for Toddlers. The fun part of the app is that there are educational games included here. This means, your toddler picks up the concepts faster and better.
Top features include:
• Even toddlers of the age of 2 have learning games
• Games for toddlers 3 years old
• Educational games for kids between age 4 and 5
• Guessing quizzes make it easier to teach and learn
• Visually appealing to the young ones

Baby ABC

baby abc letter a
One of the simples and easiest app to learn letter and alphabet is the Baby ABC. According to the makers, babies have very less knowledge of colors. That’s why the graphics used in the app aren’t very appealing. But yes, the does serve the purpose for why it’s developed. You must surely try this out once if you aren’t much inclined towards interactive learning.
Top features include:
• Allows you to record yourself
• Includes learning time feature with time setting
• Not fancy with features or graphics, but good for one-year olds
• Not sufficiently interactive, but great to start with
• Potent enough to make your baby start learning

ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics

abc kids – tracing & phonics
The ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics is easily one of the most advanced apps when it comes to teaching your toddlers and kids. The app is useful for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten kids. The app includes several mini-games on the way to keep your kids’ mind fresh while learning. And don’t forget that there are tracing games too.
Top features include:
• Phonics pairing
• Eye-catching interface, so your kid always remains glued to learning
• Uses both upper case and lower cases letters for matching
• Trains the kids to letter matching
• The best thing – no in-app purchase or third party ads; fun, education and nothing else

ABC Learning Letters Toddlers

abc learning letters toddlers
The ABC Learning Letters Toddlers app teaches your little one to learn both letters as well as numbers. The USP of the app is it allows the toddlers to keep in mind the shape along with the sound of the numbers and letters. This means the kids can learn in a visual and audio manner hand-in-hand.
Top features include:
• Includes exercises
• Exercises for memorization
• Allows the toddlers to memorize the shapes and sounds
• Writing exercises help kids write letters right-left and left-right direction with “S”, “Z”. Kids can understand curves better
• Focuses on both writing and reading skills


These apps will surely play a crucial role in teaching your toddlers not only all the letters, but also the alphabet as a whole. They can make it easy for the kids to make them recognize the entire set of alphabet, especially if you are a first time parent. Some apps also deal in multiple languages for better understanding. So, no matter what language you are dealing with, if your favorite language is there to select from, life gets easier.


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