Top 3 Healthy Oils for Kids and New Moms


Which Cooking Oil is Healthy for Kids?

Oil is one of the main ingredients in daily food. Healthy oils are an important source of energy in kids and new moms.
For a good health, not just healthy foods are important but healthy oils for cooking should also be one of the top concerns especially when it’s about the well-being of the babies and toddlers and children.
A new mom who is breastfeeding her baby, needs healthy carbs in enough amount as the new born depends on mom’s milk for calories. These two types of people need healthy fats as they are growing or raising a newborn.

Most Recommended 3 Oils for Children and New Mothers

1. Ghee/Clarified Butter

Ghee or clarified butter is widely used in Indian households. It has natural saturated fat and it helps in baby’s brain development. This ranks the best oil for new moms and babies and kids as they need healthy fats. Ghee is a calorie-rich food that keeps a baby and a new mom active and energetic. Like babies, a new mom also needs enough calories from healthy fatty oil for DHA and fat building in newborn.
Kids’ food should be prepared in homemade cow’s milk. If you can get, always prefer A2Cows milk as it’s the best super nutritious milk on earth.

Health Benefits of Pure Homemade Cows Ghee:

• Rich in fat-soluble vitamins like Vit K, D, E and A
• Kids and new moms can easily digest desi ghee made of cow’s milk
• Good for brain development
• Rich in Omega-3 and Omega-9 fatty acids
• Boosts calcium production in body
• Helps in weight gain

Olive Oil

olive oil
Olive oils are known for protecting the body from cell damages. It has many applications including cosmetics and dietary. Extra virgin oil is a great source of antioxidants that are needed for a new mom and a baby. It can be used in various forms for dietary application. You can add it to any cooked veggies for tossing or make a salad more appetizing using it as a dressing ingredient. Olive oil is always heated over a flame that is low to medium. Never heat it on a high flame as it has lower boiling point that other cooking oil and burnt olive oil will only harm your health.

Health Benefits of virgin Olive Oil:

• Saves from cardiovascular diseases
• Reduces aging process
• Controls high blood pressure and cholesterol
• Helpful for diabetes patients
• Strengthens bones
• Reduces the risks of cancer

Flax seed oil

flaxseeds oil
Its not a cooking oil, but salad dressing or to be used in little amount.
Flaxseed is one of the oldest foods that are known for its amazing health benefits. It fulfils the vitamin requirement of an infant body and for the new moms through Omega -3 fatty acids present in it. Omega-3 fatty acids are good for cardiovascular health and useful for inflammation. When heated, it shows rancidity and this form of flaxseed oil is often used for various uncooked foods like salad dressings, apply it on paratha or hummus. Be it salad dressing or any uncooked recipe dressing; try to mix flaxseed oil and olive oil in equal quantity for better results.
Flaxseed oil is not suggested for cooking. During the extraction of oil from flaxseed, the fatty acids break down and this is the reason they introduce a bad odour when heated and mixed with cooked food. You can use it for salad or any other uncooked food’s dressing. You can also use it for sprinkling or garnishing popcorn or omelette.

Health Benefits of Flaxseeds Oil:

• Omega-3 enriched food which helps improving eye and brain health
• Good source of vitamins
• Good for heart health
• Keeps the blood pressure under control
• Maintains the cholesterol balance in the body
• Good for diabetes patient
• Anti-cancer properties
When we talk about healthy food, not just veggies and power foods are counted but oils also play a vital role in keeping the body of an infant and a new mom hale and hearty. The above oils can be used for various nutritious recipes and the wonderful health benefits of these oils can be availed along with the added flavour they offer when cooked or mixed with some foods.


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    Good post, Sapana. I love ghee or homemade butter and use it generously in our cooking. Olive oil is reserved for Italian and mediterranean dishes. But I have never used flaxseed oil – I admit I am not a big fan of flaxseeds, so its oil ?? How does it taste – is it overpowering?

    • Sapana

      It tastes a bit stronger than other usual cooking oil. Also its not recommended as a cooking oil. Just use in little amount like in salad dressing etc.

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