Top 3 Sipper Bottles for Babies in India


Baby Sippy Cups Online: Steel Vs Tupperware

In the process of teaching your kid how to do this and how to do that, you can’t overlook the eating and drinking etiquettes. The drinking training for your baby starts with a sipper cup.
The sipper cups for babies are lightweight and easy-to-hold plastic cups with a lid on the top and a spout to offer a spill-free drinking experience. There are different types and designs of sipper cups available in the market and you can pick one according to your convenience.
The introduction of the sipper cups in a baby’s drinking routine is usually done when he is 6 to 9 months old. It not only upgrades your baby’s drinking skills but also prevents him from tooth decay caused due to infant bottles. If you are a new momma and ready for the transition, here are some great sipper cup picks for you –

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Best 3 Sipper Cups for Toddlers in India

Trendy and Handy Stainless Steel Sipper Cups by Munchkin

Tired of the spilling? Give your baby the 360 trainer cup made of stainless steel. The advanced technology used to create the vacuum sealed helps you avail enduring hotness or coldness of the fluids. If you are on-the-go and want to keep the juice prepared for your baby cool in summers, the sipper cup will do the trick. The major highlights of the product are –
Efficient Insulation – Keeps the fluid cold for over 15 hours
Strong Body – The high-quality stainless steel enhances the shelf-life of the cup
No Spilling – The innovative 360 technology prevents your baby from spilling. A safe and healthy drinking can be enjoyed.
Cool Design – The cup has been designed following the baby product trends. It has a compelling color and a tempting design.
Automatic Sealing – Worried about the heating or cooling of the fluid? Well, the cup automatically seals itself when your baby stops drinking. It’s a smart cup for new generation smart babies.
Decent Capacity – The cup holds a decent quantity of fluid in it. You won’t have to repeat the fluid diet again due to low capacity.

Stainless Steel Sleek Sipper Cup with Straw by Pura Kiki

Are you looking for a toxin-free, plastic-free and safe sipper cup for your baby? Here is a great pick for you. The stylish and sleek authentic stainless steel made sipper bottle for babies in India keeps the fluid safe from bacteria and its effective insulation keeps it hot or cold for long. The major highlights of the sipper cup are –
Comes with a Straw – Make it a bottle or make it a sipper anytime and anywhere you want. It has a straw that can be used whenever you want your baby drink the fluid without spilling.
Silicon Lid – The medical grade silicon lid is long lasting and keeps the bacteria and other infection away so that you baby gets safe sips.
Volume Markings Inside – You may be wondering about offering your baby the fluid in adequate amount keeping the pediatrician’s instructions in mind. The internal markings in the bottle help you offer proper level of fluid to your baby.
Easy to Clean – You can clean the bottle using dishwasher or any other material. The authentic stainless steel won’t lose its quality even after several washes.

Phillips Avent Spout Cup for Babies

A cool, lightweight and budget spout cup can eliminate all your worries regarding your baby’s drinking transition. It’s a great product to consider if you are thinking of a transition from infant bottles with nipples. Let your baby feel like a bit grown-up offering him this simple and easy-to-use spout cup which doesn’t demand much tilting of head. The special features of the spout cup include –
Angled Spout – Prevents from much tilting of head
Training – If you want to introduce a simple training bottle to your baby’s drinking regime then it can be a great selection
Lightweight – The body is non-metallic and hence it’s lightweight and suitable for being held by small babies
Hygienic Cap – It helps you keep the bottle clean and prevent the fluid from being leaked
Convert into free-flow cup – just take off the cap and make it a regular free-flow cup for multiple uses
Soft handles – Soft handles made of high-quality plastic are suitable for your baby’s soft hands

The transition from baby cups to sipper cups is a major step that not only makes you feel proud of your baby’s healthy growth but adds to your baby’s convenience and drinking hygiene needs as well. Choose the first sipper cup for your baby wisely and help him take the safe sips independently.


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