Tips to Make A Baby Independent


How to Make a Baby Self Sufficient?

Everyday a mother spends half of her day running after her kid to feed her, to play with her and all the necessary activities. Is it really necessary or just for her satisfaction that she is very caring towards her baby? Isnt raising an independent child is caring too?
You not only save your time but it helps baby improve self-confidence and brain power too.

Lets see 9 most important tips to make a child self-sufficient in many ways.

1 . Feeding and Baby Led Weaning:
Every baby wants to eat with their own hands. They will show this interest at least once even before they turn 1 year old. Give them a chance and enjoy the benefits of Baby led Weaning.
To avoid mess and the fear of less food intake by my baby I didn’t not encourage baby led weaning with my first son and he is now 4.5 yrs old, he still wants me to feed him. On the other hand my second son is just 1.5 yrs old and he eats even chapatti-sabji with his own hands.
So don’t spend hours every day running after kids, train them in time for eating on own. Sometimes you may have to wait and let them starve to develop sense of hunger.

2. Drinking Water: Give the glass of water in your baby’s hands. Kids like drinking water independently. Keep a glass of water on small table and let her take it herself.

3. Let her play on her own. Do not stick to your baby at all times. Kids develop more from their own learning.

4. Once tour child is 2 yrs old, let her try to wear her clothes on her own. Help her a bit. Let her pack her own bag.

5. While playing with your baby encourage her to decide which colour things she wants. It helps in developing decision making power.

6. Lets pick up the toys!!
Yes, most tiring job of a mother is to keep baby’s toy room tidy. Well, why not encourage the baby to do it on own? Picking up toys must be end of any play time. Reward them on doing it. So they find it interesting.

7. Brushing Teeth: Even though your baby wont be brushing teeth properly but always start it with letting her do it. To make it easy give her brush when you are brushing so she can imitate you. You can brush her teeth again but by letting her do it at first will train her and in few months she will be doing it perfectly.

8. If your child falls down while playing don’t scare with a loud “Oh My God” expression. Take it easy. Don’t let her feel it’s a big issue. Helping her stand again is not bad idea but give her a chance to stand up herself.

9. Potty and Pee training: It’s totally child dependent and we simply can not and must not force baby for this. But for pee training take your child once in 2-3 hrs to toilet if she is ready she will be trained in just few days. If she is not liking it then give her some time. Try again in a weeks time. Potty training is also tricky as baby should not end up in constipation trouble due to too early potty training.
Recognize and never ignore the signals of your baby for pee and poo. Make it easy and save diapers and washing!

To make your baby independent is difficult at training time but believe me you save hours every day once baby is self-sufficient in many ways. Usually second baby is more independent and the reasons are 2, one is he sees his sibling and learns from him, second is you cannot pay full attention as you could with first baby so naturally second baby becomes more independent and earlier.


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