Top 10 Unique Names of Lord Shiva for Baby Boys


Hindu Baby Names Inspired by Lord Shiva: Uncommon 10 Names

Powerful, magnificent and supreme – The unique Hindu baby names, inspired by Lord Shiva, from the Sahasranama, give you ample of choices to pick an impactful Shiva-inspired name for your baby boy. We have created a list of Top Lord Shiva names for Indian baby boys that may give a new dimension to your little one’s personality.

10+ Rare Lord Shiva Names from Sanskrit Sahasranam

1. Ardan अर्दन

ॐ अर्दनाय नमः।
Ardan is the state of not being calm. It shows the traits like restlessness and being energetic. It is a powerful Lord Shiva name which means Lord Shiva doesn’t forgive the enemies of his devotees.

2. Aday आदय

ॐ आदये नमः। Om Adaye Namah।
The name shows the fierce form of Lord Shiva, the merciless one but towards the evil and demons. Aday signifies the Rudra form of Shiva.

3. Aranya अरण्य

ॐ अरण्येशाय नमः। om Aranyeshay Namah।
Aranya refers to forest. The name signifies a Lord who resides in forest or Himalayas. Aranya is Lord Shiva who is the master of forest and all the creatures.

4. Sharvay

ॐ शर्वाय नमः। Om Sharwaya Namah।
Sharva or Sarva means all, whole/complete. It is an epithet used for Lord Shiva and sometimes used to refer to the moon.

5. Abhivad

ॐ अभिवाद्याय नमः। Om Abhivadyaya Namah।
The name is inspired from the word Abhivadan which means salutation or greetings. The meaning of Abhivadya is saluting with respect.

6. Sahaman सहमान

ॐ सहमानाय नमः। Om Sahamanaya Namah।
The name signifies something which is plentiful, pure or related to victory, pride or spirituality. It is another name of Lord Shiva.

7. Mahat महत

ॐ महते नमः। Om Mahate Namah।
Mahat is something magnificent or great. It also reflects something grand or majesty or brilliance.

8. Niyam नियम

ॐ नियमाय नमः। Om Niyamaya Namah।
The name literally refers to rules or laws. It means Lord Shiva who is the law himself.

9. Varay वराय

ॐ वराय नमः। Om Varaya Namah।
The name is related to Var or varad which means granting a blessing or boon to a devotee.

10. Shuchay शुचय

ॐ शुचये नमः। Om Shuchaye Namah।
Suchay is lustre or bright. A brilliant or shining personality is called Suchay and it is one of the popular Lord Shiva name.

11. Varenya

ॐ वरेण्याय नमः। Om Varenyaya Namah।
Varenya name is originated from Rig Veda which indicates a personality who is excellent or best or superior among a group of people.

12. Kimshil

ॐ किंशिलाय नमः। Om Kimshilaya Namah।
Shil or Shila means stone. The name refers to the small stones but its origin is unknown.

13. Rajasya रजस्य

ॐ रजस्याय नमः। Om Rajasyaya Namah।
Raj means to rule or to govern and Raja is the King. The name Rajasya means something belonging to a king or characteristics like a king. It also means dusty. It is different from the word Rajaswa or Rajasva which means revenue.

14. Nishak निशाक

ॐ निशाकराय नमः। Om Nishakaraya Namah।
It’s an uncommon Lord Shiva name which reflects one of his powerful and eminent traits.

15. Nilay नीलय

ॐ नीलाय नमः। Om Nilaya Namah।
Neel is the blue color. The name refers to Lord Shiva who has a blue-colored body.

16. Dhiray धीरय

ॐ धीराय नमः। Om Dhiraya Namah।
Dhiray is a unique Lord Shiva name for baby boys which means to boost one’s confidence or to make someone feel comfortable.

10 More Uncommon Names Inspired by Lord Shiva for Hindu Baby Boys

1. Rudransh रुद्रांश

Rudra + Ansh. One who is part of Rudra. We can say it is name of Lord Ganesh also as he is nothing but Part of Shivji.

2.Pinakin पिनाकिन

It means The God who is holding a bow in his hand. Shivji, is armed with a bow.

3. Aja अज

It means Unborn. One who is self-existent and also eternal

4. Shivay शिवाय

Namah Salutation to lord Shiva

5. Shiven शिवेन

The balance between Life and Death, ultimate Lord Shiva

6. Pranav प्रणव

Pranav means the sacred syllable Om i.e. Originator of the mystic syllable OM

7. Shoolin शूलीन

One who is holding Trident i.e. Trishul in Sanskrit

8. Suragan सुरागन

God of Gods or The one who has gods as attendants

9. Rudram रुद्रम्

An epithet of Shiva, Rudram describes attribute of Shivji. One who is destroyer of the sin and evil powers.

10 Anagh अनघ

A God, who is pure i.e. without sin and fault.
These names are only selected exclusive and beautiful rare names of lord Shiva. If you know any more such names please share with us.
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Lord Shiva is the creator and controller of the universe. Also known to be one of the trinity Gods and the God of the Gods with several awe-inspiring qualities, many parents like to name their kids after after him. Lord Shiva is called as Mahadeva as he is known to be the God of the Gods. This almighty god is the representation of ultimate power (Shakti). As he is supposed to be the protector from powers pf the evils, he is also named as Rudra. Lord Shiv is one of Trimurti/Trinity (3 Lords of Hindu Trinity: Shiv: Destroyer of Evil, Bramha: Creator of Universe, Vishnu: Protector of universe.)
Sahastranam i.e. 1000 names of Hindu Gods describe their avatars, epithet, legends and powers etc. This unique god of Hindus lives a life of Yogi in Himalaya and has a very good looking personality. He is the god of Mercy and Kindness but at the same time he is the roarer.
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  2. Avatar

    Hello mam,

    your posted all the name of Lord SHIVA is really beautiful & unique.
    Rudransh, Shivaay, is our favorite.

    can you please suggest more unique names of lord Shiva.

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  4. Avatar

    Does Samanyu means Lord Shiva? is it rare in India? i m living abroad n looking for lord shivaz easy to prononuce name.. pls suggest the best name for my baby boy.

    • Sapana

      Hi Parth,
      Samanyu is one of popular names in India so not a rare name.
      Sa-Manyu means one with Anger. It is a lord shiva name too as Lord Shiva i.e. Rudram means Lord with Anger for Asur/demoniacal creatures
      Check more lists on this website and also the premium names for Lord Shiva’s rare names

    • Sapana

      According to my study and understanding:
      Rishaan is not an original Sanskrit/Hindu name. People have somehow madeup and related it to Lord Shiva.
      Rish has no positive meaning in Sanskrit. So its not Rish-An.
      I think: Rishi/Vrush are probably origin of this name.
      Rishi-An: Blessed by Rishi (‘Full-of’ is meaning of -An postfix) (Lord Shiva is a Rishi)
      Vrish/Vrush means Bull and Lord Shiva’s Nandi is also called as Vrush.
      Its somehow made-up and related to Lord Shiva. Though not a naturally and direct related.

      • Sapana

        Also, Rishaan means Good Human being in Arabic. So if you see this meaning mentioned somewhere in other names lists sites then its for Arabic Origin. In Arabic context, its as it is: Originally Rishan/Rishaan रिशन ریشن

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  6. Avatar

    Hi Sapna,

    We are planning to name our son pranav or abhiram ?
    i’m sure u might have come across these names.Please suggest me which is a unique or not common name in both ?
    is name pranav given to baby boys in south india ?

    • Sapana

      Hi Swathi,
      Both are equally common. Pranav is common in last 2 yrs and Abhiram is known from ages.

      I am going to update this names list (Shiva Names) in 3 days. if you can wait, please come back.

  7. Avatar
    Shruthi Venkatesh on

    Hi Sapana,
    I’m looking for a unique name for my baby boy on combination of lord Shiva and Venkateshwara with alphabets S & V. Could you help me on this.
    (Meaning = Health, Intelligent)

    • Sapana

      Hi Shruthi,
      There is a name: Shivenk: Marked by Lord Shiv which also refers to Lord Venkateswara.
      After my quick study, I could discover only this name, I will try to find more but I can not assure you of finding a perfect name satisfying all your listed requirements.

  8. Avatar

    Hi Sapana,

    Thanks for your response.
    Could you please try more. It’s ok not to check all requirements. I need name on lord Shiva and Venkateshwara on priority to my son.

    • Sapana

      These names are inspired by common or similar 1000 names of both the lords: Shiva and Venkateswara
      Nilay: Blue colored body
      Apar: Aparaay Shiv Sahasranam, ॐ अपारवाचे नमः । Venkateswara Sahasranam Limitless
      Devay: ॐ देवदेवाय नमः। Shiva, Mahadevay: Venkateswara
      Dhrit: ॐ धृतिमते नमः। Shiva, ॐ धृतये नमः ।: Venkateswara
      Maham: Great, ॐ महामायाय नमः।:Shiva, ॐ महामायाय नमः । : Venkat
      Mahat: ॐ महात्मने नमः।:Shiva, ॐ महते नमः ।: Venkat
      Shuchay: Shining, ॐ शुचये नमः।:Shiva and Venkat
      Viray: ॐ वीराय नमः।: Shiva and Venkat, Brave
      Yogin: ॐ सर्वयोगिने नमः।:Shiva, ॐ महायोगिने नमः ।:Venkat

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