Tips for Indian Mothers on Using Breast Feeding Pillow


Nursing Pillows for Indian Moms

Comfortable position for mother is one of most the important things for a successful breastfeeding. A right breastfeeding pillow can save you from long lasting backaches. The frequent and long breastfeeding sessions during first 3 months are very tiring for new moms that a breastfeeding pillow is one of must items in Newborn’s Shopping List.

Best 3 Nursing pillow for Indian moms

Maternity Pillow with Supporting Pillow for Baby

(Maker: Phenovo)
An eye-catching nursing cotton pillow with sophisticated trendy design will add style along with comfort to your newborn’s breastfeeding regime. If you are looking for a stylish and cozy nursing pillow in India, this can be a great buy. The product comes with two stylish printed nursing pillows. It becomes difficult to breastfeed using an ordinary pillow. Say no more to the hassles! The cool HongKong imported high quality cotton newborn nursing pillow will make the breastfeeding a walkover.
• Spacious
• Soft
• Trendy Hook and Loop design
• Comfortable for mom and the baby
• Easily washable
• The zippers make it easy to remove the cover for washing
• Big pillow 52 cm * 38cm *7cm
• Small pillow 20 cm*17 cm *5cm

Multilayered Unique Soft Nursing Pillow

(Maker: Baby Bucket)
Let your baby cuddle a cozy cotton feeding pillow and exuberate the breastfeeding experience without facing any discomfort. The easily adjustable feeding pillow for newborns is a great tool that every new momma seeks. The product has multiple layers of soft cotton pillows that can be adjusted in desirable manners. It’s a great product for domestic use and trips.
• High quality baby soft material used
• Easily washable
• Pillow for baby and backrest for mom
• Adjustable Velcro
• Comfortable for sitting or sleeping positions
• Size: 57 x 37 x 15 cm
• Various positions can be tried to avoid the swallowing and gastric reflux troubles
• Arm and back support
• Standard design

Cotton Popular Feeding Pillow (With Cover)

(Maker: MomToBe)
Bring home the captivating animal and trendy print feeding cotton pillow this season for your adorable newborn. Make the breastfeeding experience memorable and comfortable with trendy adjustable feeding pillow. You can tie it around your waist and carry it anywhere in the home. A great product for busy and smart new mommas!
• Complete wait coverage and support
• Ultra soft fabric for baby’s comfort
• Cozy cushions
• Smart Contoured Design
• Great style
• Durable
• Can be used for boys and girls
• Size: 55 x 38 x 15 cm
• Strong Velcro support
• Slightly heavy

Tips for Selecting a Right Feeding Pillow for Indian New Moms

1. Size: IT should be long enough that Baby’s whole body should rest on the pillow. If its short then baby’s feet won’t be rested on pillow and will not be comfortable for the baby and you specially for first few weeks.
2. Shape: Basic feeding pillow is usually C-shapped pillow which is most recommended as its very easy to use and easy to carry out of home on travel etc. you can use it for various other purposes too.
3. Thickness: don’t select a very thick feeding pillow as thick pillow is usable for first 1-2 months only. After around 2 months when baby is grown in size, thick pillow will make baby’s body (specially face) raised above your breast level. So for first few weeks you can use a very thin pillow or a blanket fold between the laps and the feeding pillow.
4. Softness: The pillow must not be very hard or too soft. It should be comfortable enough for baby and mother.
5. Removable cover: In India at least for first 1 month mothers don’t use the diapers on baby so removable pillow cover is very necessary for cleaning. If possible get 2-3 covers stitched separately.
6. It should be light enough so in case it’s a cesarean delivery it helps protect incision
7. Now a days you get the special designed pillows, like shown above. These pillows are designed for extra comfort and to help to keep your posture correct when you breastfeed.
An adjustable thickness or adjustable strap is given to fit almost any size so it fits around your body

If you are a first time pregnant mother, it’s a strong recommendation that you buy a feeding pillow before your delivery.
A feeding pillow can be used in various ways other than breastfeeding.
So buy a feeding pillow during pregnancy for back support while sitting, Lets see how it helps:
Using feeding pillow during pregnancy for a comfortable sitting: During last few months of pregnancy, your tummy is too heavy for your back also as you cannot sleep laying on your back, nearly every mother gets back pain. Use a Basic C-shaped feeding pillow, keep the feeding pillow behind your lower back with its side arms around your waist and a big thick soft pillow behind your back.. This position will give complete support to your back and also fill up the gaps between your back and the chair giving you complete rest. If the feeding pillow is soft enough you can use it as a side-sleeping maternity pillow during last few months of pregnancy and even after pregnancy (Specially the first few days of delivery).

Care to be Taken While Using Feeding Pillow for Breastfeeding.BFP

1. Baby must be lying on her arm and her tummy must be against yours. (Baby should be not be lying on her back. It’s an incorrect position.)
2. Baby’s whole body should be supported properly with your arm so that she does not turn back from side while feeding.
3. Feeding pillow should support your baby’s weight and alleviate tension in your neck, arms and shoulder when nursing.

Other Smart Uses of C- Shape Feeding Pillow

BFP3Babys Tummy time. Once baby can turn over you can place the baby on her tummy for a few minutes on mid of pillow for burping and to encourage strength building in the baby’s neck and arms.
Baby Nest – You ca rest baby in mid of pillow within the arms comfortably whilst resting. It can aid the digestion processBFP4

Sitting trainer: when baby is learning to sit up herself, the pillow can be positioned around baby to cushion her if she topples backwards. Also while feeding solids to baby its helpful to rest her in the feeding pillow.
Cushion: older kids or any body in the family can lie on the pillow or use it for lower back support.


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