Tips for Comfortable Sleep during Pregnancy


A Guide for Pregnant Women: How to Sleep Comfortably

Pregnancy is said to be one of the most pleasant phase of a woman’s life. But along with it, comes major changes in one’s body which needs to be adjusted to. It often becomes difficult for a woman to adjust to her altered body and mind rhythms.
One of the greatest difficulties faced by a pregnant lady is making herself comfortable in bed and sleeping with ease. There is an increasing pressure on the bladder due to the growing foetus inside the uterus which creates a hindrance to sleep. Nausea is another concern during the first trimester. Later stages in pregnancy are accompanied by problems like heartburn, indigestion or leg cramps.

Tips for Pregnant Women to Sleep Comfortably

Food during Pregnancy

• Avoid having spicy foods later in the day; this will reduce chances of indigestion and heartburn which is a major cause of having sleepless nights.
• Reducing the intake of fluids as the day progresses helps in better sleep as it decreases chances of going to toilet in the middle of the night. But make sure you drink enough water during day time to avoid getting dehydrated. You surely don’t want dehydration during pregnancy. Having lots of fluids during day time will make sure your fewer intakes during night balances the hydration. But do not sleep thirsty. That’s not a good idea.

Dealing with Stress and Anxiety.

• Often an expectant mother feels anxious about her upcoming labour or she may be worried about breastfeeding. To get rid of it, she may join pre natal classes which will teach her how to deal with such anxieties. She will be taught relaxation techniques which will enable her to cope better.
• Taking small naps during the day may help in reducing stress of not being able to sleep at night.


Exercising during pregnancy is highly recommendable, but exercising close to sleep time may interfere with it. Hence, exercising earlier in the day may help in better sleep. Include the Prenatal Breathing Yoga in your workout routine

Pregnancy Pillow

• Pregnancy Pillows are useful for a proper support to your whole body specially during last trimester. You have to give up sleeping on your back since mid of pregnancy as it is not good for baby this adds on the challenge for a better sleep.
Pregnancy Pillow (
pregnancy pillow amazon
If you don’t want to buy pregnancy pillow you can use some soft cushions between your legs, just below the belly and a pile of pillows behind your back to give your body a proper support. Learn here correct sleeping positions during pregnancy.

A Perfect Schedule

• Do not miss your decided timings for meals and rest. Having meals according to a healthy schedule regularly will be good for digestion of food. It will avoid bloating, nausea and indigestion.
• It will be helpful to maintain a proper schedule of sleep-wake pattern. Waking up and going to bed at the same time each day may help the expectant mother to sleep without any hitches.

Relax and Pamper Yourself

• Doing what one enjoys before going to bed, may be a good idea. If reading relaxes someone, they may prefer to read, if bathing helps one to settle down, they may do that as well. This will help both the mind and body to relax, which in turn will induce better sleep.
• Another idea would be to ensure that the bedroom is suitable for the body and mind of the pregnant lady. That is, the bedroom should be clean and well ventilated. The room should be cool. The noise and unwanted light should be eliminated. Bedroom should also not be used to watch TV, pay bills etc.

Meditation: Emptying your mind of thoughts

Meditation during Pregnancy is not only beneficial for you but for baby too. Find a nice noiseless time and place for meditation, it can be as quick as 15 mins too. Just start with it if you have not done before.
A simple deep and slow breathing kind of basic Meditation technique is also enough if done with a thoughts free mind. Not only changing body but the hormones increase stress and anger during pregnancy. Mediation is best natural medicine having no side effects! 

Try Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is also one of method to calm your mind and body. There are some very special essential oils good for pregnancy. Be careful in selecting the essential oils as your hormones may make your body react unexpected to even your favorite pre-pregnancy fragrance. Read this list of essential oils which not safe for pregnancy. Apart from using Aroma diffuser you can also dilute some pregnancy special essential oils in your base oil (e.g. Almond Oil) and massage it on face and body or add a few drops to bath water.
Here is a list of some safe Essentials Oils for Pregnancy:

Enjoy Some Music before Bedtime

music lady
Playing some soothing and relaxing music during day time and especially just before sleeping is a very good idea. Music helps in clearing your mind from stress and negative thoughts.

These are some tips that expectant mothers may follow in their daily life to ease the difficulties arising out of their condition. Being pregnant takes a toll both on the mind and body, but the expectant mother should take care of herself adequately. This will bestow her with a fit mind and body to deal successfully with childbirth and later taking care of her newborn. So would be mothers there is nothing to be afraid of, just follow these simple tips and your way through pregnancy will be a cake walk.
Happy mommyhood!!


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