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Beautiful Names for Punjabi Baby Girls

In the history of Sikhism, the Sikh women paid great services. They are ready for great sacrifices and live with dignity. The Sikh women are equally, hardworking and loyal as the men. The Sikh community resides in all over the globe and inspire people with their services to the mankind and exemplary achievements. There is a wonderful pattern which is followed during naming a Sikh baby girl. The modern Sikh baby girl names are majorly chosen from the holy book Guru Granth Sahib and the names usually have spiritual context.

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Unique Punjabi Sikh Baby Girl Names


The name Aantika signifies a responsible person like an elder sister. It also means a fire-place


It’s a spiritual name and taken from Guru Granth Sahib. The name means to keep faith or wish to achieve something, also spelled as ‘Aasthaa’


The name signifies the whole world or earth. It also means uncommon and often spelled as ‘Advika’


It’s an inspiring name given to someone having a winning attitude. It means someone who can’t be defeated


It’s a Sanskrit origin positive name which means something gained or earned. It also signifies health


The name signifies power or Strength. Also spelled as ‘Brirthi’. In Sanskrit, the name means nourishment


It’s a blend of trendy and traditional names. When broken, the name means Dev= God or divine and Ira= earth, which means the earth which is godly or divine


One Goddess / God is One (Ek+Isha)

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Someone who controls the destiny or full of knowledge and wisdom. It’s a Hindu goddess name and a made-up name often spelled as ‘Gyana’.


It’s a pretty modern name but has Hindu mythological roots. It’s another name of Goddess Parvati . In Sanskrit, it’s a bright yellow color.


The name signifies lavishness, splendour or wealth. It’s another name of Lord Shiva. Also spelled as ‘Ishana’.


Kanina is a trendy name which means youthful or young


It’s a modern Sikh girl name signifying a bird or silken in nature


Leshya is an inspiring royal Sikh name signifying light or illumination


The owner of the brilliant attributes or someone who smells like a Jasmine flower can be called


It literally means a man’s daughter.


It’s a very meaningful name signifying greatness. It also means the conjunction between earth and heaven or simply a river or earth.


It’s a beautiful name and it means a captivating pea-hen


Makali means moon and it signifies a calm behaviour


It’s a Sanskrit origin name meaning mist or fog


It means happy or pleased


It’s a very positive name which means honour or appreciation


The name signifies sped or swift


Someone who is grown or ascended or at top level


Shirina means night, a name signifying peace and darkness

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The Sikh or Punjabi baby girl naming is slightly different from Hindu naming. In Sikh community, the naming ceremony is a big occasion where many family members meet and decide a beautiful baby name. The above Sikh baby girl names are unique and very meaningful. If you are not planning to follow the race in the naming system then try these names and build your child’s future complying with the modern world’s pace.


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