Top 3 Baby Bathtubs for Safe Bath to Baby


Tips on Selecting a Safe and Comfortable Newborn Baby Bath Tub

Your baby’s bath time is a delightful time and he wants to have fun with the soap bubbles, water splashes and his bathing accessories but, as a mom, you need to take care of his safety. Apart from offering a playful and relaxing environment to your baby, you need to ensure if his bathtub is safe for him. Here are the best easy to use bathtubs that ensure optimum safety and comfort to your newborn baby and arrive at a reasonable price.

Best 3 Baby Bathtub to Buy Online in India

Cool and Comfortable Foldable Bathtub

Spacious, stylish and safe – bring the magic of 3 ‘S’ home and provide your child a great bathing experience. The bathtub is very easy to use and has a separate small section in the front to keep soap, bodywash or any accessory and it also acts as a stopper for your baby. The bathtub has comfortable padding which adds to your baby’s convenience and relaxation. This bathtub has been specially created to comfort the baby and the mom. The smooth and round edges make sure your baby is safe and enjoying inside the tub. The bathtub can be folded and easily place anywhere in your house. The color and style of the tub add to its value. This is one of the best bath tubs for newborn babies and babies up to 6 month age.

Colorful and Sturdy Bathtub India with Unique Design

It is a total value for money product. You need not to limit this cool tub to your 0-6 month-old baby and you can use it as your baby grows up to 1 year. There are two separate sections to fit 0-6 month-old and 6 month-old to 1-year-old baby. You will not have to worry about the tub or seat getting slippery due to the soap water as the material is high-quality rubber which is slip-free. The unique design of the tub helps you drain the water easily without creating mess around. The tub has inbuilt indicators to tell you the maximum water level to ensure maximum safety for your baby.

Sylish and Safe Bathtub with Flexible Mesh Sling

Just an ordinary bathtub may not offer the fun-splash to your newborn or toddler. The multicolored bathtub has been uniquely designed to fit a newborn or a toddler comfortably and provide them extra safety through the flexible mesh sling. The ergonomic design of the tub makes it easy for your baby to rest inside the tub and cuts down on your efforts regarding cleaning him. It’s stylish, strong and lightweight. The unique design of the tub avoids the hard surface contact with your baby’s soft skin. A happy and safe bath can indeed be enjoyed every day with this cool bathtub.

Premier Baby Bathtubs

Shnuggle Bath Tub With Backrest

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Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Support

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Baby Safe Bath Tips

baby shower
The arrival of the little member in your life is not just a matter of exuberance but with that, great responsibilities also knock the door. Giving an ordinary bath in any tub, filling it with water from outside and draining the water manually over and over again may annoy your baby and your own mood won’t be perked up for long too. Let you baby relax in a spacious and smartly designed bathtub which promises safety and comfort at the real-time. Make your baby’s first real bath experience wonderful bringing home a cool bathtub as soon as the little one finds it comfortable sitting on a surface. The basic bathtub measures for new moms include –
• Always keep an eye on your baby to avoid drowning
• Take your baby with you wrapped in towel if an unavoidable call comes or the doorbell rings
• Newborns are unpredictable and hence it’s better to keep the heater temperature 120 degrees F to avoid any unwanted incident
• If the mom has to take a bath while the baby is still inside the tub, it’s better to keep a ceiling on the tub to avoid the soap bubbles to shampoo come in contact with the little one’s eyes
• For easy hair cleaning, you can fix a lightweight watering can above your baby’s hair
• Add some fun elements on the bathroom ceiling so that when your baby looks above, he gets a great view

Other Useful Products for Baby Bath

happy baby bath
Just bringing the safe bath tubs home may not do the trick. You need lots more to make your baby’s everyday bathing experience special. Here are few more recommended baby bath products that are cheap but useful.

Organic Ultra Soft Bathrobe plus Bath Gown for Baby

Made of finest quality ultra-soft fabric, the cool bathrobe can also be used as a bath gown for your little one. The product can be a great pick for baby boys and girls between 0-1 years.

Comfortable and strong Baby Shower Cap

Your baby deserves a cool shower cap during his everyday bath. It will not only help him avoid the direct and harsh splash of water and avoid the contact of the soap or shampoo with his eyes but it will make him look adorable too.
(This cap is for babies above 6 months old)

Baby Massage Oil

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Your baby needs a good massage with great organic baby massage oil before or after a bath. Usually, the babies are offered a gentle massage with organic oil before the shower. It nourishes his muscles and keeps the skin soft.

Baby Body Wash and Shampoo

Pigeon Baby Wash 2in1, 700ml
List Price:INR 899.00
Price Disclaimer
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Baby body wash and shampoo are the two unavoidable elements during the shower. You can simply rinse your baby’s hair and clean his body with just the normal tap water. The body wash cleanses the deepest pores in his skin and the shampoo keeps his hair smooth, clean and shining.
Screaming babies means unhappy and annoyed babies. Providing a quality bathing experience to your little one may keep him happy throughout the day. Just add some essential elements to your baby’s everyday shower routine, consider few basic measures, ensure safety for him and feel the contentment.


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