Top 3 Thoughtful Gifts for Indian Newborn Baby


Useful Gifts for Baby Comfort

If all that glitters is not gold, then all gifts meant for babies are not ‘baby-friendly’. Major care should be given while gifting newborns, as these little creatures are quite vulnerable and sensitive during their growing years. This is why we have carefully selected these Top 3 thoughtful gifts in India, meant for babies. You would soon find out, why we are saying so. Read on, as these online gifts are deep-rootedly connected to the well-being of an Indian baby.

Masilo Organic Linen Complete Cot/Bed Set

organic cotton bed set
One major thing which even parents forget while looking after their child is that. They do buy soft cotton clothes for their baby’s comfort but their attention never goes to her cradle’s bed sheet spread. Sometimes babies cry at night all of a sudden even when they are not hungry. This baffles her parents, and then the helpless mother somehow makes her quiet.
Babies are not supposed to wake up in middle of the night like this, all of a sudden. Newborns are supposed to sleep for up to 10-12 hours, completely undisturbed. Here, the need of organic bedding set arises. This Bed Set can be bought for the peaceful sleep of, both the baby and her parent’s. Quite a new and useful kind of baby gift it is, especially in India which can be bought only for Rs. [Click Here]

Silver Feeding Set

silver feeding set
After the baby completes her 6 months, she is given solid foods to eat. While in some places soft plastic spoons (silicone spoons) are recommended for babies, so that their gums don’t get hurt. Though many companies promise to produce BPA, phthalate, and dioxin free feeding ware, but the problem with such plastic feeding sets is that. You need to sterilize them after frequent use and replace them at the same time, after few months. Silver is believed to have many medicinal properties, which helps in boosting immunity inside a baby’s fragile body. A plastic spoon doesn’t do so. Now we understand why all the ‘Dadi(s) and Nani(s)’ are after Silverware baby feeding sets, for their grandchildren. This meaningful gift can be given in Indian baby showers too. You can get this gift-wrapped.

Wooden Baby Rattle Toys Set

wooden rattle toys
It’s necessary for babies to play, as baby toys help in stimulating baby’s brain power, growth, and development. Plastic and Vinyl toys especially are considered to be hazardous for babies due to the chemicals used in it. In such a case wooden toys comes to our rescue. The colors used for painting this toy set, are organic and chemical-free. This is quite necessary as most of the babies have this habit of putting everything in their mouth. In baby’s first year, she must be able to grasp things properly. And guess what, these inciting colorful baby rattles could her do so.
It’s quite sad to see a decrease in demand for wooden toys in India. If you would do a little research you will see that due to its eco and health-friendliness wooden baby toys are getting quite popular abroad. For making babies playful, this Toy Set can be bought for Rs. [Click Here]

Choosing gifts for babies is usually thought to be an easy task but actually it’s not. It’s certainly a tough thing, to think of a gifting idea which is useful as well as safe to use. While buying a gift one has to look various factors in the Present like materials used, the composition of the same, sharp edges if any, to see if it’s cleanable or not and other such factors needs to be taken care of, which could pose as a ‘baby-hazard’. So the next time you and your family gets invited over, in a newborns’ baby shower, birthday or any such function. Make sure you buy baby-friendly gifts like above.


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