Top 10 Easy to Pronounce Greek Gods Names for Baby Boys


Top 10 Names Inspired by Greek Mythology suitable for Indian Baby Boys

Amazing and very famous Greek Mythology has inspired generations. The Greek Titans are said to be born before the gods. They created this world. The names of Greek Titans and Gods are very popular as baby names all over the world. In recent years there is a trend in Indian Hindu parents to name their babies non-Indian names like Latin, Arabic and Greek names. Modern Indian parents prefer the easy to pronounce names. Here in this post we will see the selected 10 names of Greek Gods and Titans which are easy to pronounce with positive meaning. These are suitable as baby boys names.
Reference: Wikipedia
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Greek Gods Names Suitable for Indian Baby Boys

1. Eros

Eros is god of Attraction and Love

2. Helios

He is the Titan of Sun and also Guardian of Oaths

3. Nilus

God of Nile River.

4. Sangarius

One of the gods of River

5. Aeolus

He is the god of the winds

6. Eurus

He is the god of the east or southeast wind

7. Notus

God of South Wind

8. Plutus

He is son of Demeter. Plutus is the god of wealth and agricultural wealth.

9. Aeolus/Aeolos

He is the god of air and the winds.

10. Alastor

Alstor is the god of family dispute.
Please do not forget to leave a comment if you know any such names inspired by Greek Mythology which are easy to pronounce with a positive meaning.
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