Tips on Teaching Meditation to Children


How to Teach Meditation to a Child?

Children nowadays face too much stress due to their academics. Also, they remaining busy with extracurricular activities and sports make them tired. They need to time out and indulge in meditation for a stress-free mind and a healthy body.
Meditation should not be considered as an optional activity, doing it daily is most recommended for kids, adults, aged people.

What is the Real meaning of Meditation?

Meditation is inspired by the Latin word ‘meditari’ which means thinking. Meditation is the process of keeping the mind clear, relaxed and focused inside and attaining the state of inner awareness or consciousness. This process helps in your personal and spiritual development.

Why A Child should do Meditation

Children have to put a lot of effort to cope up with the competitive environment nowadays. Meditation improves the emotional, physical and mental levels of children. Starting meditation at an early age helps them become more patient, intellectual, calm and good decision makers. It not only ensures academic success for them but it builds them in such a way that they are ready for any challenge all the time.

Steps to Teach Meditation to a Child

Please note that these are totally my personal ways to teach my child meditation, which I found easy and my kids like to do this every night before bed.

Deep Breathing: First Step of Meditation

kid chanting om
The first step of meditation is deep breathing which helps your child attain mindfulness or consciousness. It is preferred to practice this step in an open environment where one can expect fresh air. This practice helps in attaining a control over the temperament and emotions and it boosts concentration and helps in getting rid of the negative thoughts. Your child can practice this for around 10-15 minutes every day for fast results.

Chanting Om: Type of Meditation

Om is a sacred sound and a spiritual symbol in Hinduism. It’s the first sound coming from the cosmic energy’s vibrations which is responsible for the creation of this world. The sound ‘OM’ signifies the mindfulness which is limitless. A stands for the state of awakening, U stands for the state of dreaming and M stands for the state of deep sleeping. It is in fact, one of the types of meditation that your child should practice every day. Make sure your baby is sitting in a right way or say in a Vajrasana pose. Keep the eyes closed and chant AUM or OM slowly while inhaling and exhaling.

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Meditation bestows children and adults with a selection of benefits. It not just improves mental and physical health but takes care of your spinal cord, body’s detoxification, improving creativity and so forth.


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