Tips to Keep Body Healthy & Strong During Pregnancy


How to Maintain Body Strength During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a sensitive phase of life. Your body is going through many changes which are prone to weaken it. These changes initiate the need for extra efforts (not tough!), required for retaining the strength of expectant mother’s body.
Do you know how pregnancy weakens the main parts of the body? What diet you should take to avoid it? What exercises are proven to keep your body strong in pregnancy?
If not, everything is explained here one by one. Read, know & implement!

Which Parts of Your Body are Prone to Weaken in The Pregnancy?

While you are pregnant, lower body parts tend to loosen, to give space to the baby in the womb and for the delivery. The center of gravity also shifts & causes extra weight on legs and spine. Let’s see what effect pregnancy has on the body to cure it well (in later sections).

Lower Back

back pain
There is a slight and sudden weight gain of 30-35 pounds when you are expecting a baby. The spine, therefore, has to support this increased weight. The growing baby’s weight also causes pressure on the nerves and blood vessels in pelvis and back. This whole scenario weakens the lower back and induces pain.


knee support
The hormonal (Hormone – Relaxin, produced by the ovary) changes causes muscles to stretch and relax simultaneously to prepare mother’s body for childbirth. It causes loose and stiffed knees (not only knees but all joints – hips, elbows, and even finger joints)

Skin Loosening

loose skin
As the tummy is growing, the skin loosens itself. Thigh, tummy, arms, and face are the areas which results loosening of skin. Stretch marks, varicose veins, spider veins, acnes and many such problems may arise.


Edema is present in feet and ankles during pregnancy. It may cause the slight or excessive swelling and therefore loose skin once you are relieved.

Diets & Nutrition – Fight Back to Stay Strong in Pregnancy

You need extra folic acid, plenty of fibers, quality protein, and other nutrients are important to consume during pregnancy. Wholegrain foods, pulses, leafy greens, eggs, and fruits are some best foods to consider in your regular diet for high nutritional value.
You should make a diet plan to continue the healthy eating during pregnancy.

Stay Hydrated

warm water
Try to take as much water as possible (around 10-12 glass a day) as hydration is the demand of your body in pregnancy. Start your day with water. Though hydration is always important but it becomes essential in pregnancy as fluids are needed to form the amniotic acid. It reduces many complications like nausea, contractions, cramps, and headaches.

Exercising During Pregnancy

exercise prepregnancy
Exercise daily to stay strong in pregnancy. However, not every exercise is what you should consider at this time. Choose wisely (here is a guide) while starting exercises because many exercises can harm you and the baby. Here are some tips for exercising.
• Walk daily – in morning and evening time. You can take breaks if tired.
• Try Kegels, neck and back strengthening exercises.
• Meditation, Yoga, and Pranayam – all are good for keeping the body strong.
You need not worry about finding such exercises and yoga poses, read the find them in the exercising guide, linked above.

Nap & Sleep tips

sleeping woman
Taking a full sleep is very important when you are expecting, to keep your body away from the fatigue. It will keep you energetic whole the day.
• Make a good sleep-eat cycle for staying fit, healthy and strong.
• Afternoon nap of an hour is good for pregnant women.
• Do not oversleep as it will result in putting on more weight, which can trouble you.
Here are some more tips for sound sleep, read them to learn more about it.
All these tips are perfect and mandatory to follow of you want to keep your body strong and active during pregnancy. Also these measures will help you how to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy. Live these beautiful days happily by following them!


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