Top 10 Fun Games for Teenagers


Popular Party Games for Teen Boys and Girls

Games and Teenagers sound synonymous. It’s the time to explore the adventures, relish the zenith of fun and make every moment unforgettable. Teenage days are the salad days and cool parties give them an edge. Here is a list of top party games that can spice up even an ordinary party.

Top 10 Popular Teenage Party Games

I Never

It’s a popular game that doesn’t take even a minute to spice up the moments and engage a flock of buddies. In this game, there is a total of 20 candies and the participants sitting in a circle who have to mention one thing that they haven’t done yet. For instance, if the question of the moment is “I haven’t spent a whole night outside home” or “I haven’t ever visited Europe” then the participants with a negative answer will take one piece of candy and like this, who will eat the highest number of candies will be declared as the winner of the game.

A Minute to Win it

This is a quick and fun game for all age groups. This game can be customized as per the event’s theme or age groups participating in it. Either individuals can give it a try or a pair can show what they got in union. Some popular ‘A Minute to Win it’ games are – cookie face, penny tower or paper-cut tower, card houses and filling bucket with balls.

Truths and Lies

Get ready to dive into an interesting game where your opponents partially strangers. That means people playing the game of course know about each other but not everything. Enthralling, right? Every contestant will get a chance to say three statements about their life or personality in which two are correct while one is wrong. The other members of the group have to discover the lie and voila!

Name That Tune

Surprise your music savvy brigade with this interesting game where you can play any new or old song from its end or halfway from a selected playlist and the rest of the members have to identify it. One point gets credited to the member who gives the right answer while who fails to identify the song loses the point. The member with most number of fastest correct answers and points in his court wins the game. The game is a great way of introducing melodies and vocals in the moments without requiring big things to have fun.

Musical Chairs

If you remember this game then your childhood must be awesome! The game is still an important part of the events like birthday, anniversary celebration, school or college parties, marriages and more and all age groups take sheer interest in it. The game is all about the music playing on the spot and grabbing a seat on one of the chairs arranged in the circle. When the music is playing the contestants have to walk around that circular arrangement of chairs and as soon as the music stops, they have to sit on the chair which nearest to them. The number of chairs is always less than the number of contestants and hence in every round, one contestant will get eliminated who is not able to grab a seat.
A TWIST: Well, by replacing the chairs with standing spots and sitting by standing freeze, the game can be spiced up.


Whether you are in school, home, a party or at a buddy’s place; Spin-a-Dare always does the job. Young guys and girls often love daring situations and this game is a perfect treat for such people. A bowl can be loaded with folded paper pieces on which funny, quirky or bizarre things can be written. A bottle is spun and when it stops, the person in front of the bottle’s top has to pick a dare and do or perform accordingly.

Passing the Parcel

It’s a classic teenage party game. You can go for the game for your best buddy’s birthday, anniversary or engagement party. A gift will be wrapped in many layers and it will be handed over to one member and then he will have to pass it over the person sitting on his left or right. Music will be played and as it stops, the person holding the gift will open one layer and then pass it again to the adjacent person. Like this, in the end a person will open the final layer and win the game along with the prize.

Blanket Ball

The game demands mostly two teams. You may need a sheet or blanket and a ball/volley ball which is needed to be wrapped in the sheet. One team will initiate the game and throw the ball up in the air and the opponent team will catch it using the sheet. Once the ball falls from the sheet, one point will be considered. Teams will stand on the sheet’s edge. It’s a great indoor game for teen parties.


The game requires 2-3 players. It can be tried on a stage or ground if you are partying outside. The players need to put both the feet on two different color circles. There is a referee who spins a spinner and calls out a specific color and asks to put a body part on that color. The players need to put the called out body part on that specific color circle only. Try to sustain in the game by standing till the last. If you fall or touch your knee or elbow to the ground, you are out.


Have you invited a dozen buddies or so then you can go for this amazing game. It’s a dice game which requires a bell, 3 dices per 4 players (3 groups of 4 players each), score sheet, a table and on hamper. Ring the bell and start the game. Every team will look forward to get the 1s on the dice and pass it over if it doesn’t happen and if it happens add 1 point and keep rolling. As soon as 21 points are achieved by a team, they yell BUNCO!
When you have invited your buddies along with some sophisticated guests in the party then the thin line between the childish, teen and adult games must be taken care of. Make sure you guys have fun but your guests enjoy it as well. The above list of teen party games is suitable for all types of events and engages a flock of guests till the end. Try these games anywhere and give your pals a reason to remember the party.


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