Top 20+ Modern Sikh Baby Boy Names


Royal Punjabi Sikh Names for Baby Boys

The Sikh community is one of the most popular communities across the globe. Sikh people are hardworking, caring, spiritual and full of energy. The naming system in the Sikh community is different from Hindu naming system.
Be it the traditional names or modern sikh baby boy names – most of the Sikh names belong to Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book of Sikhs. Either the first page of the holy book is chosen or a random page is opened to get the first letter of the name. If you are looking for punjabi baby boy names and meanings then here is a list for you. These handpicked names go well with –Veer, -Singh Suffixes.

Top 20+ Modern and Unique Sikh Baby Boy Names


It’s a modern Punjabi name for boys which means a wise and intelligent person. The name has different meanings in different languages like Aadish means Aim in Sanskrit while its Persian meaning is Fire.


Aadit means the top of something or peak. It also signifies the Lord of Sun.


Someone who is eye-catching can be called Aakarsh. The Sanskrit word ‘Aakarshan’ also means the same.


The name means someone who stands firm in happiness and sorrow and is honest and dedicated.


Aaryik means a person who has gained respect in the society or simply a respected person.


It’s pretty uncommon Punjabi baby boy name which means a courageous or brave man.


The Sanskrit origin name is a blend of modernity and traditional essence. The name signifies Goddess Durga. It also means a daughter or the wives of moon. The name is masculine while its meanings signify feminine power.


It’s a modern Punjabi name which means a good or genteel boy. The other meanings of the name are Nakshatra in Hindu culture and the lord of wealth.


The name itself gives a hint of something gigantic or great. Himaj signifies the mighty Himalayas. The name means someone who is born on Himalayas.


A powerful, warrior and skilful person can be called Janyuh. It’s another name of Trinity god Brahma. The name also signifies any living creature.


Chanting Om Kapishay Namah gives the power and confidence to fight all the odds in life. The name signifies Lord Hanuman. It also means incense or sun.


It is a trendy and popular Punjabi name. It means the fragrance or incense. A popular or reputed man can also be called Mahak.


Pravir means a person who has unparalleled fighting skills, leadership quality and extraordinary courage. A person with this name can win various battles in life with his great skills and bravery. In Sanskrit, the name signifies Yellow Sandal.


It’s a quite modern and stylish name which is also used in many movies and TV serials. A regal person or a little king is called Riaan. The name signifies majesty and luxury.


When small elements are combined, a spectacular creation comes out. Samer means to put together or create something.


It’s a Sanskrit word having various meanings. The name signifies heaven. It also means ocean, power and bravery. It’s a trendy and very meaningful Punjabi modern baby name.


Udant is a rare Sikh name which signifies triumph, courage, wisdom and worthy of all the good things.


A person with behaviour like a cool breeze is always admired. The name Vayur means windy or cool personality.


In Sanskrit, it’s often said ‘Vichaar Vimarsh’. The name means intelligence or wisdom. A person with such qualities takes the important decisions wisely.

The Sikh names are mostly spiritual decided based on the verses of Guru Granth Sahib. These names either signify heavenly things or some extraordinary qualities. Most of the masculine Punjabi or Sikh names have suffix – Singh or Veer. You can try these royal sikh names for your baby and bless him with a bright future.
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