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HandPrint and FootPrint Top 3 Products to Buy Online

Being blessed with a baby is the greatest joy for a couple. Baby handprints or footprints are the keepsakes that stay forever with you as priceless memories of your newborn. In recent years, 3d prints of baby palm/foot have become pretty popular. These are not very difficult and because of the online shopping, they are easy to get too.

3 Best Products for You to Buy on Amazon India

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Baby Hand and Foot Molding Cast Kit

This product lists on the top and takes most of our recommendation because of the stunning details and price and also the good reviews. It’s completely non-toxic and easy-to-use.


• Durable material
• Non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe material for baby
• Easy-to-use
• Color changes to indicate the right mixture, proper working and setting time

How to Use it:

This product is easy-to-use and safe for the baby and parents who use it. The kit comprises of 350g of moulding powder and 500g of casting powder and you can create the mixture for one hand and one foot or two hands and two feet as per your requirement. In a bowl, take the powder-water ratio as 1:2 pouring water gradually into the bowl and then start mixing them making sure no lumps are there. The mixture will set after 1-2 minutes. Now, pour casting powder on the moulded impression within 24 hours (mixing immediately will generate better result). Take special care of fragile parts while removing the soft mould jelly. Your keepsake is ready!

Family Hand/Foot Print with Photo Frame

The product is easy-to-keep (hang on wall) and pretty looking. Also, it is covered well so that you don’t have to worry about the dust getting stuck in small fine lines and pits of the print.


• Comprises of moulding powder, casting powder, wooden photo frame, gold paint and paint brush
• Safe and Non-toxic material
• Sufficient for 2 and 2 children
• Biodegradable

How to use it:

The product can be simply used just by creating a moulded impression of hand and foot by mixing water and moulding powder. After that you need to pour casting powder to the impression and finally paint it with the golden paint using the brush and let it dry. Make sure you proceed with every process gently as slightly more pressure can result in breaking of the moulded impressions.

Clay Hand/Foot Print for Baby

This is easiest of all as it is print type and not mould type. Also, it comes with a beautiful frame.


• Eco-friendly and non-toxic
• Available with photo frame
• Malleable and without mess
• Self-drying
• Mould-resistant
• Easily washable and safe for skin
• Long shelf life

How to use it:

Open the packaging and take the clay out of it. Use a clean surface to knead the clay for 4-5 minutes till it gets soft. Use the rolling pin which comes with the kit to flatten the clay which is needed to be put in the frame’s larger portion. For impression, put your baby’s hands or feet on the clay ad press it properly. Let it dry for around 48 hours. Once it gets dry, put the photos in the other section and hang it on your wall as display frame.

Can you use these 3d moulds on newborn hand and foot print?

You must check individual manufacturer’s instructions. Though mostly all say they are safe for newborns too, have a word with your baby’s neonatal care takers. If they have done it before , they might help you with this. It’s not only about the product chemical safety but a newborn is too gentle and hence holding his hands in a weird position may not be safe. Best is to wait till the baby turns 6 months

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