Top 10 Baby Carriers in India


Best-known Baby Carriers and Slings in India

The popularity of baby carriers and slings is slowly on the rise, in India. But many mothers fail to buy a carrier that would be fit for their baby and for their body too. A right baby carrier or baby sling is the one that would make your baby comfortable, just the way he feels comforted when you hold him in your arms.

Top 10 Baby Carriers For Indian Mothers to Carry Their babies Comfortably


R for Rabbit Hug Me – The Ergonomic Baby Carrier

rabbit hug me

• For those who don’t know, Ergonomic Baby carrier means a carrier that provides proper support to baby’s neck, head, spine, and hips. It’s very important to choose a carrier which mainly takes care of the baby’s hips. Because if you won’t buy an ergonomic carrier, your baby could suffer from hips dyslexia.

• R for Rabbit’s baby carrier can be used to carry babies weighing around 6-18 Kgs, who are 6 to 24 months old.

• You could use this carrier as a front-face-in carrier, front-face-out carrier and as a back carrier too. This means all three basic, baby carrying postures is possible via this carrier. However, experts tell us that it is advisable to use a carrier, preferably in front-face-in mode. As this way, your baby could feel more loved and protected.

• It has got two straps, one for the shoulder and another one for the waist. Also, you need to worry if you think that, your broad waist size won’t let the carrier fit you, as its waist belt is adjustable. The shoulder strap is also wide enough to distribute the weight of the baby, evenly.

• The main body of the carrier is light green in color. This makes it preferable for summers too as with light colored carriers; the baby won’t feel hot easily. As light colors act as heat insulators.

• It is said to be made of cotton fabric, it has even got little storage pockets to keep things that your baby may need from time to time.

Cuddlebug Mei Tai Baby Carrier with Hood

cuddlebug mei tai baby carrier

• Mei Tai is a sling type of baby carrier. In a good baby carrier, the legs of a baby would not be hanging vertically straight, this means their knees must look bent. As with bent knees, your baby won’t get hips dyslexia. But in many product shots of baby carriers, you will see that the knees of a baby are purposely shown bent. Hence, we have not included any such carrier where its model is knowingly holding baby’s sole or feet just to show that he is bending his knees.

• Hence, our first basis of criteria is to see that the baby’s legs are wide apart. In such a way that their legs look like legs of a frog when they are placed inside the carrier.

• From the word ‘Mei Tai’ you must have guessed by now that it is a type of baby carrier, which is being used since ancient times. It first originated in China and now it is used worldwide.

• The factor which has made Mei Tai type baby carrier so popular is that, unlike other baby carriers, in Mei Tai, there are no buckles, rings, metals etc. to take care of. This makes it an all-fabric baby carrier.

• Even this Carrier is made out of soft fabric, that is washable and which can be used to carry babies from 5 pounds to 36 pounds.

• Don’t Forget to read the Reviews by buyers on by following the link on the picture.

Nimblehouse Hipseat Infant Carrier

nimblehouse hipseat infant carrier

• See this; how the model has kept her hands. With such a pose, she is trying to tell that the baby, himself has kept his legs like that of a frog. With such a leg position, the baby puts pressure of his weight on his knee joints instead of hips joints and that’s what prevents hips dyslexia.

• This Baby Carrier by Nimblehouse has 6 in 1 uses. Means it can be used for six carrying positions. It is made up of soft cotton cloth and has a 3-D mesh fabric for the main body. This 3-D effect leaves an impression that it is padded.

• One thing to notice is the head hood, provided with the carrier. You can use the head hood both in winters and in summers, where protection of ear is quite essential when out.

• It has got shoulder and waist straps. The word ‘seat’ has been added in the product’s name because when you would dismantle that part of the carrier which is for upper body of the baby. You will notice that the lower part of the carrier, made for his hips could be used as a baby seat too.

• The wide shoulder straps and waist straps would not let you feel the weight of your child. The maximum weight which this carrier can hold is 20 Kgs. This makes the carrier suitable to use, for babies who are 3-36 months old.

Ven Ting Baby Carrier

ven ting baby carrier

• As you know babies grow really fast, hence this carrier can be used during their growing years, until the time he turns into a toddler. Baby carriers with convertible seats are also a good one-time investment. The convertible seat of the carrier helps in widening and narrowing the size of the seat as per your baby’s width. Hence carriers with such seats are ideal for growing babies.

• The maximum weight which this carrier by Ven Ting could bear is 16.3 Kgs. Ven Ting baby carrier is said to be an all season carrier that can be used for 3 carrying positions. If your baby’s age is between 4 months to 3 years old, you can carry him on this baby sling.

• The straps and belts provided for fastening are padded in this Carrier. This would prevent back and waist aches in your body. Along with being padded, the fabric used in this baby carrier or sling is breathable, means cotton been used for making it.

• It even has a small pocket for storage purpose. The users are really happy with the light tan color of the carrier. As due to constant use of the carrier, its chances of getting dirty also increase. But such a tan color would act as a camouflage against dirt.

MoM Classic Baby Carrier

mo m classic baby carrier

• Keep this in mind that your baby’s head should not stick to your body. It must rest on your chest. For this, you would need a carrier whose buckle is adjustable and which has got a waist extender. This condition can be fulfilled by Mom Classic Baby Carrier. Yes, the buckles and straps are adjustable but remember that your baby should be able to hold you like a koala hangs onto a tree.

• Hence don’t make the carrier’s pocket stiff for your baby, by fastening the buckles more than needed as he should feel as free inside the carrier not packed. His body should stick to you, not tightly though and he should be able to move his head without much effort.

• With the combination of natural cotton and mesh cooling vent, babies feel less irritant also they won’t get all sweaty during summers. Since your baby is going to rest his head on you, make sure that you also wear a cotton dress, so that your baby’s cheeks feel relaxed on it.

• This carrier can be used in 3 ways; babies up to 16.3 Kgs can be kept in it. Healthy hip and spine development is supported by this carrier. Though you cannot see the hood, in the picture above but you must know that there is a protective head hood, provided with the carrier.

• This carrier is easy to fold and after folding it you can store it in your diaper bag.

Brighter Elements Baby Carrier

brighter elements baby carrier

• Many mothers are not in a habit of holding their babies for a long time. And when they do, arm pain is a common problem seen among them. In such a case, baby carriers can come to your rescue. See how the model, in the above picture, is keeping her arms free. With such free arms, you could do many works along with taking care of your baby.

• For this you should thank the hip seat placed at the bottom of the carrier that provides proper support to the baby’s hips, hence when need be, you won’t have to hold your baby from below. The maximum weight this carrier can bear is 20 Kgs; it is a 5 in 1 use baby carrier. This makes it versatile to use too.

• The fabric used in this carrier is cotton. Cotton being a breathable fabric neither traps neither sweat nor heat of the body within its fibers.

• All the straps and buckles are fully adjustable. It’s so easy to wear the carrier you can even ask your husband to wear it.

Baby’s Best Ergonomic Baby Carrier

baby best ergonomic baby carrier

• The bones of babies are really fragile. Especially the neck and spine bones of the baby must be given proper care and attention. With the baby carrier’s rim, your baby’s neck and spine bones can get proper support.

• This carrier can be used for two carrying positions i.e. face-in and face-out. In the image above, the baby’s been made to sit in a face-out position. There’s also a detachable hip seat which you could use while breastfeeding your baby.

• This carrier has got sun protection hood and adjustable straps too. A small pocket for storage is also present in the carrier.

• Don’t Forget to read the Reviews by buyers on by following the link on the picture.

Brighter Elements Baby Carrier

brighter elements baby carrier11

• It’s important to maintain a good posture of the baby so that their bone formation doesn’t get affected. This carrier can be used for babies whose minimum weight is about 5.9 Kgs. You can use this carrier for your baby until his weight exceeds 15 Kgs.

• Your baby’s age should range between 6 months to 3 years. The reason, we are telling about this age limit is that many newborns weigh more during their infancy. You should know that be it any baby wraps, slings and/or carriers, such baby products must not be used until and unless your baby gets at least 4 months old.

• Just like Brighter Elements, as a safety precaution, many baby carrier manufacturers have set the minimum age limit of 6 months.

• The whole carrier has been padded, so cushiony bed like feeling can be experienced by your baby, in case he would want to sleep.

• Talking about its safety features, the straps are flexible. It has got Velcro and clip. And the weight of the whole carrier is quite light. This way, the weight of the carrier won’t get added up to your baby’s weight.

Kris & Ken Baby Carrier

kris ken baby carrier

Certified Organic Cotton Fabric is what separates it from others baby carriers in India. If you would go and search about Organic Cotton in Wikipedia, you would see that cotton is generally called Organic cotton. Reason being, cotton is an organic fabric means it is extracted out of plants and treated without any use of chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers etc.

• The shoulder straps provided are pretty wide, you can see this even in the picture above. Hence with this chance of getting shoulder injury gets reduced to a great extent. Even the waist strap width is big.

• This carrier can be used for babies who are more than 6 months old. If your baby weighs more than 45 lbs that can prove to be problematic for you as the Carrier’s maximum weight capacity is up to 45 lbs only.

• The hip seat serves as a lumbar support; head hood protects from sun rays and from chilly wind during winter and the zipper pocket provides space for storage of babies handkerchief, bibs, baby wipes etc. All these have been provided in this baby carrier as an add-on feature.

Boba Baby Carrier

boba baby carrier

• One thing to notice about this carrier’s fabric is that the dyes used for coloring this it are natural. As you know babies’ skins are sensitive hence, your baby won’t get any kind of rashes or redness due to it. Cotton being a breathable fabric is one of the most preferred fabric for babies. This is why Boba’s Baby Carrier has been made out of cotton.

• Boba’s foxen baby carrier can be used in 4 ways. This means you could carry your baby for 4 carrying positions. The two most common baby carrying position is front-face-in and backpack position.

• For front-face-in babies weighing around 7 to 25 pounds can be kept. For back position babies weighing around 25 to 45 pounds can be kept. Since parents prefer keeping their babies in the front-face-in position most of the times, hence we are assuming that the maximum weight limit for using this carrier, to be 25 pounds.

• Remember you can’t use it for the front-face-out position, like a doe (female kangaroo) keeps her joey (baby kangaroo) inside her pocket. That position is not possible with this baby carrier.

• Along with front pocket, integrated infant insert foot straps, handbag handle strap, and sun protective hood etc. is available for your child.

Comparison Chart: Top 10 Baby Carriers in India

By now you must have got confused which carrier to buy for your baby. We understand because it’s hard to choose the ‘fittest’ among the best of all baby carriers and slings, available online. Some of you must have even forgotten about the names of carriers that you have shortlisted for your baby. So for making things easier for you, we have created a comparison chart. Here’s a condensed form of all information the Top 10 baby carriers and slings mentioned above. Read the figures in the table, compare, select and order now.
But before proceeding, read…

A handful of tips to use this comparison table:

• The foremost thing that you should do is, check your baby’s weight. This is something many parents forget about.
• After this check the minimum age suggested.
• Know the reason why you are buying the carrier. Many buy it only for outside’s use (i.e. they don’t use the carrier daily) and many buys to use it both inside and outside.
• Know your priorities. I.e. see whether you want a hip seat or not. Or you are planning to buy a carrier having more than three carrying positions, etc. As money spent on a carrier having many features will get wasted. If you are not even planning to use those features, in form of facilities.
• As per these factors, give ranks to each of the carriers on a piece of paper. Rank them as per your preferences and lifestyle. For this, you will have to think upon each baby carrier/sling.
• This is the reason; we have not given rank to any of the carriers above.
• As you only know your baby, this is why we left the responsibility of ranking each of them, on you.
• And yes, don’t forget to check the price before ordering any carrier of your choice.

baby sling india comparison chart
Wrong selection of baby slings and carriers could be both dangerous and scary. Hence, we tried to list out only those quality baby carriers in India, known for their best performance. If you don’t want to use bulky strollers then you could use any of these top baby carriers now available online in India, for the best care of your baby.
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    Can you suggest which carrier is best for my baby? His weight is 07 Kgs.

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      They all are good. To know the exact comparison please refer the comparison chart. So according to price and other features you can select the best one.
      If you need baby seat, want to use for long period then Brighter Elements is good
      If you want a light weight , non padded and inexpensive one then Cuddlebug Mei Tai is good.

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    I have a 04-months old baby. My sister has strictly said to avoid the baby carrier but I have tons of work mostly outside the house. It will be helpful for me to have a baby carrier. Can you help in selecting the best baby carrier that won’t harm my baby?

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    My baby is a newborn baby and just 2 weeks old, how to use the carrier for such a small baby? Can I make him sit on it and carry as seen in these pictures? But he is so tiny that I think it will hurt him. I have to buy one baby sling soon as I have to carry my baby to the hospital for regular checkup. Also please suggest some newborn baby toys. When do they start playing with the toys? Not playing may be but I belive showing them the colorful objects will keep them calm?

    • Sapana

      Hi Vaishali,
      The carriers above are for babies minimum 4 months old as the newborns should not be hold in sitting position. For newborn baby you can try the slings. You may have to practice wearing them. But these are useful in breastfeeding too. So when you are out of home, then these are useful to feed small babies in baby rooms without struggling to hold baby in usual nursing positions. : Such Carrier

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