Tips for Losing Weight after Pregnancy


Post-pregnancy Weight Loss Tips

The term ‘weight loss after delivery’ should be changed to ‘weight loss after exclusive breastfeeding’, because the weight you put on during pregnancy is necessary preparation for breastfeeding and you should not try to lose weight immediately after delivery.

Weight during first few months of Exclusive Breastfeeding

In India, breastfeeding mother puts on more weight during the first few months of breastfeeding. The main reason is, Indian diet for lactating moms includes high calorie foods. For instance, there would be eatables such as laddoos made up of ghee, dry-fruits, and liters of milk etc. During breastfeeding especially first 5-6 months you need these extra calories so do not worry about the weight increase and these special foods prepared for you are good for your bones which will help you to stay strong. Also for baby’s lifelong health putting on extra kilos is worth. Let’s see how you can lose weight after exclusive breastfeeding and how to get ready for it in advance.

Avoiding unnecessary fats during pregnancy

Eat nutrient rich foods

Completely avoid: junk foods, deep fried foods, sweets (sugar rich items).
So you put on only necessary weight. And your body is ready for exclusive breastfeeding.

Relax for at least first 40 days of delivery

After delivery you need to recover from baby birth and also your body is busy making milk for baby. So simply do not think of weight loss during this very important period of your and baby’s life.

Start basic simple exercises and walk

After 40 days, consult your doctor to make sure if you are ready for light exercises especially if it was C-section. In case of c-sections most of the times mothers are not advised to do heavy exercises till 4-5 months of delivery. Once your doctor gives you a green signal, start with some walk every day. Start with 5 mins and go on increasing 5 mins up to 30 mins. Do not rush to start heavy exercise, if you want to exercise for long time for a perfect body, give your body some time to get ready for heavy exercises. Rushing might bring you back ache and knee ache.
You are still not ready for low calorie food. But you must avoid junk foods and other unhealthy food with empty calories.
Start with light but very effective exercises.

6th month of breastfeeding

Once the baby is 5 months old or is in the last month of exclusive breastfeeding, you can start basic dieting. Remember this is your first and most effective way to lose weight. You can now stop extra ghee and high calorie foods and increase fiber rich food viz. oats, green veggies and fruits. This one month, your body will use stored fats for milk production as you increase the vegetables and fruits in your diet, nutrients are sufficient for you and baby.
If you follow this step properly you must be able to see the first noticeable weight loss at end of 6th month of delivery.

Diet and effective exercises

Once baby is 6 months old and starts with solid foods, it is less dependent on you for calories. And dependency on you will decrease as solids are increased slowly. This is the time you can start heavy exercises and proper diet for weight loss.
So you can go for short but intense exercises for weight loss.

Very Important Notes

1. Calcium supplements and natural calcium

Calcium intake is very important for you since when you do heavy exercises, there would be great stress on your back and on your knees which are the 2 weakest body parts of the most Indian women after delivery. Breastfeeding also needs calcium storage in your body. You need strong bones for heavy exercises and apparently for weight loss. With knee pain and back pain you cannot continue exercises or dieting. So you should first focus on your healthy diet. Eat yogurt everyday.

2. Breastfeeding for weight loss

This is your without-efforts and auto-weight loss technique. This is every effective for you n your baby. Your small wonder is helping you to lose weight by having breast milk.
Night time breastfeeding should be continued as long as possible since it’s the most effective way of reducing your fats.

3 Drink fluids/water

Drink fluids and water as much as possible to keep yourself hydrated. It’s good for milk production too. More the milk production, more the burning of fats.

4. Smoothies

Smoothies are best way to loose weight in healthy way. Nutritious smoothies help in improving health, weight loss, beautiful skin and hair. Here are a few selected best recipes for smoothies.

Super foods for weight loss

Your diet should include some healthy vegetables and fruits which are known for effective natural weightloss. Here is a list for such Super foods for weight loss

Best practices for weight loss

1. Every morning drinking this first will help burning fats: 1 glass of warm water+ 1 tablespoon honey + 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.
Note: Honey loses its valuable properties in high temperature, thus, use lukewarm water.
2. “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper” is Gurumantra for a healthy way of weight loss.
3. Take one glass of vegetable juice or 2 bowls of vegetable soups everyday: here are some suggestions.
4. Have a bowl full of salad at every meal.
5. Take your dinner around 7 pm, the earlier the better. Avoid eating anything after that.
6. Do not sleep within an hour of having any meal. You should give some time for the food to digest. Sleeping soon after eating turns the food to fats.
7. At night, sleep early and wake up early. Reasons are: a good enough sleep of around 7 hours is necessary for your metabolism to function properly. Second reason is: if you don’t sleep early after having dinner early, you might end up eating snacks and other comfort food so you will put on weight rather than reducing.
8. Strictly no oily food, no sweets, no aerated drinks. Use olive oil instead of groundnut oil. No excuses of festival to eat oily. In India we have many festivals when we have sweets, deep fried food, fat rich snacks etc. Do not use this excuse and munch on high calorie food. Eat less salt, you can have chilies and pepper which actually help burning fats.
9. Exercise everyday without fail. Make a schedule and stick to it.
10. Stay motivated and do not get depressed if you do not see changes quickly. Losing weight takes time.

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Never try the unhealthy super fast methods of weight loss like chemical pills or unhealthy diets. Those attractive commercials of how to reduce baby belly fat in 1-2 weeks are not true and even if they reduce the weight they claim, they are surely not healthy. For a natural and healthy weight loss after having baby, make your own plan giving enough time for each step. Start with basic and then advance to heavy.


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    Hi, breastfeeding is a great way to shed the pounds and it’s worth holding out to 6months of breastfeeding or longer if you can. My suggestion is to go for a walk after dinner.

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