Top 10 Unique Names of Lord Shiva for Baby Boys


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Hindu Baby Names Inspired by Lord Shiva: Uncommon 10 Names

Lord Shiva is worshiped in all over India. Hindus like to name their children names from Shiv-Sahastranam i.e. 1000 names of Hindu God Shankar. Lord Shiva is called as Mahadeva as he is known as God of the Gods. This almighty god is representation of ultimate power (Shakti), He is protector from evil powers hence called as Rudra. Lord Shiv is one of Trimurti/Trinity (3 Lords of Hindu Trinity: Shiv: Destroyer of Evil, Bramha: Creator of Universe, Vishnu: Protector of universe.)
Sahastranam i.e. 1000 names of Hindu Gods describe their avatars, epithet, legends and powers etc.
Lord Shiva’s names are not only powerful but also beautiful and inspiring. This unique god of Hindus lives a life of Yogi in Himalaya and has a very good looking personality.
He is god of Mercy and Kindness but at same time is the roarer.


Uncommon Names Inspired by Lord Shiva for Hindu Baby Boys

1. Rudransh:

Rudra + Ansh. One who is part of Rudra. We can say it is name of Lord Ganesh also as he is nothing but Part of Shivji.


It means The God who is holding a bow in his hand. Shivji, is armed with a bow.

3. Aja

It means Unborn. One who is self-existent and also eternal

4. Shivay

Namah Salutation to lord Shiva

5. Shiven

The balance between Life and Death, ultimate Lord Shiva

6. Pranav

Pranav means the sacred syllable Om i.e. Originator of the mystic syllable OM

7. Shoolin

One who is holding Trident i.e. Trishul in Sanskrit

8. Suragan

God of Gods or The one who has gods as attendants

9. Rudram

An epithet of Shiva, Rudram describes attribute of Shivji. One who is destroyer of the sin and evil powers.

10 Anagh

A God, who is pure i.e. without sin and fault.
These names are only selected exclusive and beautiful rare names of lord Shiva. If you know any more such names please share with us.

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  1. Does Samanyu means Lord Shiva? is it rare in India? i m living abroad n looking for lord shivaz easy to prononuce name.. pls suggest the best name for my baby boy.

    • Sapana

      Hi Parth,
      Samanyu is one of popular names in India so not a rare name.
      Sa-Manyu means one with Anger. It is a lord shiva name too as Lord Shiva i.e. Rudram means Lord with Anger for Asur/demoniacal creatures
      Check more lists on this website and also the premium names for Lord Shiva’s rare names

    • Sapana

      According to my study and understanding:
      Rishaan is not an original Sanskrit/Hindu name. People have somehow madeup and related it to Lord Shiva.
      Rish has no positive meaning in Sanskrit. So its not Rish-An.
      I think: Rishi/Vrush are probably origin of this name.
      Rishi-An: Blessed by Rishi (‘Full-of’ is meaning of -An postfix) (Lord Shiva is a Rishi)
      Vrish/Vrush means Bull and Lord Shiva’s Nandi is also called as Vrush.
      Its somehow made-up and related to Lord Shiva. Though not a naturally and direct related.

      • Sapana

        Also, Rishaan means Good Human being in Arabic. So if you see this meaning mentioned somewhere in other names lists sites then its for Arabic Origin. In Arabic context, its as it is: Originally Rishan/Rishaan रिशन ریشن

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