Top 10 Return Gift Ideas for Kids 5 Years


Birthday Return Gifts: 5 Years old Boys and Girls

Return gift for children on your kid’s birthday party or any other celebration is a sweet gesture to thank them for being there and adding a spark to the joyous event. Choosing return gifts can be confusing sometimes as every kid attending your party may have a different inclination. Here are some unique and fun return gift ideas for kids worth having a look. These are from my personal experience after trying various types of return gifts.

Birthday Party Return Gifts for 5 year Olds

1. Milk Sippers bottles: Usable and Loved by Kids

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To give energy and strength to active kids, milk and shakes are often considered and these milk sipper bottles are a suitable return gift option for such kids. The jar has a blackboard on the external surface where you can write a customized heartfelt message for every kid. The strong and thick handle of the jar ensures a firm and safe grip.

2. DIY Kits: Creative

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It may be tough to find out the little Picassos in a group of kids coming to celebrate your child’s birthday. But most of the kids have, more or less, an inclination towards drawing. This art and craft set gift is an important step to encourage the imaginative skills of the kids. The young minds will be stirred while placing the sequins properly. This gift is a complete fun and learning solution for kids that can keep them engaged for a long time.
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3. Cartoon Bags: Fun Gift

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Kids love Spidey because of his superpowers. Even though the little shoulders can’t bear heavy weights and those little feet can’t stick to the walls; the little minds surely have enough power to do wonders. The cool back pack bag for kids with spiderman theme printed on it can definitely be the reason to many priceless smiles. The bag is soft like a stuffed toy.

4. Kids Goggles: Funky

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The stylish looking goggles for kids are enough to make a kid’s day. Nowadays, kids love cool accessories to add a spark to their appearance. The goggles are made of high-grade durable plastic for a great shelf-life. Kids can try these goggles casually at home, parties or any other fun events.

5. Educational Games: Brain Power Boosters

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Parents like to give their kids educational toys. These are educational games for a 5-year-old, games that boost their interest in studies. A kid can leverage many skill development benefits through these
games like solving a problem fast, focus, observation, social skills etc. With various repeatable activities, kids can enjoy for hours with this set.
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6. School Lunch Box: Useful

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For the little ones, the mini lunchbox made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel will serve yummy foods hot for years. This return gift is appropriate for 5-year-old or bigger children. A useful nice return gift for long time use compared to other options like toys.

7. Fun Games: Just enjoy

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Today, kids are often seen playing indoor or outdoor games with sheer passion. This not just gives them oodles of fun moments but improves their motor skills and hand-eye coordination too. This multiplayer wooden stick games that come in a cool wooden box will help the kids create their super cool squad.

8. Adorable Stationary Items: Fun items at Studies

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Kids like to use variety of cute looking stationary at home/school. If you decide to gift something useful and frequently usable for kids then the first thing that may strike your mind is stationery items. This kit consists of many cool erasers with various shapes and sizes. Kids can flaunt their awesome collection in front of their squad. The erasers are placed inside a cool plastic box.

9. Cartoon Printed Lunch Bag: Lovely

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If something rare you are looking for then this one is a good choice for you. Lunch bags are not common in India but are very useful. This multipurpose lunch bag can carry your kid’s lunch for school, parties or picnic. Kids can carry hot or cold food or drinks in the bag comfortably for small picnics.

10. Cartoon Printed Hand Towels: Useful and Colorful

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The both sides usable towels for kids can be a surprise return gift for kids. Kids love printed towels and these towels have both printed and plain sides. The hand towels are used by kids till age 5 yrs more than elder kids.
Feel free to comment more ideas below from your personal experiences. Please note, we are not manufacturer of these gifts nor we are associated with the sellers. We only list the good to buy products for new indian parents. (Please read amazon affiliate note in footer)
Hope you like the collection of these return gifts for kids around 5 years old. We will bring you more such lists soon.
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