Top 12 Power Foods Packed with Iron


Foods High in Iron

Healthy mind lives in a healthy body, and iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency which resides in people to make them unfit. So, it becomes a necessity to know about the richest sources of Iron.
A large number of people are suffering from iron-related problems. It is becoming common in the youth and children too. The special care should be taken if you are a pregnant woman. You should intake the foods high in iron for anemia and other such diseases.

How Much Iron do you need a day?

Men and non-menstruating women: 10 mg of iron everyday:
Menstruating women and breastfeeding mothers: 15 mg
Pregnant women: 30 mg Iron in a day
Toddlers: 7 mg
4-8 years old children: 10 mg
9-13 years need: 8mg
We will look into the food options which are delicious and healthy. There are many eatables and vegetables high in iron which can benefit you along with keeping the problems away.

Non-veg Foods Power-packed with Iron

Food 1 Richest Source: Liver and Red Meat

Beef Liver or Chicken Liver are known to be richest sources of Iron. They are high in cholesterol and Vitamin A so you should eat it in moderation. Pregnant women also should limit the intake due to high Vit A in liver.
100gms of beef liver contain 17.9 mg of Iron
100gms of chicken liver contain 12.9 mg of iron
Many people don’t find liver tasty if you cannot eat liver then you may have egg yolks and red meat.
100 gms of Yolk contain 2.7 mg of iron
eggs for baby

Food 2 -Seafood : Oysters and Sardines

After Liver the next power house of iron are Oyster and Sardines.
100 gms of Oysters contain 7 mg of Iron



100gms of Sardines contain 2.9 mg of Iron
sardines tarli
Both of these seafood are treasures of nutrients.

Top 10 Foods Rich In Iron for Vegetarians

Food 1: Nutritious Legumes: Chickpeas and Lentils

chickpea whole
If you are talking about the richest sources of Iron, legumes worth special mentions. The cooked Lentils (3.3 mg iron/100gms are loaded with iron and fibres to lower the cholesterol and stabilize the sugar level. Chickpeas (6.2 mg iron/100gms) are the smart option for the vegetarians as they provide a hearty dose of protein also. Legumes are versatile kitchen ingredients, mixing them in salads, pasta, burgers and other dishes is a tasty mix.

Food 2: Pumpkin, Squash, and Sesame Seeds

Squash and pumpkin seeds (3.3 mg iron/100gms) are the wonderful tiny foods high in iron for anemia and other such diseases. The sesame seeds (23%) and sunflower seeds (11%) are some other amazing iron-rich seeds.
These all seeds taste great. You can try mixing them to a variety of recipes to boost the taste and nutritional value altogether.

Food 3: Delicious Nuts: Peanut, Cashew, Almond, Hazelnut, and Pine

The delicious nuts fall in the group of richest sources of Iron. A single ounce of cashews can feed the body with almost 10% iron of their total volume.
The peanuts (7%), almonds (7%), Pine nuts (9%), Pistachios (7%) and Hazelnuts (6%) are amazing iron-rich nuts. You cannot deny them at least. 

Food 4: Pulses and Beans: Soybeans, Kidney Beans, and Black-eyed Peas

Pulses lie in the food category which is known to be high in iron for its specialty of preventing and curing anemia-like disease. Beans are undoubtedly best source of protein and iron.
kidney beans
The lowering proportion of iron in the body can be greatly overcome by eating the soybeans, black-eyed peas, kidney beans, and all kind of pulses.

Food 5: Fortified Cereals and Whole Grains

The quinoa ( 1.4 mgs of iron per 100 gram) , amaranth (2.1 mg iron/100gms), oatmeal (6 mg iron/100gms), barley (3.6 mg/100gms), brown rice(0.4 mg/100gms) and fortified cereals are high in the iron as the vegetables. Any diet should definitely contain the whole grains for leading a healthy life. Commercial cereals have high sugar level so it is better to go for the fortified cereals instead.

Food 6: The Leafy Greens: Spinach, Kale, Asparagus, and other veges



The leafy and dark green vegetables are the highest in iron. The spinach (2.7 mg/100gms), be it raw or cooked, is the richest source of iron, carrying the high proportion of iron up to 36%.
Other such healthy vegetable foods, which are high in iron and very precious for curing anemia are the kale (1.5 mg/100gms), asparagus(2.1 mg/100gms), Swiss chard(1.8 mg/100gms), raw beet greens (0.8 mg /100gms)and all such eatables.

Food 7: Tofu, Dark chocolate, and Cocoa products

Calcium interferes the absorption of the iron so it is better to buy the tofu (5.4 mg/100gms) without added calcium for a better nutritional iron value.
dark chocolate cocoa
The taste comes with health many times. If you love dark chocolate, I am giving you a new reason to do so. The dark chocolate (8 mg/100gms) and cocoa powder (13.9 mg/100gms) are among the most effective foods high in iron for curing the anaemia. So, you can eat it with a better reason next time.

Food 8: Mushrooms

Healthy mushrooms
The specific varieties of mushrooms (0.5 mg/100gms), like the white, Chanterelle, shiitake mushrooms and their cooker products, are iron-rich. They have up to 15% of the iron nutrition value which is as high as some really healthy vegetables, high in iron.

Food 9: Dry fruits and Olives

Olives (3.3 mg/100gms), Dry fruits, and nuts (2.6 mg/100gms) are the tasty and richest sources to get the iron. The winter is the perfect season to get healthier with all these dry fruits.

Food 10: Berries and Coconut

Both, the coconut (2.4 mg/100gms) and berries (0.3 mg/100gms) are known for their taste and mineral-rich products. The coconut water, milk and cream can help you in overcoming anemia as they are the good source of iron.
One Note for Pregnant Women: Many times pregnant women take supplements for iron and calcium. It’s a good idea to take these supplements at different times of the day. E.g. if you take calcium supplement in morning then take Iron supplements at night. The supplements taken together interfere with each other and ultimate nutrients received by body are less than expected.
We have covered the richest sources of iron in this article. These are good to eat as a part of your daily diet. Regular consumption of the fruits, foods, and vegetables high in iron is really beneficial for the body.
It will keep you fit and healthy, along with fighting with many problems. So, it is a fair win-win. Keep eating these foods high in iron for stay untouched with anemia like diseases 


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